Best International Dating Sites in 2022

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our choice for the best international dating site, then we recommend OkCupid.

How do international dating sites work? Dating isn’t easy. And when you’re looking for someone in your location, you’re limited to who is nearby. This means you don’t always find the right match or someone who meets your every need.

Not only is this frustrating, but it can be disheartening. Plus, it’s not always clear what you’re looking for until the right person comes along.

That’s where international dating sites come in. They take the tried and tested online dating model but invite members to match up from all corners of the world. This means that wherever you are in the world, you can find someone to make a genuine connection with.

Location isn’t a boundary but unlocks so much more potential to find love. Many work in the same way as a normal dating site.

This includes instant chat, fun features, and varied membership options. Most have apps you can download too. It’s only natural seeing as you’ll want to date while you’re on the go.

In this article we will review the following best international dating sites:

What are the best international dating sites?


About EliteSingles: EliteSingles operates in over 25 countries around the world. Once you’ve signed up, EliteSingles will send you 3 to 7 matches a day.

This is based on the compatibility questionnaire that you’re asked to fill out. The site is all about finding educated singles a match that meets their education preferences and interests.

Why EliteSingles is a top international dating site: One of the best things about EliteSingles is that it offers a great app that allows users to date on the go. If you’re traveling or find yourself a bit further from home, you can still find someone special.

EliteSingles also uses a personality test and search preferences to match you with singles. This is designed to find you a genuine match as opposed to someone simply close by.

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About Zoosk: Zoosk started as a social media site. The benefit is it’s so easy to use – the site signs you up using your details from Facebook.

It’s popular with younger users in their mid-20s. The platform is also global, making it attractive to people who travel often.

Why Zoosk is a top international dating site: Zoosk has one of the best dating sites around. It’s available in more than 8 countries and 25 languages.

And to find people nearby, you can use the ‘online now’ service to see who’s available to chat. It’s super simple to use and great for dating anywhere in the world.

About is one of the most famous dating sites. It’s most popular with 30-50-year-olds looking to find something serious.

Each profile picture has to be approved by the team. This makes it a safe and secure place to date. Plus, with so many members, it’s hard not to find a match.

Why is a top international dating app: single nights are available in locations all around the world. You can sign up to any of them, making it easy to find someone wherever you’re based.

The app is also incredibly popular. If you’re just stopping by or have recently moved to a new area, it’s simple to use. Over 80% of members meet through the app. You can be sure it works.

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About OkCupid: OkCupid believes dating deserves better. As well as a dating site, it’s a place where you can share dating tips and stories with other members.

It’s also incredibly inclusive. Singles who are part of the LGBTQ scene are more than welcome to explore their sexuality without judgment.

Why OkCupid is a top international dating app: An app is an excellent tool for quick browsing. You’re able to see profiles in detail, and it’s effortlessly easy to use.

It also contains all the handy features that the desktop version has, offering a seamless experience.


About eHarmony: eHarmony believes that everyone should experience long-lasting love. This is regardless of where they are in the world.

The site wants the world to seem like a smaller place to make it easier to find a genuine connection with someone. eHarmony is also one of the most trusted sites on the market. With loads of users, you can be sure it’s safe.

Why eHarmony is a top international dating app: eHarmony uses matching technology to match people with compatible, international singles. This guarantees quality relationships that last.

When it comes to technology, eHarmony has developed 29 stages of compatibility that determine who you’re matched with. This saves you the time and effort of finding matches for yourself.



About OurTime: Ourtime is a mature dating site for over 50s. It’s owned by, so works in a very similar way.

It has loads of useful search features and good-quality profiles to help members find out more about other singles. There’s no app though – everything is done on the desktop version. This seems to suit the target audience.

Why OurTime is a top international dating site: Many scheduled events are put on by Ourtime. They allow mature singles to meet all around the UK.

The website also features an easy layout for members to follow. And wherever you are, download the app and meet people in your area. It couldn’t be easier and it’s been designed with the older generation in mind.


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About CharmDate: CharmDate is a unique international dating site. It connects Russian and Ukrainian women with single men all around the world.

The target demographic is very specific. However, the site is a handy platform for finding a European match.

Why CharmDate is a top international dating site: If you’re interested in dating a Russian or Ukrainian woman but don’t live in either country, CharmDate allows you to connect.

You can use standard chat or video chat to connect. Or you can use CharmDate’s call services so you can hear your match’s voice.



About AnastasiaDate: AnastasiaDate is popular with European women and the men who want to date them. The site is designed to bridge the gap between countries.

This is to make it easy for people to have a relationship wherever they are in the world. Relationships often lead to marriage, making it a great place to find genuine love.

