Best Sugar Dating Sites in 2022

If you’re in a rush and want to know our top choice for a sugar dating site, we recommend Seeking Arrangement.

How do sugar dating sites work? Sugar dating sites offer two parties the chance to enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. This usually involves a wealthy man and a woman who enjoys the finer things in life. It can be the other way round too though, where the woman is rich and successful.

What’s unique about a sugar dating site is that romance isn’t usually involved. Instead, attractive women get lavished with gifts while providing men with fun and adventure – without the strings.

In this article we will review the following best sugar dating sites:

What are the best sugar dating sites?

Seeking Arrangementtop choice

About Seeking Arrangement: Seeking Arrangement is for the wealthy and attractive. Anyone can join, whether you’re a sugar daddy, sugar momma, or sugar baby.

The point of the website is to find you something with no strings attached. No time wasting is allowed. Everyone needs to manage expectations to keep each other happy.

Why Seeking Arrangement is a good UK site for sugar dating: Seeking Arrangement allows you to define what you want in a relationship. It’s also inclusive of sugar mommas. This means rich women can have a bit of fun, too.

The great thing about the dating site is that everyone knows the score when you sign up. This isn’t about love – it’s about finding an arrangement that suits.

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About RichMeetBeautiful: RichMeetBeautiful is a dating website for wealthy people based in Europe. It’s designed for rich men and women looking to date young, attractive singles.

30% of the database is made up of men, while 70% are women. The women tend to be young – men are older and very rich, and are looking to date young.

Why RichMeetBeautiful is a good app for sugar dating: RichMeetBeautiful is one of the highest rated millionaire dating websites in the world.

If you’re a man looking for a hot female to be seen with, there are so many members to choose from. The website uses state-of-the-art algorithms that only show you profiles that are a good match.

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About SugarDaddie: SugarDaddie is one of the most established sugar daddy dating sites in the world.

It aims to match wealthy men with beautiful women who are looking to enjoy the finer things in life. SugarDaddie uses a premium website to show off its high-quality credentials.

Why SugarDaddie is a good app for sugar dating: One of the best things about SugarDaddie is that young men use the site just as much as older sugar daddies.

This is good news for women using the site who don’t want to be associated with men much older than they are. claims that every single one of its members is genuine. This makes it a safe community.

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How are sugar dating sites different from normal dating sites?

Sugar dating sites help men and women find what they’re looking for. Most members aren’t looking for anything romantic.

They know what they want, so sugar dating sites offer a safe platform to find the right people.

It’s normal to find large age gaps in between two people too. Matchmaking algorithms don’t work based on love.

Instead, they match people up based on what’s on their wishlist. Some ‘couples’ don’t even have much in common, but they can offer each other what they need.

What are the benefits of joining a sugar dating site?

Benefits for the sugar baby

A sugar baby is an attractive younger woman (or man) who is looking for an older, wealthy person to support their luxury lifestyle.

The benefit of joining a sugar dating site is that they receive gifts and money from their older partner. They might also have their education, rent or hobbies paid for.

All they have to do in return is provide girlfriend duties when asked. This kind of setup allows a sugar baby to achieve their goals far quicker than they would alone.

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Benefits for the sugar daddy or momma

A sugar dating website allows a sugar daddy or momma the chance to date on their own terms. They’re often looking for companionship, which can be either sexual or platonic.

More often than not though, they’re looking for someone to fulfill their emotional needs. Sugar daddies and mommas are not often limited by finances.

This means that when it comes to their partner, they have the pick of the bunch. Generally speaking, the richer they are, the more successful they will be on the site.

Who’s on sugar dating sites?

On a sugar daddy website, you’ll generally find a mix of sugar daddies, sugar mommas, and sugar babies. All are looking for a mutual agreement that will suit them financially, emotionally, and sometimes sexually.

Sugar babies tend to make up the majority of the membership base (around 70%). The rich and successful members, therefore, get the pick of the bunch.

