6 Best Single Parent Dating Sites

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our choice for the best single dating site, we recommend Match.com.

One of the most complex challenges for single parents is finding the time to date. With children to worry about, dating is often one thing too much. In addition, single parents who have been on their own for a while might also lose their confidence. While having children is one of the most amazing things, it can alter the mind and body, making it difficult for singles to share themselves with someone else.

Luckily, online dating sites take pressure away. Allowing single parents to date in their own home solves many time-related issues. It also means that parents don’t have to waste time getting dressed up and finding a babysitter to go out. Instead, they can get to know like-minded people at their own pace, who have accepted they have children beforehand. They can then go on to meet singles with whom they have a genuine connection.

The 6 best single parent dating sites and apps

  1. EliteSingles
  2. Match.com
  3. eHarmony
  4. SilverSingles
  5. Zoosk
  6. OurTime

1. EliteSingles

sing parent dating dads

About EliteSingles: With over 13 million singles using the platform, Elite Singles is committed to finding its members’ long-term happiness. 85% of members are highly educated, and 155,000 new singles join each month. The website team conducts daily quality checks to ensure members enjoy a safe experience with real people.

EliteSingles is a good app for single parents: Elite Singles finds single parents’ matches by analyzing their personalities. From this, they can match people who fit into each other’s life. For example, elite Singles can help find the right singles for those looking for a partner with children. Or, if long-distance is preferred, the search filters allow members to filter by location. Please read our review of EliteSingles.

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2. Match.com

About Match: Match has helped millions of people meet their partners. The dating platform focuses on finding its members profound love and someone you can share your life with. 91% have attended college or university when it comes to the members. Around 21 million active members worldwide, making it a trendy choice.

Match.com is a top single-parent dating site: Match understands how important it is to meet the right people when you have children. However, they also know that single-parent dating can come with many dating goals that can be hard to fulfill. So Match identifies critical factors that match single parents up with people looking for the same thing when someone sets up their profile. There’s also a chatbot. While it’s not a chat room, it helps members overcome their shyness. Please read our review of Match.com.

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3. eHarmony

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About eHarmony: With over 60 million members, eHarmony is one of the biggest dating websites. It uses a scientific approach when it comes to dating. The site also champions quality over quantity to find singles matches that mean something. Loads of people love it, so it’s never short on members.

Why eHarmony is a top single parent dating site: Firstly, eHarmony utilizes a relationship questionnaire, covering all the core values that single parents are looking for in a match. Twenty-nine dimensions are covered, from family goals and kindness to adaptability. But for single parents, eHarmony also offers its Guided Communication system, allowing single mums and dads to break the ice and build their confidence. In addition, it’s completely secure, allowing single parents to exchange messages without revealing personal details. Please read our review of eHarmony.

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4. SilverSingles

About SilverSingles: SilverSingles offers a fresh take on over 50s dating. Many are looking for love, but some are looking for friendship. The site provides a straightforward dating experience for singles in their golden years. It’s trendy – 500,000 sign up weekly, while 80% have a university degree.

SilverSingles is one of the best single-parent dating sites: All members take a personality test when signing up to SilverSingles. From this, it uses the results to match singles with compatible people. For example, many singles in their 50s have grown-up children. So while they may not have the same time constraints as parents to younger kids, family is likely to be necessary. Members can specify whether they deem this trait significant in a match. Please read our review of SilverSingles.

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5. Zoosk

best single parent dating apps

Zoosk: What was once a modest Facebook app has become a global dating site. It’s a free app and integrates with Facebook and email platforms to simplify the sign-up process. In addition, members can purchase coins to take advantage of the features on offer.

Zoosk is one of the best single parent dating apps: Zoosk is unique in that it watches its members’ actions to determine their behavior. From this, they create matches. This process begins a better chance of dating success for single parents searching for like-minded people. Please read our review of Zoosk.

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6. OurTime

About OurTime: Ourtime is another over 50s dating site. It’s for people who want to meet new people who share their interests and outlook. It’s a reasonably new website compared to other dating platforms, but 180,000 members use it at least once a month. The average age of users is between 55 and 70.

OurTIme is best for single parent dating: Profiles are visible to over 50s members of Ourtime’s general dating services using the same platform, meaning that the profiles of single parents have every chance of success with minimum effort required. Please read our review of OurTime.

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Best Single Parent Dating Sites FAQ

How are single-parent dating sites different from regular dating sites?

While single-parent dating sites are often the same as regular dating sites, you can use them differently. For example, a dating profile is a perfect place to let other singles know that you have children to consider. Many sites utilize dating questionnaires that analyze personalities, which create matches. While signing up for a dating site, you can specify that you have children and are looking for someone who is okay with that.

What are the benefits of joining a single-parent dating site?

