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BlackPeopleMeet Review

BlackPeopleMeet Review

BlackPeopleMeet.com is a niche dating website designed to connect black singles who are looking for friendship or something more serious.

The site is for African Americans, but anyone can join and be part of the community. The design makes it a safe way to meet and match, and safety is a priority.

Want to learn more about this dating site? Please find our full BlackPeopleMeet review below.

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Member Structure

95% of users are African-American, but there is a diverse community of ethnic members and races on BlackPeopleMeet.

  • Members: The site is based in the US and Canada. Most members come from these two countries. Nine hundred thousand of BlackPeopleMeet members are from the US.
  • Member activity:  30,000 members are active weekly. The site gets 4.5 million visits worldwide and 4.3 million from the US monthly.
  • Gender ratio: 55% Male and 45% Female

How does BlackPeopleMeet work?

Once signed up, you get sent 11 featured matches every day. But aside from your matches, you’re free to browse through members as you choose. In addition, you can contact whoever you like the look of (with a paid membership), play games, and use the features to help you find like-minded singles.

BlackPeopleMeet.com sign-up process

How to join BlackPeopleMeet? It’s easy to sign up. You enter a few basic details and create a username and password. You’ll then have the chance to add some words about yourself that all users can see. You can then upload up to 30 photos or import them from Facebook.

Ease of use

You’ll find the site easy to use once you’ve navigated around the site a few times. Of course, you have to browse through profiles using the filters, but it’s an intuitive website.

BlackPeopleMeet chat and messages

You can only message with a membership, but you can send flirts and use the chat feature once you have signed up. You’ll also use ConnectMe, which allows you to call members without giving out your phone number. There are pre-loaded questions that you can ask other members, too. If you have a free membership, you can use flirts to let singles know you’re interested.

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Profile quality on BlackPeopleMeet.com

Profiles are generally very detailed. You can customize them with in-depth answers and information about your likes and dislikes, and you can add up to 30 photos to give a feel for who you are and what you’re about.

Many members leave their profiles blank, though, as filling in all the details is not mandatory – which is a shame.

BlackPeopleMeet app for Android and iPhone

The app is free to download, and you can connect with black singles near you today. BlackPeopleMeet.com has built one of the largest communities of African-American singles looking for love, relationships, dates, and hookups.

The app is free to:

  • View profiles with photos and profile info
  • Are You Interested, where you can swipe to meet black singles
  • Keep track of who’s looking at your online profile
  • View and also rate your Daily Matches

With a subscription, you can unlock even more online features:

  • Send and receive emails
  • See who is interested in you
  • Know when your message has been read
  • Highlight your profile in Search & Inbox

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BlackPeopleMeet reviews

[su_quote] Don’t look for perfection. When I first saw my husband on BPM, it wasn’t love at first sight. But we exchanged “picture likes,” talking on the phone, and then we met. He turned out to be the sweetest man I have ever met. We will be married in 11 days, and I am so happy. If I could have sat down and written exactly what I wanted, I could not have done better than what God had done. Thank you, God, and BPM![/su_quote]
From sitejammer.com

Key features on BlackPeopleMeet.com

I’m interested. A game that users can play. You’ll receive basic information and an image from a user, and you can swipe left or right based on whether you’re interested in them.

Who do you like? This is another fun game in which you’re presented with two different users and can choose which one you like best. If you don’t like either, skip and see new singles.

Astrology report. You can view an Astrology Compatibility Report for any user to see how you match up based on what the stars say.

Special features

You can buy tokens to access premium features like the following:

Virtual gifts. You can use your tokens to purchase and send virtual gifts to the people you like, like flowers or a toy.

ProfilePro. This professional writing service can help you create your profile.

PromoteMe. You can send yourself to the top of the searches with this feature.

ConnectMe. If you’d like to call a potential match, BlackPeopleMeet will provide you with a disposable phone number so you can keep yours a secret.

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Is BlackPeopleMeet safe?

