Top 6 Best Gay Dating Sites

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Online dating sites have seen sites dedicated to helping gay men find love in recent years. These gay dating sites offer a safe and comfortable environment to express yourself and find like-minded. So, whether you’re looking for older guys, prefer dating from an app, or need a dating website that allows you to use their features for free.

The 6 best gay dating sites:

  3. Elite Singles
  4. OurTime
  5. Manhunt
  6. OnlyLads

What are the best gay dating sites?

The best gay dating app for relationships (#1-2)


best gay dating sites for professionals

About Match: With over 1.6 million people finding love on and 21 million current registered members, it’s no surprise that many people use the app. Absolutely anyone can join – whether you’re gay or straight. It’s an easy-to-use dating app if you’re relatively new to online dating. While it’s not free, you get access to a range of good-quality features with your membership.

Why is Match one of the best gay dating apps for relationships? The Match app uses advanced search filters to help you find gay singles with just a few simple clicks. They also offer gay singles the chance to meet in person during their safe and secure Match nights. These are a variety of fun locations. They’re the perfect way to turn your search for romance up a notch. By using the app, you can find singles anywhere and everywhere. If you need extra help and advice, you can find interesting articles on their blog about gay dating. Please read our review of

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About Founded by Makus Fring in 2003, Plenty of Fish now has around 150,000 million members worldwide. Almost anyone who’s ever delved into online dating has heard of the dating app, and most singles choose to. In addition, you don’t have to pay a penny to send messages, which is very rare in the dating world.

Why is one of the best gay dating apps for relationships? When you create an account with Plenty of Fish, you can sign up as a man looking for another man, which ensures that you see profiles of gay and bisexual men, helping you to find love quicker. In addition, it’s free to message other members on the site, which gives you access to anyone you want to get to know better. Please read our review of

I am proud to love you as your love inflates my pride.

The best gay dating app for older guys (#3-4)

3. Elite Singles

best gay dating sites apps

About Elite Singles: Elite Singles focuses on finding its members’ real connections and long-term commitment. And is not a dating site for casual hookups. It has a membership base of men aged primarily between 30 and 55. So you can expect to find professional, educated men ready to settle down with someone special.

Why is Elite Singles the best gay dating app for older guys? Elite Singles knows that gay dating can be tricky. So they’ve developed a unique matchmaking system to help you find the right person.

Upon signing up, you’ll take a psychologist-approved personality questionnaire that asks you what you want in life and describe your unique personality traits. Love isn’t left to chance, and they match busy professional men with singles who meet their specific requirements. You’re only sent between 3-7 matches daily, so quality over quantity on Elite Singles. Please read our review of Elite Singles.

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4. OurTime

About OurTime: OurTime is a senior dating website and app for singles over 50. In the later stages of life, gay dating can feel challenging. So, this dating app allows gay men to find each other in a welcoming environment. It uses a straightforward layout with a few confusing features to make it easier for those who might not be as tech-savvy as the younger generation.

Why is OurTime the best gay dating app for older guys? Not only does OurTime try to make it as simple as possible to build connections with other gay men online, but it offers singles’ nights where you can go and meet like-minded people in a safe environment. You don’t have to be looking for a relationship only. Friendship is very much on the cards if you want it to be. By restricting the membership base to singles over 50, you’ve already got something in common with other members, which means you can connect much more quickly. Please read our review of OurTime.

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Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not.

Best gay dating apps for free (#5-6)

5. Manhunt

About Manhunt: Founded in 2011, Manhunt has become one of the world’s largest dating sites and apps. It boasts around 6 million members worldwide. In addition, it gets 30,000 daily logins, meaning members are engaged with the app and use it regularly. The age range of members is also pretty evenly split, offering a mixed bag of members to suit all preferences.

What you get for free: Manhunt offers excellent features, including video chat, where you can chat privately through video with members worldwide. An outstanding feature if you don’t want to be restricted by location. You can also see who’s looking at your profile, upload 16 photos, and search for any guy. Read our review of now.

Love has no gender – compassion has no religion – character has no race..

6. OnlyLads

gay singles events london

OnlyLads: OnlyLads is one of the smaller gay dating sites and apps, with only 1 million members. However, if you’re looking for a dating platform that’s completely free to use, then it’s a strong contender. Also, if you’re familiar with social media, you’ll love how OnlyLads works. Profiles look very similar to Facebook, and you can add members as friends to build up your network.

What you get for free: The great thing about OnlyLads is that messaging is completely free. It’s operated via an instant messaging service (just like Facebook), which allows you to chat in real-time with members worldwide. You can also see who’s viewed your profile and if you like what you see. Then, send a message to see if he is interested back. Read our review of OnlyLads.

