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6 Best Dating Apps for Singles Parents

Find the best dating apps for single parents here.

One of the most complex challenges for single parents is finding the time to date. With children to worry about, dating is often one thing too much. In addition, if you’re a single parent who has been on their own for a while might also lose your confidence. While having children is one of the most amazing things, it can alter your mind and body, making it difficult for singles to share themselves with someone else.

Luckily, online dating apps for single parents take pressure away from you. Allowing single parents to date in their own homes solves many time-related issues. It also means that you don’t have to waste time getting dressed up and finding a babysitter to go out with. Instead, you can get to know like-minded people at your own pace who have accepted they have children beforehand. You can then meet singles with whom they have a genuine connection.

The 6 best dating apps for single parents

  1. EliteSingles
  2. Match.com
  3. eHarmony
  4. SilverSingles
  5. Zoosk
  6. OurTime

best single parent dating apps

1. EliteSingles

With over 13 million singles using the platform, Elite Singles is known as one of the best dating apps for single parents since it is committed to finding its members’ long-term happiness. 85% of members are highly educated, and 155,000 new singles join each month. The website team conducts daily quality checks to ensure members enjoy a safe experience with real people.

Elite Singles finds single parents’ matches by analyzing their personalities. From this, they can match people who fit into each other’s life. For example, elite Singles can help find the right singles for those looking for a partner with children. Or, if long-distance is preferred, the search filters allow members to filter by location. Please read our review of EliteSingles.

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2. Match.Com

Match has helped millions of people meet their partners. The dating platform focuses on finding its members profound love and someone you can share your life with and is regarded as one of the top dating apps for single parents. In addition, 91% have attended college or university when it comes to the members. Around 21 million active members worldwide, making it a trendy choice.

Match understands the importance of meeting the right people when you have children. However, they also know that single-parent dating can come with many dating goals that can be hard to fulfill. So Match identifies critical factors that match single parents up with people looking for the same thing when someone sets up their profile. There’s also a chatbot. While it’s not a chat room, it helps members overcome their shyness. Please read our review of Match.com.

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singe parent dating apps

3. EHarmony

With over 60 million members, eHarmony is one of the biggest dating websites and the best dating apps for single parents. It uses a scientific approach when it comes to dating. The site also champions quality over quantity to find singles matches that mean something. Loads of people love it, so it’s never short on members.

Firstly, eHarmony utilizes a relationship questionnaire covering all the core values that single parents seek in a match. Twenty-nine dimensions are covered, from family goals and kindness to adaptability. But for single parents, eHarmony also offers its Guided Communication system, allowing single mums and dads to break the ice and build their confidence. In addition, it’s completely secure, allowing single parents to exchange messages without revealing personal details. Please read our review of eHarmony.

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4. SilverSingles

SilverSingles offers a fresh take on over-50s dating. Many are looking for love, but some are looking for friendship. The site provides a straightforward dating experience for singles in their golden years. It’s trendy – 500,000 sign up weekly, while 80% have a university degree.

All members take a personality test when signing up for SilverSingles. From this, it uses the results to match singles with compatible people. For example, many singles in their 50s have grown-up children. So while they may not have the same time constraints as parents to younger kids, family is likely to be necessary. Members can specify whether they deem this trait significant in a match.

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5. Zoosk

What was once a modest Facebook app has become a global dating site popular among single parents. It’s a free app that integrates with Facebook and email platforms to simplify sign-up. In addition, members can purchase coins to take advantage of the features on offer.

Zoosk is unique because it watches its members’ actions to determine their behavior. From this, they create matches. This process begins a better chance of dating success for single parents searching for like-minded people. Please read our review of Zoosk.

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6. OurTime

Ourtime is another over-50s dating site. It’s for people who want to meet new people who share their interests and outlook. It’s a reasonably new website compared to other dating platforms, but 180,000 members use it at least once a month. The average age of users is between 55 and 70.

Profiles are visible to over 50s members of Ourtime’s general dating services using the same platform, meaning that the profiles of single parents have every chance of success with the minimum effort required. Please read our review of OurTime.