On their homepage, BlackPeopleMeet immediately gives handy hints to keep yourself safe if you’re meeting people offline. They also have a page dedicated to safe-dating tips, which holds a wealth of information on keeping yourself protected online – including how to keep your details secure.

You can also report any suspicious profiles to their team. However, BlackPeopleMeet does not attempt to screen or verify profiles, so you must be careful when talking to online users and follow their tips to keep yourself safe.

How much does BlackPeopleMeet cost?

What are the prices for membership? There are only two membership tiers on BlackPeopleMeet, and if you want to sign up for a paid membership, you can test the free trial first. After that, pricing starts at $16.75 per month and can be more affordable if you purchase a long-term plan instead of a monthly one.

All memberships are paid in one lump sum. Your profile is also automatically set to renew once your subscription ends to prevent any future service rises and stop any interruption to your profile. You can remove auto-renewal from your account through the account settings.

Subscription offers the following additional features:

  • You can read and send messages to other users.
  • You can view who’s added you as a favorite profile.
  • See who’s liked your profile.
  • You can view videos.
  • Use the chatroom.

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Discounts, offers, and coupon codes

By doing a Google search, we found 45% off a six-month membership and a sale on their 1-month and three-month plans, so it does pay to look online before you sign up.

Is BlackPeopleMeet free to use? Is there a free trial?

Are there free trials available? Anyone can sign up for a free profile, which is basic but an excellent way to see if you like the site first.

There are also offers for a 7-day free trial now and then, where you can try all the features for free to see if you want to commit to a membership. You’ll get a notification when this becomes available.

Pros and Cons

Pros of BlackPeopleMeet

  •  It’s a safe and secure dating site that creates a fantastic community for African Americans to meet each other. The ConnectMe feature is a significant plus point.
  • Loads of features allow you to customize your profile and create a fun online experience.

X Cons of BlackPeopleMeet

  • If you want the whole experience, the extra features are a bit pricey, and it’s easy to get sucked into paying for them.
  • It has few members, so finding people by location can be tricky.

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Our Recommendation

Is BlackPeopleMeet a good dating site? We like BlackPeopleMeet a lot. It is a sleek website with loads of great features, and the makers have created a wonderful community for an underrepresented demographic to feel safe and comfortable.

Profiles are of good quality, and the safety of its members feels like it’s a priority.

The only downside is how expensive it can get. If you get sucked into buying tokens for the special features, it can feel like you’re paying too much. As a result, BlackPeopleMeet receives a 3.8 out of 5 from us.

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Join BlackPeopleMeet today

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What are Today’s Matches?

The site will select members they think you might connect with daily. Click on ‘Today’s Matches’ to see the profiles; you can review them individually. You can select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ depending on your opinion of each match. The app will keep a list of Matches you said ‘Yes’ to, and you can navigate the lists by clicking the links under ‘Today’s Matches’ on the left of the page.

How do I send a message to another member?

Click ‘Send Message’ from the member’s profile to send a personal email message. Please remember that you must be an active, upgraded member to send, read, or respond to emails.

If you would like to reply to a message you received:
1. Select your ‘Inbox’ tab
2. Select the ‘Needs Reply’ envelope icon on the right of the message you want to respond to
3. Write your message and then click ‘Send.’

What are My Match email messages?

My Match is an email that sends potential matches to your email inbox daily based on your search criteria.

If you are not receiving these emails, here is how to start getting them:
1. Select ‘Settings’ in the upper-right corner
2. Select ‘My Account’ from the drop-down menu
3. Next to ‘Email Alerts, ‘ select ‘Edit.’
4. Next to ‘My Match, ‘ select ‘On.’

What is an Echo? What are flirts?

An Echo is an alert when you and another member are interested in each other.

How do I find an Echo? Any flirts have the label ECHO!, which happens when you send a Flirt to someone, and they send one back to you. Messages are marked with ECHO! When someone you messaged replies for the first time.

For anyone logged into the site, the echoes appear as Onsite Notifications when a member responds to liking or commenting on their profile or if you Favor one another.

How do I update or delete my profile photos?