Best Gay Dating Sites FAQ

How do gay dating sites work?

It’s usually free to sign up for a gay dating site. You can customize your profile, add photos, and browse other members when you join. Generally, many gay dating sites are available, including hookup sites and platforms designed to find you a serious match.

Non-gay dating sites now cater to the demographic, too, through the search tool, which allows members to look for men (as well as women).

What are the benefits of joining one of the best gay dating sites?

1. Connect with like-minded gay singles

Whether you’re looking for a serious or casual relationship, dating sites attract singles with the same outlook. It’s easy to find someone with the same likes and dislikes because you can use the search filters to specify the exact type of person you want. You can also check what members have written in their profiles to see if you’ll be a match.

2. Find long-term love or a casual relationship.

You might be looking for a relationship that leads to marriage. Or you might want to meet someone for casual sex. Either way, there are dating sites that cater to both. And because people are there for the same thing, a dating site can be a place of acceptance and community. You don’t need to explain your lifestyle to anyone.

3. Find someone with a similar lifestyle.

Whether you like long weekend walks or the theatre, someone is bound to share your hobbies and interests. And these people are not too hard to find. So you can increase your chances of finding love by filling out your profile carefully. Then drop your match a message to find out what makes them tick — you can arrange a date doing something you both love.

Who’s on gay dating sites?

Most gay men who use dating sites are between 18 and 44. But plenty of sites cater to men aged 50 and over. While most men are gay, many are bisexual too. They also come from all over the world. However, the most common countries of residence are the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Germany.

The wonderful thing about gay dating sites is joining a welcoming community. Gay dating sites may also open their doors to gay and bisexual women, offering an inclusive, safe place for gay people to meet.

What factors to look for when deciding on a gay dating site?

1. Price

Depending on your dating site, you might have to pay to be a member. Unfortunately, memberships don’t come cheap, and there aren’t many free sites. At the very least, you usually have to subscribe to send messages. However, there are some free dating sites too. These allow you to message members without a subscription. You might need to pay a small fee for features, but this is entirely up to you.

2. Free trials

Free trials are the perfect way to try a dating site before committing to paying. Memberships are cheaper the longer you sign up; it’s good to determine whether you’ll enjoy using it before subscribing. Free trials allow you to try out all features for free. You might also be able to message other members. Our advice is to sign up for a few and see which one comes out top.

3. Membership base

The membership base is very varied from dating site to site. If you’re older, there are plenty of places for you. Or, if you want something more casual, something like Tinder or Plenty of Fish might be more suitable. But, again, knowing who you want is a great idea. You can find a site that’s likely to offer you this.

Black Gay Dating Sites: There are a few dating sites to find black gay singles. Some good ones include Tinder and Manhunt. These sites feature great search filters that allow you to find black singles with the click of a button.

Older Gay Dating Sites: OurTime and Elite Singles are two top dating sites for finding older men. OurTime is for people over 50. On the other hand, Elite Singles is for all ages, but members have a high level of education. Most members are between 30 – 55, with 90% over 30.

Gay Hookup Websites: Let’s face it — sometimes only a one-night stand will do. Manhunt is an excellent site if you’re looking for something casual. It’s a no-holds-barred platform for finding single guys who are up for it.

4. Matchmaking system

Many dating sites now use clever algorithms that match you with compatible people. When you sign up, you’re they ask a series of questions about your relationship status to determine your likes and dislikes and what you’re looking for in a partner.

A matchmaking system is a great tool, as it saves you from browsing through profiles yourself. It also increases your chances of finding someone.

5. Useful features

Each dating site will have a range of unique special features. Some you might not enjoy, and others you’ll always use. It’s a valuable exercise to browse through what features are on offer, which will help you pick a dating site.

6. Trustworthiness

The last thing you want is a dating site that spams you. On the other hand, you don’t want one filled with fake profiles. Instead, read through real-life reviews of the sites you like. Then once you’re happy, sign up and give it a go.

What are some challenges of gay dating and relationships?

1. Hookup culture has disrupted the traditional courtship process

These days it’s hard to find a compatible partner. The hookup culture has glamorized sex so much that it’s almost impossible to form real connections and genuine intimacy.

To find a lifelong partner, we must go back to basics with courtship by going on dates, getting to know each other, and not rushing anything.

2. Knowing when to approach and talk to each other

Dating is scary. But when a man has friends or keeps himself to himself, it’s hard to know whether it’s acceptable to approach. Many gay men prefer to take a passive stance. Whether that’s because they’re scared of rejection or don’t know how to tell if a man is gay, it doesn’t make dating easy.