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What factors to look for when deciding on a sugar dating site?

Privacy and security

One of the most important things to look for when starting your sugar dating journey is whether your chosen website is safe.

There is the potential for members who say they’re rich and successful but are actually not. It’s a really good idea to find a site that verifies its members.

There are even sites that ask members to prove their income matches up to their claims. This is a good feature as it means they’re genuinely financially secure.

As with all sites though, keeping yourself safe does need a level of vigilance. Always follow the stay-safe steps. Have a read through any guidance available online and follow the tips.

Extra features

All websites have something different to offer. Many have the basic membership package but with a subscription, you can get access to a range of features that enhance your online experience. Extra features can be fun time-wasters.

They can also help you find the right person. Whether you use them or not is completely up to you. It’s worth checking before you commit to one whether any catch your eye as they might prove useful.

Quality of membership base

If you’re a sugar baby, you will want to find sugar daddies and mommas that are genuinely rich and successful.

Many dating sites claim to have athletes and celebrities on their books, but is this true? For sugar daddies and mommas, you will want sugar babies that are attractive but offer some emotional connection too. It’s not easy finding the right person.

Choosing a site that verifies its members is a good first step. Do your research by reading up on our individual reviews and visit each site to see if they offer a free trial. This is a good way to try before you buy.


Because of the quality of members (with many people rich and successful), the membership cost is usually quite expensive.

If you are a sugar daddy or momma, this might not matter too much to you. If you’re a sugar baby, it’s worth working out whether it’s worth your money.

It’s important to remember too that there is lots of competition for the limited amount of sugar daddies and mommas on the site.

Around 70% of members on average are sugar babies. This means you will need to find the site that works for you best and guarantees you success.

Is having a sugar daddy safe?

As long as an agreement is set out in advance and all communication is carried out on a sugar site, sugar dating can be perfectly safe.

Like any other site, you need to be careful. If you meet someone from a dating site, make sure you tell someone where you are. Take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe.

What does it mean to be a sugar baby?

Being a sugar baby means you have goals and certain standards. Finding a sugar daddy or momma helps you to meet them. A sugar baby is generally young, attractive, and glamorous.

They’re looking for someone to pay for their lavish lifestyle and offer expensive gifts. In return, they need to offer their daddy or momma whatever they’re looking for – as agreed before the relationship begins.

What does a sugar daddy or momma do?

Being rich and successful, a sugar daddy or momma is expected to pay for their sugar baby’s lifestyle. They buy them gifts and generally keep their partner financially secure.

In return, they receive companionship, an emotional connection, and maybe even sex. They might even want to show their sugar baby off at glamorous events.

What to tell a sugar daddy you’re looking for?

It’s best, to be honest here. If you want a new car, tell your sugar daddy. If you want your education paid for, be upfront about how much.

While expectations need to be managed, if your first sugar daddy can’t meet your demands, you’re free to find someone else.

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How much should I ask my sugar daddy for?

Before you approach this subject, get to know your sugar daddy first. They might be offended if you bring this subject up too soon. But remember not all arrangements are the same.

This means it’s up to you to figure out how much you’re looking for to find someone who can meet your expectations.

How much should a sugar daddy pay weekly?

According to Seeking Arrangement, the average sugar daddy is 45 years old and earns a salary of £176,000.

While this might be the case, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ allowance. Instead, you will need to find a figure that works for both you and your sugar daddy.

This might involve a bit of compromise. Go into the discussion with realistic expectations.

What is the difference between normal relationships and sugar relationships?

A normal relationship is about love and commitment. A sugar relationship is all about a mutual agreement. Sex doesn’t even have to come into it.

In fact, a sugar relationship can thrive on emotional fulfillment. If a sugar daddy or momma is lonely and needs a friend, a sugar baby can be someone to talk to.