If you would like to update your photos, follow these steps:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper right-hand corner
2. Select ‘My Photos’ from the drop-down menu
3. Under the photo you want to remove, tap ‘Delete photo.’
4. You will see a confirmation asking if you want to delete it.

How do I remove my profile from the site and cancel my account?

If you would like to cancel your account, follow these steps:
1. Tap ‘Settings’ at the top right
2. Tap ‘My Account from the drop-down menu
3. Find ‘Account Status’ and select the ‘View Account Status’ link
4. On the next page, select the ‘More Account Status Changes’ link
5. Select the ‘Remove My Profile link
6. Answer the short question and confirm account cancellation

How do I update my BlackPeopleMeet profile?

If you would like to update your profile, it’s straightforward.

Here is how to update your profile:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper right-hand corner
2. Tap ‘My Profile from the drop-down
3. Select any fields you want to update and click ‘Edit.’
4. Make changes to your profile and then click ‘Save.’

How do I hide my profile?

If you would like to hide your profile, follow these steps:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper-right corner
2. Select ‘My Account from the drop-down menu
3. Under ‘Account Status,’ click ‘View Account Status.’
4. Click ‘More Account Status Changes.’
5. Click ‘Hide My Profile.’

When you hide your profile, you aren’t visible to anyone else or have access to the site features. If you want to unhide your profile, log into your account, and it will prompt you to unhide it. Please remember that if you are a paid member, the automatic renewal will continue while your profile is hidden unless you switch it off.

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How do I block a member from contacting me?

Click the ‘Block’ icon on every member’s profile to block someone from contacting you.

If you want to unblock someone, follow these steps:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper right-hand corner of the screen
2. Select ‘My Account from the drop-down menu
3. Next to Preferences, tap ‘edit.’
4. Under ‘Blocked Users, ‘ click to check the box next to the name of the member you want to unblock
5. Select ‘Unblock Checked.’

What are the premium features available to me?

If you want to get some more attention, the following premium features are available:

  • Highlighted Profile: This will highlight your profile in bright yellow when your profile appears in Search Results, ‘Who Fave’d Me?’ and ‘Who Viewed Me?’
  • Highlighted Messages: This will highlight all the messages you send in bright yellow, including Flirt messages
  • Message Read Confirmation: This will allow you to see when another member has read a message you sent them.

To enjoy these premium features, you must have an upgraded account.

How to subscribe, join or upgrade your account?

If you would like to upgrade your account, follow these steps:
1. Select the ‘Inbox’ button on the main menu
2. Choose the Subscription plan you would like
3. Select your payment method. Keep in mind the following are accepted: Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, Others for Mailed Payments, and PayPal (not bought on all sites)
4. Finally, follow the steps to complete your Upgrade with your chosen payment method.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

If you try to sign in to your account after canceling, the app will ask if you would like to reactivate, giving you access to the free member benefits and not charging your account.

If you want to upgrade to a paid subscription, follow these steps:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner
2. Tap ‘My Account from the drop-down menu
3. Click’ View Account Status’ in the ‘Account Status’ section.
4. Select ‘Upgrade Now’ to view package options

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How can I put my account on hold or suspend my subscription?

There is no option to suspend your membership. However, you can hide your profile if you want a break.

You can do this by:
1. Select your ‘Settings’ in the upper right corner of the screen.
2. Select ‘My Account from the drop-down menu.
3. Under Account Status, select ‘View Account Status.’
4. Select ‘More Account Status Changes.
5. Tap ‘Hide My Profile.’

How do I turn off automatic renewal or cancel my account?

All memberships paid by credit card will automatically renew until canceled, helping to protect you from future price increases and service fees associated with new purchases.

When you cancel your account, your account remains active with full member benefits until your subscription period.

To cancel your account:
1. Select ‘Settings’ in the upper-right corner
2. Select ‘My Account from the drop-down menu
3. Find ‘Account Status’ and then click the ‘View Account Status’ link
4. Select the ‘More Account Status Changes’ link
5. Select ‘Remove Automatic Renewal

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