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Our Recommendation

SilverSingles scored very highly, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. While impressive, this site only caters to the over the 50s. It’s best for older parents ready to find love or companionship.

However, our overall winner and the best dating site for single parents to find a serious relationship is Match.com. It’s also the best dating site for single fathers and mothers looking to ease into dating gently because Match does the hard work in sending daily matches. And as one of the most popular platforms, there are loads of members to choose from.

Other things we like:

  • The famous Match nights, where people can meet face to face
  • A reasonably priced subscription package
  • Loads of features to be entertained by

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Best dating apps for single parents FAQs

What are the best dating apps for single parents?

eHarmony is one of the best dating apps for single parents. It has been helping single parents find love, companionship, and long-term relationships since 2000. eHarmony’s Compatibility Matching System considers critical elements such as your beliefs and values, lifestyle, family status, and more to provide compatible singles. The site also offers an extensive personality questionnaire, which helps to identify essential characteristics in prospective partners.

To ensure the highest levels of safety and security, eHarmony also provides a manual photo verification process for all members. On top of this, eHarmony offers many features, such as private messaging and virtual dates, making it an attractive choice for single parents. >> Try EHarmony For FREE <<

What is the best free dating app for single parents?

Match.com is the best free dating app for single parents seeking a serious relationship. It has been helping singles find love since 1995 and is one of the most popular online dating sites today. With Match, single parents can easily search through its large user base to find like-minded individuals who share their interests and outlook on life.

The site also offers a variety of features, such as its Compatibility Matching System, which considers factors such as age, beliefs, values, and lifestyle. It also allows users to send messages for free to start conversations with other members.

Though basic features are free, users can upgrade their membership to access more advanced features. Premium members can browse anonymously, receive priority customer service, and access Match’s advanced search tools. By upgrading, single parents can have greater control over their online dating experience and find the right person faster. >> Try Match.Com For FREE <<

single parent dating challenges

Why is it so hard to date as a single mom?

Dating as a single mom can be incredibly challenging. As a parent, it’s hard to make time for yourself and find the energy to date while juggling other commitments like caring for children and managing your career. Then, add in the guilt many single moms feel about dating, which can be even more difficult.

Remembering that single moms can find love and build healthy relationships is essential. Using dating apps specifically designed for single parents, like eHarmony or Match, can make the process easier and more enjoyable. These apps allow you to connect with potential partners in a safe environment while offering features such as personality questionnaires, private messaging, and virtual dates to make the whole experience more fun.

Single moms can find love again with a bit of patience and effort. So don’t give up. Take the time for yourself, and explore dating apps as an opportunity to meet someone special! >> Try Match.com For FREE <<

Why do men like dating single mothers?

Men often enjoy dating single mothers because they are mature, independent, and confident. Single moms have already gone through many life experiences and know what they want in a relationship. In addition, they understand the importance of communication, compromise, and trust, making them great partners for any man looking for a long-term connection.

Single moms also bring stability and security that is often attractive to men. Men know they can rely on single moms, who are often highly organized and have their lives together. Single mothers are also more nurturing and caring, making them great caretakers.

Ultimately, dating a single mother can provide a man with a fantastic connection and a fulfilling relationship. With qualities like understanding, stability, empathy, and care, single moms make for great partners. >> Try eHarmony For FREE <<

What are the benefits of using dating apps for single parents?

Dating apps for single parents provide unique benefits to people looking for love and companionship. First, these apps offer an excellent way for single parents to find partners with similar values and outlooks on life. By using special features such as personality tests, they can make sure that their matches are well-suited for them.

Another benefit of dating apps for single parents is that they provide an easy way to connect with others. With private messaging, virtual dates, and photo galleries, users can start conversations and get to know each other without leaving the house.

Finally, dating apps for single parents offer an excellent way for them to filter out potential partners who are not compatible or unsuitable. Advanced search filters allow users to customize their search results to find the perfect person for them.

Where do single moms meet guys?