Our social skills have also become weaker as we rely on phones and technology. Unfortunately, this means we miss good opportunities right in front of us.

3. You differ in the level of ‘outness.’

If you match someone who’s not quite ready to come out to their family and friends, it can make you feel re-closeted. As a result, you might hold back from what you say or post on social media. You may also feel nervous about revealing your sexuality by accident.

If this sounds like you, the best thing you can do is help your partner come to terms with their sexuality. If he’s worried about rejection, reassure him you’ll always be there. But also give him time — he needs to come out on his terms.

4. There’s a significant age gap.

It’s common to find gay couples with age gaps. However, problems might arise when it’s a huge gap. But it’s worth flipping this idea right on its head. Don’t focus on age — focus on where you both are in your lives. If you’re on the same wavelength, there’s no reason why the relationship should fail.

You might want to think about your careers too. If one of you is part-time or retired and the other full-time, you might not see each other enough. That might be fine for now, but what about in the future?

5. You prefer different types of relationships.

A couple might struggle if one wants long-term commitment and the other wants to sleep around. While it may take time for a real relationship to develop, it can’t be guaranteed. So be honest with each other about what you want. And if it’s not the right relationship, move on.

6. Being afraid of commitment

Now that gay marriage is a thing, gay relationships can be as serious as any other. So instead of ‘making do,’ gay men should think about who they want to be with long-term, which doesn’t mean you should give up on something not working. However, you might need to work harder on the commitment side.

7. Jealousy plagues the gay community.

Some gay men have a hard time accepting that they’re good enough. This likely stems from feelings of shame and insecurity gained through childhood. Jealousy then forms, which then spills out into their relationship. And when two gay men get together, it can be a recipe for disaster.

There is competition among gay men who head to the same gay bars. To combat jealousy, remember to be true to yourself. Keep your heart open, stay optimistic and let love find you.

What are the benefits of a gay relationship?

1. Your relationship doesn’t come with gender roles.

Modern stereotypes dictate how a man and woman should act in a relationship. Gay relationships don’t face this. Instead, you can choose what role you want to take, free from your gender. Of course, you may still get asked, “Who’s the woman in the relationship,” but this doesn’t need to apply to you.

2. Your sex life is excellent.

When you’re in a same-sex relationship, you can use your own experiences with your body to please your partner sexually, which means sex is excellent. There’s a familiarity that’s also confidence-boosting. If you’re with someone new or having one-night stands, you’re already one step ahead.

3. Knowing shame allows you to appreciate differences and beauty in yourself and others.

If you’ve experienced shame around being gay, you’ve probably gone through quite a journey. And hopefully, by now, you’ve found peace with your sexuality. But by going through this process, you can now empathize with what other people might be feeling. Whether they’re going through a similar experience or see themselves in a negative light, you’ll see the beauty in them — and yourself.

4. You live in a global community without borders.

Gay men are all around the world. And every gay man has had to deal with their sexuality. So dating sites give you access to men worldwide and a global network of like-minded people at your fingertips.

5. You are an ambassador of diversity.

Times are changing. More and more people are accepting the fact that people can be gay. And with this change comes a more significant opportunity for inclusivity within the community. Gay men in a same-sex relationship actively showcase how diversity fits into our society. There is room for variety, and each tie proves this.

What are the pros and cons of gay dating sites?

Pros of Gay Dating Sites

  • You get access to a global network of gay people.
  • You can make supportive friends.
  • There are lots of sites available to cater to your needs.
  • You can move on quickly if you’re not feeling it.

X Cons of Gay Dating Sites

  • Gay sites aren’t often free.
  • It can be challenging to meet up in real life.
  • It’s hard to tell if you have real-life chemistry.

My recommendation

There are two high-ranking gay dating sites on our radar. The first is Many members have signed up on one of the most popular dating sites.

There are also sophisticated search filters on offer. And when it comes to meeting matches in person, Match Nights are unrivaled.

Other things we like:

  • It’s reasonably priced.
  • There are loads of great features on offer.

The second site is Plenty of Fish. This website is completely free to use. They also have loads of members, just like While it’s not as sophisticated, it is trendy. It’s so simple to use, too.

Other things we like:

  • Members are constantly active.
  • It’s free to message members.
  • You get messages as soon as you sign up.

Join the best gay dating sites & apps now!

Hopefully, you have more information about which dating sites and apps for gay dating might suit you. Look at our reviews for a more in-depth look if you’d like to find out more.

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