1. Meet like-minded singles with similar interests

Finding someone who fits into your lifestyle is essential as a single parent. That’s why dating sites are excellent at offering the chance to meet like-minded people. You can read the profile information of other members to find out more. Then if you like what you see, messaging is easy. Dating sites cut out the time and effort to find a match offline.

2. Connect with other single parents

At the very least, dating platforms allow single parents the chance to have a chat with other parents. They can share experiences, offer advice, and make new friends. And if they’re local, you might even be able to go to activities and groups together.

3. Find a meaningful or casual connection.

Whether you’re looking to date or find new friends, connections are easy to find on dating sites. Of course, not all conversations lead to romance, but some can create solid friendships. In addition, some single parents are looking for fun, so dating platforms fulfill all needs.

Who’s on single-parent dating sites?

You’ll typically find single parents ready to start dating again, including men and women with more than one child. They might also have stepchildren they’re still in contact with. A single parent’s dating history might be complicated – there’s probably an ex. But ultimately, they love their children and need to find a match who fits in with their lifestyle. Single parents might be picky daters as they want to find the right person to introduce their children to.

What factors to look for when choosing the best single parent dating site?

1. Quality and range of membership base

Single parents are undoubtedly looking for the right person to share their life with. And when their children are involved, they can’t introduce just anyone to them. Therefore, dating platforms with a quality membership base are more likely to achieve better results.

2. Privacy and security

Privacy and security are two significant factors, especially if you’re talking about your children through the messaging service. So choosing a site that puts safety as a priority is wise. Also, look for features such as anonymous browsing or sake usernames. These keep your details safe if you just want to take a look first.

3. Extra features

Some extra features can enhance a dating site experience. Others are just for fun. As a busy single parent, you probably won’t have much time to spare. Please consider whether there are any features you might like to use and find a website that incorporates them. Features could include a chat room, games, or a mobile app.

4. Price

Price is always important. Very few dating sites are free, but some are cheaper than others. Also, some ask you to purchase coins to unlock features, helping to spread the cost. Signing up for longer also gives you access to cheaper membership options. All of these factors are worth thinking about when you make your choice.

When is the right time to date a single mom?

The simple answer is: on her terms. When a single mum is ready, she will enter the dating world to find someone special. You can’t rush her – she needs to move at her own pace. She’ll be fiercely protective of her children and always put them first. So if she rejects you, don’t be offended. She’s independent and confident and knows what she wants.

Which single-parent dating sites are completely free?

Unfortunately, none of the sites on our list is free. However, Zoosk comes the closest. It’s marketed as a free app, and while it’s free to join and use, members must purchase credits to use some of the features. So, if you’re looking for a free site, this is the best app.

What are some single-parent dating tips?

Many single parents will be overwhelmed at the prospect of dating again. But it should be fun, not stressful. Following these top tips is a great way to get yourself back out there and find someone you like.

1. Find an online dating site.

Online dating sites are today a single person’s go-to. Whether you’re looking for a fling or something serious, there are different dating platforms to suit. The best thing is to date from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to get glammed up or make an effort, but you can just be yourself.

2. Spend time on your profile

The more you put into your dating profile, the more you get out. So make sure you add plenty of pictures and create your profile as detailed as possible. Of course, you don’t want to give everything away at once. But adding enough information to clarify what you’re looking for will help.

Keep things upbeat. Talk about what you’re looking forward to, rather than the bad experiences you’ve had in the past. While you can go into greater detail through messaging, it’s good to keep some things close to your chest until you gain someone’s trust.

Don’t ever apologize for having children. You don’t have to put details up about them, but making it clear you have them will help everyone know where you’re at in life.

3. Block out the negativity

If you’re getting back out into the dating scene after a period away, there will be people who offer you unwanted advice. Ignore them. Everyone will have their opinion, but it’s best not to listen. Married friends won’t understand your position. Single friends may want you to remain single. It’s a minefield, so trust your gut and do what you want.

4. Don’t rush

Looking for love should be fun – it’s not a race. Rushing won’t get you the desired results, so take your time. Putting pressure on yourself can lead you to make wrong decisions. Even if you don’t find someone you connect with straight away, you’ll get there eventually. Wait until something feels right before you make a move.

What are some challenges that single parents face when dating?

1. The ‘parent’ part and responsibility of childcare

Single parents are not the only part of the dating equation – they have their children to think about, which can make dating tricky to organize, especially if the child is young and requires childcare. In addition, live-in nannies are not feasible for many single parents. As a result, managing dates around your already busy schedule can put many people off.

2. Time management is a challenge.

While most people lead busy lives, single parents are perhaps even more active than most. Finding time to date alongside the school run, after-school activities, and appointments can be near-on impossible. While these are all undoubtedly essential, it’s still important to remember to make time for yourself. Though, this is easier said than done. Other single parents will likely understand the predicament. Singles without children may not. Either way, making your position clear is a good idea.