Single moms have many options for meeting men. They can start by utilizing online dating apps like Match or eHarmony to connect with potential partners in a safe and secure environment. Other popular sites include Bumble and OkCupid, allowing single mothers to meet new people.

In addition, single moms can look for potential relationships in their local community. This may include joining a book club, taking a cooking class, or attending events in the area. Volunteering is also an excellent way to meet people and connect with like-minded individuals.

Finally, single moms can use social media to find potential partners by connecting with people on dating apps and using hashtags to share their interests. This is a great way to meet new friends and potentially find the right guy for them. No matter where single moms decide to look for partners, taking that first step toward finding love again can be pretty rewarding!

When should a single mom start dating?

Every single mom’s journey back into the dating world is unique and should be tailored to her circumstances. However, experts recommend that single moms wait at least a year after their divorce or separation before they start dating again. This gives them time to recover from their previous relationship, work through any emotional issues, and get used to being alone.

Statistics also show that many single moms are ready to start dating again after a few months of being single. According to a survey conducted by Match.com, 60% of single mothers said they were prepared to date within three months after the end of their relationship, while 28% stated they were emotionally ready even sooner.

Ultimately, there is no set time frame for when a single mom should start dating. TIt’saking the necessary time to process your emotions, reflect on what you want out of a relationship, and ensure that you are healthy before jumping back into the dating scene. Then, with patience and self-care, single moms can find the right partner when they start dating again.

What percentage of dads are single?

According to a Pew Research Center report, 17 percent of fathers in the United States are single parents. This figure is up from 11 percent in 1968 when the data was first collected. Moreover, single fatherhood has been on the rise since then: an increase of over five-fold in that period.

This is mainly due to more fathers gaining custody of their children due to divorces or separations and an increase in the number of fathers choosing to raise their children independently. Additionally, more single dads are cohabiting with a partner or getting remarried, which is helping to reduce the stigma associated with single fatherhood.

What kind of men are attracted to single moms?

Single moms are attractive to many different types of men. Those who value a strong and independent woman are often drawn to single mothers. In addition, many men appreciate that single moms have already gone through significant life experiences, such as raising children or going through a divorce, which can provide them with unique insight and perspective on relationships.

Men interested in long-term relationships or marriage often find that single moms can provide the stability and commitment they crave. Single mothers also bring their values to relationships, including solid family bonds, loyalty, and responsibility.

Additionally, men who appreciate a woman with her own life and interests often find single moms a good fit. Ultimately, single moms can attract a wide range of suitors and are often seen as desirable partners by men who value hard work and dedication.

What gender is most likely to be a single parent?

According to data from the United States Census Bureau, there were roughly 16 million single-parent families in the U.S. in 2017, and a single mother headed 82 percent. This demonstrates that women are much more likely to be single parents than men are. In addition, single fathers account for only 18 percent of all single-parent households in the U.S., which has remained relatively consistent since the 1990s.

This discrepancy is partly due to divorce and separation rates, as women are more likely to gain custody of their children in these situations. Additionally, there is often a lack of social or financial support for single fathers, making parenting complex.

Single mothers remain the most common type of single parent in the United States. However, despite societal progress, single fatherhood has not achieved parity with single motherhood on a large scale.

What advice do experts have for single moms considering dating again?

Here are some tips for single moms considering dating again:

• Take your time. There is no rush to start dating again, so take the time to heal and recover from any previous relationships before you begin to date again.

• Consider therapy or counseling. It can be helpful to seek out a professional who can help you process your emotions related to dating again.

• Find safe and supportive spaces. For example, look for dating apps and websites that are safe and welcoming for single moms.

• Be transparent. Talk openly with potential partners about your parenting responsibilities so they know what to expect when spending time together.

• Prioritize self-care. Ensure you’re taking care of yourself by getting enough rest, exercising, and eating healthy food. Your mental and physical well-being is essential for any successful relationship.

• Set boundaries. Establishing boundaries can help protect you from feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of in a new relationship.

• Don’t be afraid to trust again. It’s okay to open up your heart after a challenging relationship. But make sure you’re doing it in a safe and supportive way.

What do single dads struggle with?