The important thing about a sugar relationship is that an agreement is set before anything even happens. A normal relationship, it develops naturally based on genuine feelings.

What are some challenges of having a sugar relationship?


Arrangements are targeted toward younger, lower-income audiences and put them in situations where the natural end game is a variety of forms of manipulation and sexual exploitation.

Sugar dating sites are pitched as fun and carefree. They offer no strings attached arrangements to suit everyone’s terms.

But the truth can be a little more ugly. Instead, more allegations of sexual assault and harassment are coming to light. This seems to be as members take advantage of the young girls they’re looking to date.

The problem is, where financial arrangements are in place, it’s too easy to manipulate the situation. Many sugar babies find it hard to stop contact because they are so reliant on the money that is coming in.

While the public views them as ‘gold diggers’, many are vulnerable young women. Unfortunately, this damning public perception means that the real dangers these women face are ignored.

Any relationship predicated on the exchange of money or material provision for sexual intercourse creates a dangerous power imbalance and is not a relationship at all.

Sugaring can be likened to prostitution. The person who owns the money holds a significant amount of power over their sugar baby, whose only real job is to feed the demand of the rich and powerful.

This is exploitative. Unfortunately, sugar dating sites are marketed as empowering. This lures vulnerable girls who are looking for some quick cash. You have to be so careful when using these sites.

The arrangement isn’t always straightforward

Different sugar dating sites set out different arrangements, but none are very clear. After all, ‘mutually beneficial’ can mean a variety of things.

This means that later on down the line, sugar babies can be manipulated to do more than they’ve signed up to.

Our best piece of advice is to set out your arrangement very clearly from the start. Know your boundaries, and make sure your sugar daddy or momma knows them too.

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What are the benefits of having a sugar relationship

Men get the companionship of a young, vibrant woman who is ok with the fact that this relationship might not end in marriage

Relationships often fail when people want different things. There’s also cheating to worry about. A sugar relationship has none of that because all parties are on the same page.

There are no expectations for the agreement to go anywhere serious. And most sugar babies aren’t interested in marriage either. They just want to be kept. This works out well for everyone involved.

When it comes to the sugar daddy – who are often older – they can relive their youth with a vibrant woman who has plenty of energy.

The financial benefits

Being in a sugar relationship is not just about money. It’s about unlocking a better lifestyle. Sugar daddies have the means to treat a sugar baby to whatever they want.

They can discover the best restaurants, wear the finest clothes, drink the most expensive champagnes and enjoy regular holidays. And not to mention regular gifts.

Monogamy is not required from either side

Many sugar relationships come with the agreement that no sex or romance is required. In fact, many sugar daddies, mommas, and babies indulge in other relationships at the same time.

This is usually set out before the arrangement starts. This should prevent meaning jealousy or the expectation for anything more.

It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement

With a sugar relationship, everyone wins. The sugar baby gets everything they could possibly want.

The sugar daddy or momma gets companionship or sexual gratification. The result is an arrangement that works for all parties and is clearly set out from the start.

What are the pros and cons of sugar dating sites?

Pros of Sugar Dating Sites

  • Find a no strings attached relationship that gives you exactly what you want
  • Enjoy companionship or company
  • Find someone you have plenty in common with
  • Enjoy a relationship that doesn’t have to go anywhere

X Cons of Casual Dating Sites

  • You could feel used
  • The expectations could change if you don’t set out what you’re willing to offer from the start
  • It can be dangerous if you don’t protect yourself. You must be able to keep yourself safe

My recommendation

Generally, all sugar dating sites we reviewed scored highly. However, the one that came out on top was Seeking Arrangement.

One of the great things is that time-wasting isn’t allowed. This allows all members to manage their expectations and set out clearly what they’re looking for. The website is clean, simple and so easy to use.

Other things we like:

  • It’s reasonably priced compared to other sugar dating sites
  • There’s plenty of choice for the men on the site
  • Income has to be verified, making it legit


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