3. Navigating life with an ex-husband or wife

Whether you get on with your ex, they are likely to be part of your life, which can be tricky to navigate, mainly if you don’t get on. Unfortunately, some exes may feel jealous and make life difficult. And sharing children only adds another layer of difficulty. The connection you share will always be there, making it tricky to date properly.

If you can negotiate with your ex on having your child on the nights you’re planning to go on dates, your life will be much easier. Stick to specific days and let potential suitors know when you’re free so you can develop a routine.

4. Feeling less after having children.

Becoming a parent can make some mums and dads feel like they’re less of a person – like they’re on the shelf. Children can be physically and mentally draining, taking a real toll on the mind and body. So before you put yourself out there by going on dates, start to practice self-care. Loving yourself is the best way to move forward with someone else.

It’s also important to remember that not all men want super skinny women, and not all women want men with a six-pack. Most are looking for someone with lots of love to give. And being a single parent, you’ll have plenty of that.

What are the benefits of dating a single mom or dad?

1. They don’t play games.

Single parents are more likely to take the dating game seriously. Therefore, they won’t have time for mind games or ‘the chase.’ Instead, they are far more interested in looking for a long-term partner they genuinely care about. If a single parent is going to introduce someone new to their children, it has to be someone who has earned their love and respect.

2. They’re independent

A single parent is strong and independent. They’ve had to be to raise a child alone. They won’t use you for your money. They also won’t become too needy. And they’ll be confident throughout your relationship, meaning you won’t have to worry about their loyalties.

3. They will appreciate you.

If a single parent chooses to enter into a relationship with you, they do so because they like you. They don’t have time to waste. And they will appreciate everything you do for them because they’ve had to be the caregiver for so long. It’s the small gestures that go a long way. They don’t expect expensive things but appreciate the little things you do.

4. They can cook

Being a parent forces you to provide for your family. And that includes the kitchen. Cooking up a tasty, nutritious meal from nothing is every single parent’s top skill, which means you’ll also enjoy these culinary delights. In addition, if you both cook together, you can build a connection and learn something new.

5. They won’t lead you on.

If a single parent connects with you, they will ultimately want to introduce you to their children later. They’re in the relationship for the long haul, so there’ll be no games or funny business. Single parents don’t have time to mess around. Their time is precious, so they see a future with you if they choose to meet up with you. And you’ll soon know if you’re a good fit for each other or not, so you won’t have to guess a thing second.

6. You will see what kind of parents they are

If you’re looking to have kids, you can first-hand see how they are as a parent, seeing if they match your parental values and how you see yourself. Most couples don’t have this insight, and, more often than not, the relationship fails once both become parents and realize they don’t align on the parenthood front.

7. They’re more mature

A single parent is more ready to settle down. Becoming a parent ages you. It makes you realize that going out clubbing and getting drunk on the weekend is no longer something they aspire to do, meaning you don’t have to worry about them going out and cheating on you. A single parent will gain unique insights about the world after having a child, and their mindset will change, making them more mature.

8. They can handle challenges.

Having a child brings all sorts of challenges. A single parent has seen them all. And they’ve no doubt dealt with them, too. This problem-solving mentality will carry through to your relationship. But, no matter what gets thrown your way, having a child allows the person to find solutions quickly and effectively.

9. They won’t judge you.

A single parent is likely to understand whatever you’ve gone through in your life. They’ve probably been judged for their decisions. So they certainly wouldn’t want to make you feel the way they’ve been made to. They understand the challenges you’ve had to face and can empathize. Don’t be worried about being your authentic self around a single parent – they’re ready to see the real you.

10. They know what they want and what they don’t want.

A single parent has dealt with enough in their past to know what they like and don’t. They will let you know if you don’t fit in a single parent’s lifestyle. They understand your time is precious and wouldn’t want to waste it. But if they do proceed with the relationship, it’s good news. They’ve seen something attractive in you and want to see where it will lead.

What are the pros and cons of single-parent dating sites?

Pros of Single Parent Dating Sites

  • Take the time and stress out of dating
  • Speak to suitors before you agree to meet, saving you effort
  • Learn about their likes and dislikes beforehand
  • Connect with other parents

X Cons of Single Parent Dating Sites

  • You’ll need to talk to lots of people before you find someone nice
  • Spend time setting up your profile
  • Get lots of messages from people you don’t like
  • Be turned down because you are a parent

My recommendation

SilverSingles scored very highly, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5. While impressive, this site only caters to the over 50s. It’s best for older parents ready to find love or companionship.

However, our overall winner and the best dating site for single parents to find a serious relationship is Match.com. It’s also the best dating site for single fathers and mothers looking to ease into dating gently because Match does the hard work in sending daily matches. And as one of the most popular platforms, there are loads of members to choose from.

Other things we like:

  • The famous Match nights, where people can meet face to face
  • A reasonably priced subscription package
  • Loads of features to be entertained by


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