8 Best Dating Sites for Men in 2022

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our choice for the best dating site for men, then we recommend eHarmony.

Dating can be difficult for busy men. Many men have careers to focus on, leaving them with little time to go out and date. Finding the right woman can also be challenging until she comes along. But where do you even look in the first place?

Dating sites for men aim to take the hassle out of finding romance. Using intelligent matchmaking algorithms and search filters, these sites simplify the process. Then, if the single man does find someone he likes, he can message his match before meeting up.

The 8 Best Dating Sites for Men

  1. eHarmony
  2. EliteSingles
  3. Match.com
  4. OurTime
  5. SilverSingles
  6. Zoosk
  7. AdultFriendFinder
  8. BeNaughty

1. eHarmony

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About eHarmony: With matches made every 14 minutes, eHarmony is one of the big names. Over 60 million people use the site worldwide. And eHarmony takes a scientific approach to dating. Quality matches are preferred over quantity to give members a better chance of finding someone special.

Why eHarmony is a good dating app for men: During the signup process, members can take eHarmony’s compatibility questionnaire, containing personal questions designed to gauge personality traits and interests. The survey is what eHarmony uses to send its members curated matches. It’s great for saving its members time and energy. Read our review of eHarmony.

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2. EliteSingles

About EliteSingles: Elite Singles is for serious dating and is most popular with people aged 30 plus. 85% of members are highly educated with an above-average education. On average, 2000 new couples are created each month, with over 12 million singles on the site as members.

Why EliteSingles is a good app dating app for men: Elite Singles uses a sophisticated matchmaking algorithm to achieve its high success rate. Members receive 3-7 matches a day. These consist of high-quality, compatible matches. That’s because Elite Singles champions quality over quantity. Matches are based on an individual’s relationship preferences and test answers, making them bespoke. Read our review of EliteSingles.

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3. Match.com

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About Match: According to the stats, 1.6 million have already met their match on Match.com. With 21 million active members, it’s one of the most popular dating sites in the world. In addition, 91% of members have attended college or university, while 44% are single. Match.com attracts people from all walks of life looking for love.

Why Match.com is a good dating app for men: All profiles are verified by the Match.com team to reduce the chance of scam profiles. The site also offers plenty of helpful tips and advice on how to spot a scammer. In addition, when signing up, Match.com invites members to take a questionnaire, helping produce compatible matches with a better chance of success. Please read our review of Match.com.

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4. OurTime

About OurTime: Exclusively for over 50s, OurTime helps singles in their golden years find serious love. Users may notice it’s very similar to Match.com. That’s because the same company owns both. The website is packed with features, but one of the most useful is the Affinity Questionnaire. The answers given are used to create quality matches.

Why OurTime is a good dating site for men: Due to the age range of members, OurTime is easy to use. For the tech-savvy, an app allows users to dating on the go. It has all the functionality of the desktop site. OurTime also arranges singles nights where members can meet up in person. They’re fun, safe, and an excellent way to make new friends. Read our review of OurTime.

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5. SilverSingles

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About SilverSingles: SilverSingles is another popular dating site for singles over 50. It’s for serious dating and companionship. Many members are also looking for friendship. While other sites might be flashier, SilverSingles prides itself on creating an easy dating experience for its older membership base.

Why SilverSingles is a good dating site for men: SilverSingles uses a personality test to learn about its members’ personalities, hobbies, and interests. It then uses this information to match compatible singles up. Location isn’t considered with the matches because SilverSingles chooses to widen members’ options and helps them find ‘the one. Read our review of SilverSingles.

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6. Zoosk

About Zoosk: Zoosk is a social media dating site. With members of an average age around the mid-20s, it attracts a younger crowd. However, the site is open to anyone, whether gay, straight, lesbian, or queer. Forty million members use Zoosk worldwide. It’s also available in 80 countries and 25 languages. And members send 3 million messages each day.

