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Catholic Match Review

Catholic Match Review

Catholic Match is the world’s largest Catholic dating site. It caters to faith-focused dating and is endorsed by Catholic leaders, some of whom have even found their spouses through the site. Catholic Match’s mission is to allow single Catholics to meet singles they never would otherwise for sacramental marriages.

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Catholic Match member structure

Typically, devout Catholics look for serious relationships that lead to marriage. Therefore, they take their faith very seriously and seek Catholicism as the foundation for their love match.

  • Members: There are 1.5 million members worldwide
  • Member activity: Members are pretty active, uploading 2,000 posts daily to the Catholic Match forums. The website also gets around 16,500 daily logins.
  • Gender proportion: 40% Male and 60% Female

How does CathlicMatch.com work?

After you’ve signed up and created a profile, you can search for your perfect Catholic match or browse through the suggestions Catholic Match sends you. Matches are sent based on your criteria, but you can message them once you’ve found someone suitable.

Catholic Match signup process.

Signing up for Catholic Match is quite a long and slow process because there are questions to get through, and Catholic Match asks for a lot of information. You can begin by signing up through Facebook or using your email address and unique password.

Each question takes up a whole page, so the process is straightforward. They ask about which Diocese you belong to, your marriage status, your height, and other questions about your appearance (including tattoos and piercings, which can be frowned upon, although you can choose not to give any information about this).

You then delve deeper into more questions about your religion – they expect you to be pretty honest about this. In fact, with signup, you’re asked about everything, including how you’d describe your diet and how close you are to your family. If this is too intrusive, you can choose ‘Get to know me first’ on every question.

Once you’ve signed up, you can take the temperament test to help match you up with like-minded people. You also need to finish the Match Portrait, enabling you to receive matches.

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Ease of use

While signing up is a bit of a chore, the website is quite a pleasure. It feels modern, with plenty of space to decide where to go next on the page.

One of the best things is that very few ads clutter your pages, so you can easily see which features are available and choose which ones to use.

Catholic Match forum, chat, and messages

While there is a Catholic Match forum, you can’t send messages to other members if you haven’t signed up for a premium membership. You can send Emotigrams, though.

If you’re a fully-fledged Catholic Match member, you can send messages to other premium members but only read messages sent after ten days.

Instead of the standard messaging service, you can set a range of interview questions for other people to answer. These will allow you to know your match better than small talk can.

How do you start a conversation on the Catholic Match dating site? To begin a discussion, go to the person’s complete profile. You can ‘Like’ the profile or send a message from here. The option to like the profile allows you to bookmark it for easy access later on or to express interest but don’t have time to send a message right now.

To send a message, select the speech bubble icon, and to like a profile, press the heart icon.

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Catholic Match profile quality

Because of the extensive signup questioning, profiles are generally complete with detailed information about the person behind them. For example, suppose they’ve taken the temperament test; then, even better. You’ll get to see their results and analyze the kind of person.

Photos come up in a large box. They’re super clear and easy to see – perfect if members have used a decent headshot of themselves.

Catholic Match mobile app

The Catholic Match app is relatively new and can be downloaded on Android and iOS.The desktop version allows you to do everything, including liking users and receiving mutual likes. Still, the app feels more like a social media site, so it could be a great option if used on Facebook and Instagram.

Catholic Match Reviews

“Since I am Catholic, I decided to see if there were any Catholic dating sites. After a little searching, I found Catholic Match. I chatted with a few guys; one of them was very interested. We lived in the same area and had similar backgrounds. We have now been together for 16 months. I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have ever been. He is my best friend and the love of my life! We are planning our future together, and I am super excited. Maybe I just got lucky, but Catholic Match led me to the healthiest relationship I have ever had.”

From dating-sites.bestreviews.net

Key features

Temperament Test. By taking this, you and other members can gain insight into your personality. It works because there are four fundamental personality types: sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic, and the test determines which one you are.

Interview Questions. Like ice-breakers, set 20 questions for your potential match to answer to learn more about them in detail.

Emotigrams. These are exclusive Catholic Match icons that you can use to send an ice-breaker before or instead of sending them a message.

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Is Catholic Match safe?

Catholic Match uses a clever security system that monitors the website to ensure no suspicious or fraudulent behavior. In addition, Catholic Match monitors profiles and suspends them if they believe they are not legitimate.

However, they advise you to be careful of your data; don’t reveal too much to anyone, however genuine they may seem.

How much does Catholic Match cost?

How much does Catholic Match cost? To get access to all features – including unlimited messaging and priority support -you can subscribe to Catholic Match for the following prices:

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Discount offers and promo codes

Catholic Match offers a unique promotional guarantee.If you make an honest effort with your account for the first six months of your subscription, they’ll give you another six months of membership to promote sincere Catholic marriage. This offer is only valid on a six-month subscription.

Catholic Match free trials

Like most other dating websites, signing up is free, and basic members can enjoy some limited features. However, signing up is the only way to guarantee full use of all the features. Basic membership is free and for an unlimited time.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Catholic Match

  • Catholic leaders endorse it, so the credentials are there.
  • It’s perfect if you seek marriage, as everyone has the same intentions.
  • You become part of a solid Catholic community with fun and exciting forums and a blog full of great information.

X Cons of Catholic Match

  • There’s no mobile app.
  • Signup is a bit long and tedious – you could quickly lose interest at this point.

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Our Recommendation

While the premise is apparent and focused, Catholic Match is the perfect dating site if faith is at the heart of everything you do. The site is focused heavily on respecting your religion and following the Catholic way of life, so it’s a solid community to be a part of if this is important to you.