Single dads often struggle with navigating a delicate balance between parenting and their own needs and desires. They may face conflicts between wanting to spend time with their kids, holding down a job or career, and finding time for themselves.

Single fathers may also feel the pressure of being solely responsible for the care and well-being of their children. This can be a daunting task and can lead to feelings of anxiety, guilt, or stress. In addition, single dads may feel isolated from other parents due to gender and the stigma often associated with fatherhood.

Single fathers may face financial strain in providing for their children on a single salary. This can cause additional stress and worry as they attempt to give the best life possible for their children.

Fortunately, many resources are available to help single dads manage these challenges. As a result, single fathers can raise happy and healthy children with the proper support and guidance.

What dating sites do moms use?

eHarmony is a popular dating website that many single moms have found helpful in their search for love. The site’s signature algorithm helps match users based on traits such as personality and values. eHarmony has developed a feature specifically designed for single parents, which allows connect them with other like-minded individuals. In addition, users can also access advice and resources related to dating as a single parent. With its safe and supportive environment, eHarmony is an ideal platform for single moms looking for someone special.


What are some support services available for single fathers?

Many organizations provide support services tailored explicitly to single fathers. These organizations can help single dads with various services, including financial assistance, parenting tips, and advice, job search assistance, and mentoring programs.

The National Fatherhood Initiative is one example of an organization that offers resources to help single dads become the best possible parents they can be. The nonprofit works to engage fathers in their children’s lives and provide access to educational materials and online classes.

Fathers Uplifting Fathers is another resource that provides support services for single fathers. This organization offers counseling, job assistance, mentoring, legal aid, housing assistance, and more. Additionally, the organization hosts events throughout the year to promote fatherhood and provide encouragement to single dads.

These are just a few organizations offering support services specifically for single fathers. With the right resources, single dads can find help to balance parenting and life responsibilities.

What advice should be considered when dating as a single parent?

You must know your needs and boundaries when dating as a single parent. Establishing trust and understanding in a relationship is vital, as single parents may have experienced betrayal or hurt in previous relationships. Taking time for yourself and prioritizing self-care as you navigate the dating world is essential.

Being honest about your situation as a single parent is also essential. This will help you find someone who understands and accepting of your responsibilities. If things become more serious, discussing parenting styles and expectations early on in the relationship is best.

Overall, dating as a single parent can be both rewarding and challenging. With an open mind and patience, single parents can find the right person to share their life with.

What are the most popular dating apps for single parents?

The most popular dating apps for single parents are Bumble, Hinge, Match.com, and eHarmony. These apps provide a safe and supportive environment for single parents to find meaningful connections.

Bumble stands out for its unique feature requiring women to make the first move, while Hinge focuses on connecting users through shared friends and interests. Match.com and eHarmony offer a variety of features designed to help single parents find potential matches according to their preferences, values, and lifestyle.

All four apps provide easy-to-use interfaces that make it easy for single parents to search for compatible partners in their area. In addition, these famous dating apps allow single parents to find someone special to share their life with.

Is there a Tinder for single parents?

Match.com is an excellent option for single parents looking for someone special. The app is like Tinder for single parents, with features that make searching for compatible partners in their area easy. With additional features such as MatchMe and Daily Matches, users can find potential matches based on their preferences and values.

What makes Match.com especially appealing to single parents because it also offers a dedicated single-parent page where users can read articles, get advice and find resources to help them navigate the dating world. According to recent statistics, over 12 million single parents have used Match.com since 2008, making it one of the most popular dating apps for single parents. With the help of Match.com, single parents can find someone special to share their life with.

Is there a dating site for single dads?

EliteSingles is a great dating site for single dads looking for someone special. The platform offers users a hassle-free and secure online environment, making finding compatible partners that meet their standards easy.

With over 13 million members worldwide, EliteSingles provides an extensive database of singles from all walks of life. In addition, the site’s unique matchmaking algorithm helps single dads find potential matches based on their values and interests.

In addition, EliteSingles also offers a dedicated single-parent page with advice and resources to help single dads navigate the dating world. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive matchmaking algorithm, and helpful resources, EliteSingles is ideal for single dads looking for meaningful connections.