Why Zoosk is a good dating site for men: Zoosk pulls all your information from your social media profiles, so you don’t have to spend time signing up. You can also use the search filters to find a match. These filters put the power in your hands. You can even type in your preference options to find someone special who meets them. The site is easy-to-use and familiar, perfect for millennials or social media users. Read our review of Zoosk.

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7. AdultFriendFinder

About AdultFriendFinder: AdultFriendFinder is the world’s largest hookup site. As the name suggests, it’s not for serious dating but something more casual. Couples or swingers can join, as can individuals. And anything goes. Many people join to spice up their sex lives or try something new.

Why AdultFriendFinder is a good dating site for men: Men looking for casual sex will find what they need on AdultFriendFinder. It allows them to explore and meet people they wouldn’t do in a bar or on the street. Instead of picking women up, you can do it on the website. There’s also a handy app for finding hookups on the go. Read our review of AdultFriendFinder.

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8. BeNaughty

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About BeNaughty: Flings are firmly on the menu at BeNaughty. It is a community of singles who are after something casual. It’s great for men who are after something quick and passionate. There is a range of features available on the site. Video and audio chat are included, as well as additional security settings for complete privacy.

Why BeNaughty is a good dating site for men: NeBaughty has created a safe environment for singles to meet. There’s no personality quiz or questionnaire. Instead, you use the site how you want to. Finding members is easy. You use the search filters and enter your preferences. And you can browse anonymously, too. You don’t have to add a photo or profile information to keep yourself safe. Read our review of BeNaughty.

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Dating Sites for Men FAQ

How are dating sites for men different from regular dating sites?

Dating sites aren’t exclusively for men but offer members the chance to connect with compatible women. They aim to make it easy with personality questionnaires and matchmaking features. For busy men, this takes the time and effort out of dating. However, it also helps men find women who share their hobbies, interests, and future aspirations.

What are the benefits of joining a dating site for men?

1. Meet like-minded singles with similar interests

Whether you’re looking to meet, dating sites allow members to search for people who match their preferences through search filters and matchmaking algorithms, leaving people with the same hobbies and interests. As a result, members are more likely to meet people to share their lives. Not only does this increase chances of success, but it takes the hassle out of dating.

2. Connect with singles looking for the same as you

If a dating site invites you to take a personality questionnaire, they’ll match you with people who match yours, including plans and goals. You can also browse members’ profiles to see who looks like a match. Before you decide to meet anyone, you can chat with them first, allowing you to see what they’re after before you work on a relationship.

3. Find a meaningful connection or a friendship.

Ultimately, singles are looking for love. Building a connection takes time and patience, but dating sites bring people together. Finding someone special is hard if you don’t know where to look. And relationships don’t have to equal love. They can encompass friendship and companionship, too.

Who’s on dating sites for men?

The male membership base will vary from site to site because each site offers something different. Men looking for casual hookups will flock to adult dating sites. Men looking to settle down will join the more serious dating sites. And the age range varies between the sites – some will be in their 20s while others will be 50+. But what connects them is that they are all looking for someone to communicate with – sexually or spiritually.

What factors to look for when choosing the best dating site for men?

1. Quality and range of membership base

The membership base is a significant factor when choosing the right site. Before joining, try to find out how many women are on the site compared to men. Then think about the age range – is the membership base young or old enough for you? Not all membership bases will be the same so do your research.

2. Privacy and security

It makes sense to want to protect your privacy, especially on adult websites. Luckily, many sites offer enhanced privacy features. Some allow anonymous browsing. Others use encryption for added security. Have a read-through of your chosen site’s safety terms to see if they suit what you need.

3. Extra features

Most websites offer a range of extra features to enhance the dating experience. Some members love them – they can help singles find romance. But busy singles might not have much time for them. Consider whether you would like some fun features or want the search filters.

4. Price

Most dating sites ask for a monthly fee. While expensive, it usually gets cheaper the longer you sign up. But most sites require you to join to access all the features, including a messaging service. Some free sites are available, but they don’t have personality questionnaires like the expensive sites.

