BBWCupid Review

BBWCupid Review

BBWCupid is a dating website that helps big, beautiful women find romance. They know that online dating can be daunting for some women.

BBWCupid offers a friendly, sophisticated experience to make finding real love fun. The emphasis is less on people finding love locally than on finding them wherever they are.

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BBWCupid member structure

The members of BBWCupid are women who consider themselves big and beautiful, and men want to date them. Female members are usually aged 18-24, while men range from 34 to 54.

  • Members: There are 80,000 members in the UK.
  • Member activity: 40,000 members are active weekly, and BBWCupido gets around 650,000 monthly visitors. Female members are typically more active than men.
  • Gender proportion: 35% Male and 65% Female

Age distribution

  • 18-24 (35%)
  • 24-34 (30%
  • 35-44 (15%)
  • 45-44 (15%)
  • 55+ (5%)

How does work?

The purpose of BBWCupid is to create a safe, welcoming space for curvy women to date while feeling comfortable.

Everyone can view each other’s profiles using the advanced search filters or browsing the profiles BBWCupid shows you on the home screen.

Once you see someone you like, you can begin a conversation (but only if one of you is a premium member).

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The sign-up process for BBWCupid dating

How can you join BBWCupid? You can sign up using your Facebook profile, create an account using your email address, and create a unique password.

Similarly, you can add a photo using your Facebook account instead of uploading an image from your desktop.

To be able to use the BBWCupid dating site, there’s not much more to the sign-up process than that.

You can then go into your profile and add more details at your own pace. There’s a lot of information to fill in, so it can take around 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

Ease of use on BBWCupid

It does feel like a lot is going on on the website. However, visually, it’s hard to know where to look. However, BBWCupid does an excellent job using handy icons to direct you to different page sections.

The icons are large and easy to see, too.The matching section uses clear photos to help you quickly identify who you might like and dislike.

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Chat, messages, and notifications

If you’re a free member of the BBWCupid free trial, you can send messages to someone with a premium membership.

You must have a Premium membership if the person you want to contact is a Basic member.

Messages work on an instant messaging service so you can have a real-time conversation wherever you are.

There’s also a chatroom where you can discover other members and their interests. You can also use the BBWCupid Facebook page to interact more with members and the community.

Profile Quality

Because of the extensive and long list of questions available to fill out on your profile, profiles generally have loads of information about each member. Photos are large and clear, too, so it’s straightforward to see who you want to talk to at a glance.

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BBWCupid mobile dating app

The BBWCupid app is free to download and is an excellent option for dating on the go. The interface is clear and detailed, but there aren’t any new features to play with that differ from the desktop version. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not worth a download, as it makes easy work of online dating.

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Key features for

  • Translate Messages.
  • VIP Profile Highlighting. Be at the top of the searches so you get seen more quickly.
  • Double Your Profile Space. Add more information to your profile so people can get to know you better.

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Is BBWCupid safe?

BBWCupidhass has a zero-tolerance policy on body shaming. If you’re experiencing issues, you can easily report abusive members,  and the BBWCupid team will be on your report.

How much does cost?

What is the price for membership? BBWCupid has two membership packages to choose from: Platinum and Gold. The costs and features you get with them are as follows:

Gold membership prices:

Gold membership features:

  • Basic matching.
  • Send interest.
  • Communicate with all members.
  • Live chat with instant messenger.
  • Send and receive messages.
  • Browse ad-free.
  • Hide your profile and browse anonymously.

Platinum membership prices:

Platinum membership features (all of the above plus the following):

  • The rank above other members
  • Double your profile space
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Exclusive search features
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Translate messages into your language

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

By choosing a three-month gold or platinum membership, you can save 33%. With a 12-month package, you can save 67% money on longer-term packages.

BBWCupid free trial

Is there a BBWCupid free trial? Free membership is available to anyone for an unlimited time.

If you choose not to upgrade, you can use the Basic matching feature, send your interest to members, and communicate with paying members.