Is it more challenging for single dads to date?

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, it is often harder for single dads to date compared to other single adults. The survey found that nearly half of the single dads (44%) have more difficulty dating than non-parents. This is likely due partly to the fact that single fathers typically have fewer available hours in the day and have to balance their responsibilities as a parent with their dating life.

Dr. Jaime Kurtz, an expert in single parenting, states that “single dads must juggle more challenges than single mothers do when it comes to dating. Not only do they have less free time, but they also experience guilt about leaving their children with a babysitter or taking them along on dates.” This can make it harder for single dads to date, as they must find someone understanding and willing to work around their parenting responsibilities.

How to find a girlfriend as a single dad?

Finding a girlfriend as a single dad can be difficult, but it is not impossible. The first step is ensuring you care for yourself and prioritize your needs. Then, get out and socialize with friends, family, and peers to meet new people.

If you’re comfortable with online dating, many sites offer special features for single parents, such as Match.com’s “MatchMe” and EliteSingles’ “Daily Matches.” In addition, take advantage of social media networks to connect with people in your area and attend events or activities that allow you to meet people who share your interests.

Be honest and open with potential partners about your status as a single dad so you can get to know someone prepared to accept your situation. Then, with the right approach, you can find a girlfriend who will love and support you and your children.

How often should a single mom go out?

No single answer is how often a single mom should go out. It ultimately depends on the individual and her own needs and preferences. However, single moms must take time for themselves and get social interactions outside their home and family life.

Experts suggest that single moms strive to balance their parenting and personal needs. Taking time to go out once a week or even every other week can help maintain a healthy social life, which is essential for a single mom’s overall mental health. Socializing offers the opportunity to break from parenting stresses and make new connections with like-minded individuals.

This can boost self-esteem, provide emotional support, and help single moms stay connected with the world. But ultimately, it is up to every single mom to decide how much time she needs for herself and her goals.

How do single parents meet someone?

Single parents can meet someone by expanding their social network and attending events or activities where they can interact with other people. Joining a club or group related to their interests is a great way for single parents to find potential romantic partners with similar hobbies and values.

Online dating sites dedicated to single parents are also becoming increasingly popular. These sites often feature matchmaking tools, chat rooms, and other features that allow single parents to connect with others. Social media networks like Facebook and Instagram are great resources for meeting new people.

Making time for oneself and taking advantage of the various available resources can help single parents find someone with whom they have a meaningful connection. In addition, with the right approach, single parents can find someone understanding and supportive of their situation.

How do single moms start dating?

Single moms often face unique challenges when starting to date, as they must juggle their parenting responsibilities with the desire for a meaningful romantic relationship. The first step is ensuring single moms care for themselves and prioritize their needs. This includes carving out time in their schedule to go out and meet new people or spend quality time with friends, family, and peers.

Online dating sites tailored to single parents can be an excellent way for single moms to meet potential partners who understand and accept their situation. Social media networks can also be used to connect with people in their local area or even attend events or activities that allow them to interact with

How do I meet single dads?

As a single mom, meeting single dads can be a bit tricky. However, there are some great strategies that you can use to meet new people who share your situation and interests. Joining clubs or groups related to your hobbies is one of the best ways to meet other single parents in your local area. In addition, attending parent-teacher conferences, community festivals, and social gatherings are great opportunities to meet other single parents.

Online dating sites tailored to single parents can be an excellent resource for meeting potential partners who understand and accept your situation. Social media networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, can also be used to connect with people in your local area.

Are you guys interested in single mothers?

Yes, many guys are interested in single mothers. Although it may come with a few extra challenges and responsibilities, dating a single mom can be an enriching experience for the right person.

In addition to understanding what it’s like to raise a child independently, single moms often have incredible life experiences and are more mature. This can make them an attractive and compatible partner for someone who understands their situation and is willing to accept the responsibilities that come with it. There are many guys out there who are interested in single mothers and may be the perfect fit for a meaningful relationship.


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