First date tips for men

First dates are a significant first step. But they can be nerve-wracking. For guaranteed dating success and to help calm your nerves, follow these tips:

  1. Dress smart. First appearances matter. While you should dress comfortably, try to show your date she’s worth it. When you look good, you’ll feel good too. You’ll also exude confidence. But dress to show off the real you. You don’t need to be anybody different to impress a lady.
  2. Don’t be late. Or even better, show up 15 minutes early. Being late is rude, but showing up early shows impeccable manners. Plus, your date is probably nervous enough. Having her waiting around for you to turn up might stress her out – and that’s not gentlemanly.
  3. Listen to your date. As tempting as it may be, don’t spend the entire evening talking about yourself. Instead, show an interest in your date by asking questions and listening to the answer. Don’t let your eyes glaze over. Your date will find this both attractive and considerate. You don’t need to be serious, either. Asking something fun, for example, “Do you have any tattoos?” will help the conversation and laughter flow.
  4. Give a compliment (or two). Don’t be shy about this because it can earn you some serious brownie points. Your date will have put a lot of time and effort into their appearance. Acknowledging that they look nice will do wonders for her self-confidence; it will make you feel good, too.
  5. Split the bill. These days, women don’t expect you to pay for the entire bill. But spending your share is polite. If you want to pay for everything and your date doesn’t matter, go ahead. Otherwise, your date might feel awkward about a man paying for her. Ask the question before your date, so you’re both prepared.

What are some dating challenges for men?

1. Dating apps can be a competitive landscape.

So many people use dating apps that it can be challenging to attract attention. Many men, therefore, swipe right to almost all single ladies in the chance of scoring a date. In a report published by Pew Research Centre, 43% of US online daters felt they didn’t receive enough messages on dating apps. 57% were men, compared to 24% of women who felt disappointed. It’s difficult for men to stand out when women are overwhelmed with messages.

2. No woman ever approaches you.

While we’ve made great strides in feminism, many women still expect men to make the first move. Women are conscious of being seen as “easy” or desperate. But for shy men, this can be a problem. Men continually have to put themselves out there to achieve dating success. If they leave it too late to make a move, the woman they’re interested in has probably moved on.

3. Insecurity about your ability to flirt with women

Talking to women can be nerve-wracking, hindering a man’s flirting tactics. He might be worried about making a fool or coming on too strong. But putting women on a pedestal will make the conversation harder. Women have their insecurities and issues, too – they’re your equal. Treating them as such will make dating life more straightforward.

4. You got bitter

Bad relationships happen to the best of us. But using them as a benchmark for future relationships will only cause more pain. If bitterness has become part of your personality, it might be wise to take a break. Focus on yourself, practice self-care, and let those demons about women wash away. There’s a lovely lady out there for you – you just need to wait for her.

5. Women are ghosting you.

Ghosting is one of the most common ways women reject men. It’s not big, and it’s not clever, but it’s easy. Unfortunately, when online dating, these are just one of the pitfalls. The problem is, you can’t make a woman reply, no matter how many messages you send. That will just put her off more. And she might reach out to her female friends to avoid you, making dating life even harder.

Try not to take it personally. The online dating game can be harsh. The more women you speak to, the higher your chances will be. But it also increases the risk of ghosting.

6. You keep getting rejected, no matter who you ask.

Understanding why you keep getting rejected isn’t easy. There might not be one reason but a few. In this case, it’s a good idea to look inwards to find out why.

Sometimes, it’s down to the woman. If she’s picky or has a clear idea in her head about who she’s looking for, you might not win, no matter how hard you try. You might be the whole package to her. But is she your complete package, anyway? In this scenario, you can feel good about yourself. It’s not you; it’s her.

However, the rejection might be your fault if you regularly come on too strong. Or, if you have a few hobbies, women may find it hard to build a connection with you. It’s these little things that make all the difference and will make women want to know more.