Why AnastasiaDate is a top international dating site: The AnastasiaDate app allows you to search through profiles and send messages and photos from anywhere in the world.

And if you find someone who speaks another language, there’s a feature called Call Me. This puts you in touch with an interpreter who can translate what your match is saying.


About ThaiFriendly: ThaiFriendly is one of the most popular Thai dating sites. 1,000 new members join every week looking to find love.

Members are typically Thai women, ladyboys, or men looking to date them. You don’t get sent matches on ThaiFriendly, but you can search through profiles yourself.

Why ThaiFriendly is a top international dating site: ThaiFriendly is great if you’re looking for a specific Thai match. There are plenty of members to choose from.

Distance isn’t a barrier for anyone on the site. On the app, you can browse through profiles, send interest to members and drop them a message. It’s easy to use and a simple way to find Thai romance.


Polish Hearts

About Polish Hearts: Polish Hearts is the UK’s biggest Polish dating website. It attracts Polish people and international members who are looking to date each other. The site is a great community for Polish people to either make friends or find romance.

The site is available in both Polish and English. This makes it accessible for all members to communicate and find a match. It’s incredibly easy to use too, as each section of the site guides you to the next part of the page.

How are international dating sites different from normal dating sites?

International dating sites are set up to bridge the long-distance gap. This is to allow people to find real connections wherever they are in the world. Finding love in your area can sometimes be difficult.

Or you might want to experience a new culture. If so, an international dating site will have features that make this happen.

Normal dating sites tend to focus on finding your matches nearby. Even if you extend your search location, it’s hard to find someone from a different country that will take you seriously. International dating sites bring people together who are interested in long-distance dating.

Are there international dating sites for marriage?

While any dating site can help you find marriage, some are better suited than others. and eHarmony are two websites that are well known for finding their members’ serious relationships. Both boast plenty of singles and offer a range of features to help you secure romance.

Members hail from all corners of the world, so both dating sites are an excellent place to start with your journey.

EliteSingles is another serious dating site. Over 80% of members have graduated from college. It’s also a great site for mature dating.

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Are there international dating sites free?

None of the dating sites on our list are completely free. However, AnastasiaDate is one of the cheapest. Once you sign up, you only need to buy credits. These start from as little as 12p per credit and allow you to use the site’s features.

OkCupid allows users to message for free. This is rare in the dating site world and a great benefit. In the end, all dating sites offer different prices. Our top tip is to try out some of the free trials to see which site suits you.

What are the benefits of joining an international dating site?

Meet like-minded singles and a love that lasts

Love should have no boundaries. You might be finding it difficult to find someone nearby. If so, widening your search can help you cast a bigger net.

This can also help you find someone you truly care about. On international dating sites, members are generally looking for the same thing.

They’re open-minded and don’t care about location. The benefit is you can be picky and choose a match that meets 100% of your expectations.

Fall in love with people all over the world

The beauty of today’s world is that we can go wherever we want to. This unlocks so much opportunity to fall in love.

And this is with people we don’t normally get the chance to meet. We can find out more about different cultures.

We can discover what we like and don’t like. We can also re-discover a sense of adventure that we can take into a new relationship. Falling in love is exciting – international dating captures that.

Who’s on international dating apps?

You’ll generally find a mixed bag of people on international dating sites. But it depends on which dating site you’re looking at.

For example, a Thai dating site will attract singles who are looking for a Thai match. A European dating site will have members from Russia, Poland, and Ukraine (amongst others).

With sites like EliteSingles, expect a more mature membership base. Members are educated and looking for something long-term.

The thing that connects everyone on an international dating site is the desire to meet people outside of their bubble. They’re looking to expand their boundaries, meet new people and extend their circle.

What factors to look for when deciding on an international app?

Quality and range of membership base

Websites that have plenty of members on their books will help you find romance quicker. Ultimately, who you’re looking for will help you choose the right dating site.

Whether you’re looking for someone in particular or wish to broaden your horizons, the quality and range of members will be an important factor.

Do your research first though. Find out from our reviews how many members each website has and how good their safety rating is. You want to find good quality members, not spambots.

Privacy and security

Safety is one of the things you need to be most aware of when joining a dating site. When meeting people from far-aware locations, it can be hard to see if they’re genuine or not.

That’s why your chosen dating site should have plenty of safety features. They should keep your identity safe and protected from fraud.

Even with the safety features, due diligence is required. It’s important that you only give your details to people you can trust. There’s usually plenty of online content you can read for guidance too.

Extra features

Additional features can be a fun way to enhance your dating experience. Most you have to pay for. But if you’re going to sign up for membership anyway, it’s worth finding a site that offers you the most for your money.

When it comes to international dating sites, some offer translation features. If you don’t speak your partner’s language, you can use these to translate your conversations. This is incredibly useful when you want to communicate properly.