Pros and Cons

Pros of BBWCupid

  • It’s easy to find a match.
  • It’s a wonderfully welcoming community where everyone can feel comfortable.
  • Profiles are detailed to get a good feel for the person behind the profile.

X Cons of BBWCupid

  • It lacks any form of video features.
  • Because there are so many members worldwide running off in different time zones. It’s hard to catch people in the chatroom.

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Our Recommendation

Regarding niche dating, BBWCupid does well in holding its own. It puts the safety of its members first to offer a welcoming, friendly community.

This is important for the target market, who often feel marginalized and pre-judged in a world where looks are important.

Many members also use the site, so finding a match shouldn’t be difficult. However, as mentioned above, it loses a few points regarding the chat feature. First, it’s hard to catch members online simultaneously as you are.

If you’re feeling slightly self-conscious or a guy who appreciates a lady with more meat on her bones, BBWCupid is worth a try – even if you only use the BBWCupid free trial service. 3.9/5.

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Join BBWCupid today

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How can I find out who’s interested in me?

If a member shows interest in you, they will be added to your ‘Who’s Interested In Me’ list. You can access this list by selecting ‘Interested in Me’ from the Activity menu on your member homepage.

How can I see who I’ve already shown interest in?

Whenever you show interest in another member, they will add them to your ‘My Interests’ list. You can access this list by selecting ‘My Interests’ from the Activity menu on your member homepage.

How can I change the way I view my search results?

The BBWCupid dating website lets you view your search results at different levels of detail. You can do this by choosing a different View in the search. Then, select the View you want by clicking the appropriate button next to ‘View’ at the top of the search results page.

How can I add other members to my Favourites?

If you want to add someone to your Favourites list, select the ‘Add Favourites’ link or icon on the member’s profile or search result.

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Can I delete a member from My Matches?

No, unfortunately, you cannot delete someone from the results. The list is automatically created based on your match preferences.

How can I message other members on BBWCupid?

You can message other members by clicking the ‘Send Message’ link on their profile. It will be displayed under their profile summary if you are already conversing with them.

Depending on your membership level and who you are talking to, you also have a few options:
– Standard members can message others by choosing a subject for their news from the ‘Subject’ drop-down box. They can also write personal messages, but the recipient can’t read them unless one member upgrades their membership.
– Gold and Platinum members can include a personalized subject and message.

How many messages can I send per day?

All members can have a maximum of 500 message conversations per day, starting 24 hours after the first message is sent.

What is the Message Filter?

If you only want messages from members who match specific criteria, you can create a Message Filter to only receive notifications from members who meet your preferences.

Messages from members who don’t meet your criteria will automatically move to your Filtered folder. You may be interested in checking your Filtered folder occasionally to ensure you aren’t missing anything from a member you’re interested in. Any messages in the Filtered folder are deleted after two months.

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What is the Instant Messenger?

InstantMessengerr is a feature that allows Premium members to chat with others on the site.

How can I contact other members as a Standard member?

As a Standard member, you can communicate with other members by:
– Sending interest to members
– Sending messages to members
– Reading messages from Premium members
– Using Instant Messenger with Premium members

What does ‘Show Interest’ mean, and how does it work on

If you’re looking at other member profiles and someone catches your attention but is not ready to send a message, you can click the ‘Show Interest’ button (shown by the heart icon) to break the ice.

The member will get a notification that someone is interested in them. They may also show interest in you; if they do, you may send them a message and start a conversation.

How can I add a photo to my profile? There are several options for adding your profile photo. One way to access your photo Management page is by selecting ‘Photos’ from the Edit Profile menu on your member homepage.

You can add a photo directly from your computer to your Photo Management page or copy pictures from your Facebook account.

What is the photo approval process on

BBWCupid reviews all photos to ensure they are compliant with their photo policy. For example, your face must be visible in pictures, and your image cannot be offensive. The review process usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to complete.

How do I verify my profile on Why should I verify my profile?