While it doesn’t have many features, it’s excellent at finding meaningful matches – you must fill out the Match Portrait to give yourself the best chance. 4.5/5.

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How does matching work?

Catholic Match suggests matches by the Catholic Sacrament of Marriage to those who cannot marry. Before they show matches, they ask members to complete a Match Portrait questionnaire, which addresses personality, values, and outlook on life.

They evaluate these responses using a Likert scale and compare your responses with other members. Those deemed compatible are suggested to each other as matches.

How do messaging and chat work on the Catholic Match dating app?

If another member likes your profile or sends you a message, this notification will appear in your Message Inbox. You can also access your inbox by clicking Messages from your main menu.

Once in your inbox, likes will appear at the top, and you can open a conversation by clicking on it from the left column.

If you have a subscription, then you can read messages immediately. If you are a free member of Catholic Match, then you must first unlock the conversation to read the message, or you can subscribe to open the message instantly.

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How can I respond to a message?

To respond to a message, click the text box beneath the most recent message to begin typing. Emojies like smiley face icons can be selected within the text box. If you are a subscriber, you can press ‘Send’ to send a message. Free members are prompted to subscribe first before sending a message.

How can I edit my profile on Catholic Match?

Visit your profile page and select ‘Edit Profile’ found at the top to edit your profile. Next, choose the section of your profile you would like to edit.

These sections include:
Photos: the photos that will appear on your profile and in the search results when you talk to other members

Short Answers: you can include responses in the Introduction, Ideal Match, Faith, Favourite Saints/ Titles, Family/ Background, Education, Music, Occupation, Travels, and Living Preference

Multiple Choice: includes each section of your profile where you answered in multiple-choice format
– Favourite Things: includes topics like activities, foods, faith, media, music, sports, and travel,

Profile Status: this allows you to temporarily deactivate your Catholic Match account if you would like to. The active status will enable you to use all areas of the site, and an inactive status prevents your use of your account and others’ ability to view your profile until you resume active status.

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How long does it take for new content to appear in profiles after adding it?

When you update your profile, your changes will appear immediately. The only exception is if your account has previously been flagged for inappropriate content or offsite contact information.

They would need to review the new content if your account was flagged. A content reviewer will check it before appearing for other members. Content reviewers will check all new content on Catholic Match within 24 hours.

How secure is the Catholic Match forum and app?

Catholic Match treats your details with the highest level of security. The information provided is SSL-encrypted, the most trusted and secure encryption technology. In addition, you will find a lock in the URL, which indicates the connection is secure.

You will also see the small lock icon in the URL throughout the payment process, which appears when you use a secure website.

The Catholic Match team checks every profile entry and photo before uploading to a profile. They also have a trained security team that keeps Catholic Match safe and secure for all members.

How does Catholic Match keep you safe?

The site is committed to making CathlicMatch a safe place to meet other Catholic singles.

They have a security system that runs 24/7 scans on all accounts for common traits and behaviors with scammers and others who join dating websites with malicious intentions. If they fail to pass these checkpoints, accounts with red flags are held for a staff review and removed.

While they take precautions to keep malicious users off the site, the security system can only keep you safe while on Catholic Match. For this reason, they ask you to keep your conversations on the safety of the Catholic Match website for at least a week before you exchange offsite contact information.

What’s the difference between a free and paid account?

The main difference between a free and paid account is communication. You can register for free and begin viewing other member profiles straight away. There is also no limit to the time you can use Catholic Match as a free member.

With free membership, you can:
– Post a profile
– Search for singles who meet your preferences
– View other singles’ profiles
– Like up to three profiles per day
– Participate in matching (for free to-marry members)
– See who has viewed your profile
– Read communication received from others

With a paid subscription, you get all features available with a free account, PLUS:
– Sending messages
– Posting privileges in the forums
– Discounted renewal rates (3-month, 6-month, and yearly subscribers)
– Priority customer support
– Discounts on Catholic Match products like the Online Dating Course
– Notifications when someone reads your messages
– Free six-month subscription if you don’t meet anyone (qualifying 6-month subscribers)

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How can I subscribe?

To subscribe, create a free account on Catholic Match if you don’t have one. Then, select the subscribe bar at the site’s top when logged into your account.

Next, select the preferred subscription length and follow the on-screen prompts to enter your payment method. Once all information has been entered, select ‘Place Order’ to submit your order and begin communicating with other single Catholics.

What payment methods are accepted?

Catholic Match accepts any credit or debit card using Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express. If you do not have a credit/debit card, you should purchase a prepaid card. Prepaid cards are available from most major retailers.

How does the Catholic Match Guarantee work?

If you reach the end of your six-month subscription and haven’t found a match, they will give you another six months to continue your search for free.

To qualify for a free six months at the end of your subscription, you must:
1. Have a complete and truthful profile with a photo and five other photos
2. Participate in the matching feature
3. Contact one person per week with whom you haven’t already communicated with
4. Be free to marry in the Catholic Church

If you do each of the above and are still looking for a match at the end of your six-month subscription, visit the ‘Guarantee Page’ within the last week of your subscription and select the green ‘Redeem Guarantee’ button.

What happens after my subscription expires

If you turn off your account’s automatic renewal feature, your subscription will expire at the end of its current term. When this happens, your profile will remain visible, and you can continue to sign in, read messages, and view profiles.

How can I get a refund?

Once the subscriber-only features have been used, Catholic Match cannot offer a refund. However, they are there to help you with any problems you experience on the site. In addition, you can contact the support team at [email protected] for any questions.

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