Membership costs can be expensive. We feel that a dating site should be seen as an investment in yourself. Paying more will generally unlock more features. Though, these can be an unnecessary expense.

It’s completely up to you to decide what’s important. Most international dating sites will offer free trials. We always recommend signing up to as many as you can to get a feel for each one.

What are some challenges of international dating?

The language barrier

Without apps and gadgets to translate each other’s language, communicating with your match can prove difficult. Your match may speak a language you don’t understand.

This might be okay for online chat, where you can use emojis and Google translate. But what happens when you want to have an uninterrupted conversation?

Language barriers are unfortunately the crux of any intercultural relationship. If you can’t commit to learning the language (which will take a lot of time, money, and effort), you may soon get tired of the communication issues.

Some are looking to fulfill a fetish with certain ethnic and physical types

Fetishes come in all shapes and forms, including ethnicity. The problem with international dating sites is that they target desires for certain ethnicities.

International dating fuels a fantasy, rather than providing a real opportunity for finding love. And singles that are looking for something genuine, may feel alienated from that target audience.

For international singles, this can be hard to stomach. Many might want to find a genuine relationship. But instead, they’re seen as a means to fulfill a fetish and not a real person.

Physical distance and lack of physical connection

When a couple is distanced, they don’t fully experience the demands of a relationship. This can include date nights, affection, or everyday niggles.

It’s these little things that you or your partner might begin to miss. Instead, you need a certain flexibility to be able to maintain your relationship. Skype and late-night phone calls will also become the norm, which isn’t enough for everyone.

Racial and cultural differences

These differences can be accentuated by distance. This is because it can be difficult to appreciate your partner’s differences. And it’s hard to celebrate them when you’re miles from each other.

For example, if your partner celebrates Thanksgiving but you don’t, it can be hard to understand the meaning behind it.

You may also celebrate key events differently, like Christmas or birthdays. At this point, compromise is key. But it’s incredibly hard to compromise when you’re used to doing things your own way.

Unequal dynamic with economic disparity
When it comes to economic prosperity, unfortunately not all countries are equal. This inequality can all too often spill out into the relationship. Perhaps you have a different view of money than your partner does. You may want to splurge and treat them to something special. Your partner may be more careful with money. Whatever the situation, sensitivity is really important when it comes to finances.

Also, if your partner comes from a poorer part of the world, you might need to bear the brunt of the finances. This comes with the international dating territory. Be honest with each other about this when you get to a place of trust. The relationship won’t be able to survive otherwise.

Living two separate lives

Ultimately, you may find that your lives are too separate to maintain a long-distance relationship. Whether this is because of your time zones or your culture, the strain can sometimes be too much. This is often what drives many international couples to grow apart.

The key to a successful international dating site is to put the effort in. Each couple will have their own way of finding this. Things like setting some time aside to chat each evening, to regularly meeting up, will help your relationship go the distance.

What are the benefits of having an international relationship? Meet people from all over the world

Meeting someone from a different part of the world can unlock a new lease of life. You can enjoy a deeper, valuable connection with someone who can teach you new things.

You can also discover new experiences that will help you develop a richer sense of appreciation for the world. And the biggest bonus is you’ll always have a couch to sleep on.

Learn about a different culture

Meeting new people and learning about different cultures is exciting. You can discover new things, pick up new languages and experience new foods.

And the best thing is that you can do this with someone. You don’t have to do anything alone, and you can teach them about your culture too.

Find meaningful, long-lasting relationships

If you choose to be with someone miles away, the chance is you’re really into them. Instead of building a connection the normal way, you have to be creative with how you create a relationship.

You will end up talking for hours and learning everything about your partner. You’ll also appreciate the short time you get with one another, so you’ll make it count.

What are the pros and cons of international dating sites?

Pros of International Dating Sites

  • Meet like-minded people from all over the world.
  • Discover new cultures and experiences.
  • Find love that’s not restricted by boundaries.

X Cons of International Dating Sites

  • You’ll have to deal with no physical contact for long periods of time.
  • You’re more likely to find spam profiles.
  • International dating sites can be expensive.

My recommendation

OkCupid is our highest-rated international dating site. We’ve given it 4.4 out of 5, which is a really strong score. The site came out on top because its marketing is completely on point. It’s inclusive of everyone – whether you’re straight, bisexual, or gay. There are also loads of features to sink your teeth into. This includes Personality Traits. After you answer questions, you receive a personality trait result to put on your profile. This allows other singles to see if you’re compatible.

  • The website is so easy to use and is up to date.
  • Sign-up is quick and easy – you can pull information from your social media profiles.
  • Anyone can message, even free users.


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