BBWCUpid wants to ensure all profiles are genuine and asks that every member verify their identity by providing a copy of an identification document. Verification is optional, but you are encouraged to take this step to help improve the site’s security.

Choose ‘Verify Questions’ from the Edit Profile menu on your member homepage to verify your profile. Next, select the ‘Browse’ button to choose your verification document. Then, tick the confirmation box and select ‘upload.’ Once you have uploaded your document, they ask you to complete a brief form with the personal information you want to verify.

Keep in mind your verification document should meet the following criteria:

It must be:
– government-issued (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
– a color copy (black and white not accepted)
– include your details and photo
– be valid and not expired or canceled
– only .jpg, .bmp, and .gif files are accepted

The profile verification gives all site members greater peace of mind about site security. It also reduces the likelihood of non-genuine profiles and discourages non-serious members from joining.

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How can I report another member on BBWCupid?

If you are experiencing harassment or abuse, you can report this behavior. Report another member from different areas of the site:
– Messages: select the ‘Report Abuse’ link when reading their message
– Member Profile: select the ‘Report Abuse’ button
– Instant Messenger: select the ‘More’ menu and click ‘Report Abuse.’

How can I keep my password secure?

Choose a strong password containing letters, symbols, and numbers of at least six characters.

Can I hide my photo on BBWCupid?

You can hide your profile photos by going to the photo management page and selecting ‘Photos’ from the Edit Profile menu on your member homepage.

How can I block another user from contacting me?

You can block a member from contacting you from a few different areas of the site:
– Messages: select the ‘Block User’ button while reading their message
– Member Profile: select the ‘Block User’ button
– Instant Messenger: select the ‘More’ menu and click ‘Block User.’

After you block a member on the site, they can no longer contact you. You can view members you have blocked by selecting ‘Block List’ from the Activity menu on your member homepage.

If you want to unblock someone on BBWCupid, select the checkbox on their photo. Next, delete all the members on the same page by selecting the ‘Select All’ button. Next, click the ‘Remove Block’ button, and you will be prompted with a confirmation if you wish to remove the block. Finally, select the ‘Delete’ button, and the member can now contact you.

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What are the membership options available on offers you three membership levels – Standard, Gold, and Platinum. The Standard membership is free and allows you to send interest to other members and message Gold and Platinum Members. The Gold members can message all members on the site, regardless of membership level. The Platinum members can access all the site features, including advanced matching features, messaging translation services, and Profile Notes.

How can I cancel my auto re-billing on BBWCupid?

If you would like to cancel your auto-renewal of your subscription billing, select ‘Billings’ from the Settings menu on your member home page. Then, click ‘No’ next to ‘Auto Renew my membership?’ and select the ‘Save’ button.

How can I reactivate my profile?

If your profile has been permanently suspended and you think it was an error, you can contact the support team at [email protected] with your request. They will review your reactivation request within 24 to 48 hours.

How can I change my login email address?

If you want to change or update your email address, go to the login and select ‘Email Address’ from the Settings menu on your member homepage.

What payment methods are available on BBWCupid?

They accept the following payment methods: Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Cheque, Bank Transfer, Vouchers, and other country-specific payment methods.

Please remember that not all methods are available in each country where BBWCupid operates.

How is my payment information kept secure?

BBWCupid has taken all steps to ensure your credit card details are safe and secure. They do not release or sell your personal information to any unauthorized party. You can find more information about this in their Privacy Policy. All transactions are also secured by SSL encryption.

The Thawte Trusted Site Seal also validates the site. In addition, it obtains McAfee SECURE Certification with McAfee SECURE, which certifies that is a trusted site and that all transactions made through the site are safe and secure—the logos of these seals are on the site. By clicking on them, you can get more details about the SSL Web Server Certificates and receive real-time confirmation of their validity.

How will payment information appear on my Credit Card statement?

The format of the billing name on your credit card statement will vary depending on what credit card provider you are using. However, in most cases, the payment will appear as ‘ Southport AU.’

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