7. You’re terrified of rejection and failure.

Being scared of rejection is probably holding you back. It’s stopping you from going for what you want. But just because you fail doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in the end. Sure, rejection sucks! But it’s part of the process to help you to grow. Besides – what’s the worst that can happen?

8. The women you want to date want nothing to do with you, and the women you’re not interested in like you.

Ah, this old puzzle. Sorry guys – the perfect woman doesn’t exist. The women you want to date are probably wrong for you. And you’re overlooking the women who genuinely want to date you. So broaden your horizons and give these lovely ladies a try. You might surprise yourself.

9. You keep getting burnt by the women that you date.

There are some women out there who are in relationships for a free ride. They use their partners for money and regularly cheat for kicks, which isn’t right, but not all women are the same. If you’ve experienced a relationship like this, we don’t blame you for being wary. But to move on in a relationship, you must realize that you’ve been going after the wrong kind of girl.

To fix this, find some faith in women. Hang out with female relatives or friends and remind yourself of their good qualities. Then, take some time out to get over your distrust of women. And only hit the dating scene when you’re ready to trust again.

10. You can’t get laid, no matter what you try.

Women know if you’re desperate for sex. Women like to get to know a guy before they’re ready to get physical. Going in with the sex talk right away will put them off. Also, sex isn’t a given. Just because a woman agrees to go on a date with you doesn’t mean she’s up for it. And don’t even think about paying for dinner if the only reason is that you think you’ll get laid.

Alternatively, if you don’t show a girl signs that you want to date her, she might start looking elsewhere. Being respectful is excellent, but there’s no harm in laying out your intentions once you’ve gotten to know each other better. Make it known you want more than just friendship.

What are the advantages of being a single man on dating apps?

1. You can flirt with any woman you want

Being unattached means, you can flirt with anyone without fear of consequence. And the more you do it, the better you’ll become at it. So when you find the right woman, you’ll be an expert. On the other hand, being single can be fun and exciting.

2. You can be more spontaneous.

Relationships aren’t exactly known for their spontaneity. Life can become a little repetitive and – dare we say it – dull. Being single means you can make plans at the drop of a hat without considering your partner. You can stay out late with friends or head on a road trip – no questions asked.

3. You can work on yourself and your career.

Careers can often come in the way of relationships. As a single man, you can stay late in the office. You can take a job out of town. You can attend out-of-hours meetings. You can make your popularity seen and work your way to the top without compromise.

4. You can have more sex.

Sex in a relationship can become dull over time. When single, you can do it as often as you like. It’s the perfect time to experiment and find out what you want and don’t. When you eventually settle down, you can bring these newfound tips into the bedroom with someone you love.

5. You’re the boss

You don’t have to answer to anyone when you’re single. You can do what you like when you like. There’s no one to answer to – only yourself. If you want to watch football all weekend, you can. Or, if you want to have a one-night stand, there’s no one to tell you you’re wrong. You’re the boss, and no one can argue with you on that!

What are the pros and cons of dating sites for men?

Pros of Dating Sites for Men

  • Find beautiful women to go on dates with
  • Keep your identity protected
  • Use sophisticated matchmaking systems to find compatible women
  • The date on your terms

X Cons of Dating Sites for Men

  • Encounter competition from other men
  • Spend a lot of money to join
  • Send lots of messages before you find someone nice

My recommendation

There are plenty of dating sites out there that cater to men. Unfortunately, there’s almost too much choice. Luckily, we’ve picked our favorite based on a range of factors. While EliteSingles is a close second, eHarmony has claimed the top spot.

Our average score is 3.7 out of 5, but it wins on its overall safety and easy-to-use website. It’s also one of the most popular dating sites, boasting a vast pool of women.

Other things we like:

  • eHarmony creates matches for members
  • There’s a dating advice site with tonnes of useful information
  • It’s great for serious dating


Amy Pritchett

Amy Pritchett

Amy is a relationship science expert, writer and dating coach. She understands that human connection is the motive and result of a meaningful life. She believes the purpose of relationships is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness.

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