Collarspace Review

Collarspace Review

Collarspace is the largest BDSM community on the planet, offering a place for its users to experiment with the kinky side of sex. In addition, they can meet other like-minded people to experiment with.

Even though you must push boundaries, all members must respect them, and safety comes first.

It’s the perfect dating site to try if you want something new. Or maybe you are already in the BDSM scene and need to find new people to explore.

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Who’s on Collarspace? Regarding its membership base, 56% of Collarspace users are from the US, 16% are from the UK, and 5% are from Canada. Those using Collarspace are into BDSM and experimenting with sex.

  • Members: There are 1.6 million members worldwide. Around 900,000 of them are from the UK.
  • Member activity: The sites see around 15,000 logins each day.
  • Gender proportion: 30% of women and 70% of men

How does Collarspace work?

Whether you’re submissive or a dominatrix, gay or straight, or a couple or a single person, Collarspace offers a platform to explore all BDSM offers.

There are photos of people who are open about the realms of sex they wish to explore. You can start chatting and plan to meet with people individually or at one of Collarspace’s many events.

You can see the Collarspace discussion on Reddit to see what people say.

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Sign-up process on the Collarspace BDSM website

How can you join Signing up is a pretty simple process. You’re not asked too many questions but only the most important ones. It does take a little while, though, due to the number of sections to answer.

After inputting your username and email address, you must choose from a list of answers that best describe your BDSM preferences, sexuality, and what you want. You can then upload a photo and write your profile text (minimum 150 characters).

After creating your account, you can choose more information about your likes and dislikes. Finally, all profiles must be reviewed, usually around 24-48 hours.



Ease of use on

The website looks seriously old, making the user experience clunky and generally not fun. There are so many different tabs to click on, and it’s challenging to know what you’re selecting without clicking each one first.

There is also a lack of photos, which doesn’t make life easy when navigating the site. Overall, Collarspace needs an update.

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Chat, messages, and notifications

Once they verify your profile, you can start sending messages to any member for free. There’s standard chat, and there’s a chat room too. Or, if you want to join in with a public conversation, there’s a message board you can join. You’ll often find debates and exciting discussions.

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Profile quality on

Again, with such a clunky user experience, profile quality leaves much to be desired.

You do get to see a little bit of information. But there’s not enough compared to the number of questions you answer during sign-up. Profile pictures are large and easy to see but can often be blurry or graphic.

Collarspace app and mobile site

Is there a Collarspace app? Unfortunately, there’s currently no Collarspace app available to download.

Real-life reviews for


The community is free to use, so you’ll have to deal with many bullsh*t that premium sites cut out. If it were my choice, I’d opt for one of the best hook-up apps versus the Collarspace community. But unfortunately, it doesn’t meet my requirements, even though it’s a global community.


Key features for Collarspace BDSM app

  • Admirers. These are people who add you to their favorites list.
  • Events. Public events are posted on the site for members to check out.
  • Resources. This section of Collarspace is to help you understand the definitions associated with BDSM, Q&As, safety advice, and etiquette.

Is the Collarspace BDSM website safe?

While profiles need to be verified, and safety is a prominent feature, it is still straightforward to create a fake profile. There is a stolen photo section on the site where you can verify a stolen photo by holding up a piece of paper with the words “STOLEN PHOTOS” written on it.

It must show your face but once verified, Collarspace will remove it. There are also plenty of support pages on the site with tips and hints on keeping yourself safe.

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How much does Collarspace cost?

What are the prices for membership? As the site is free to use, no fees or additional costs are available.

Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Again, no discounts or promo codes are available because the site is free to use on everything.

Free trials

No free trials are needed! As the site is free to use, you can use the entire site without needing a trial or an upgraded membership.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Collarspace

  • It’s completely free to use!
  • There are plenty of resources available for you to learn more about BDSM.

X Cons of Elite Collarspace

  • The website design is pretty terrible.
  • There aren’t that many fun photos to enjoy.
  • There’s no app for dating on the go.

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Our recommendation

It’s always a huge plus point when a dating site is free to use. And if BDSM is your ‘thing,’ then it’s the perfect place to start. But otherwise, it’s an outdated website with poor profile quality and difficult-to-use navigation. It’s not worth your time unless you have to go for the free option.

There are a couple of features to enjoy, but other BDSM sites offer much more and are worth a try.

It’s a shame, as Collarspace was probably right up there with other dating websites once upon a time. But they haven’t moved on with technology and the times. 1.5/5.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

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Who owns Collarspace?

Bayshore Software Technologies Inc. in California owns the Collarspace website.

What happened to CollarMe?

CollarME is the original domain of Collarspace. However, after a falling out between the creators, CollarMe was shut down and renamed Collarspace.

How can I change my username on Collarspace?

You cannot change your username once you create one.

How can I delete someone from my Favourites list?

To delete someone from your Favourites list, select the ‘Favourites’ button on the left of the homepage, and your ‘Favourites’ list will appear below.

Click on the blue ‘X’ found next to the username you want to remove, and they will delete them from your list.

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How can I change my password on Collarspace?

Select the ‘My Account’ button on the main menu to change your password. Then, enter and confirm your new password on the My Account page. Next, change your email address, enter the verification string and select the ‘Save Changes’ button.

What are admirers of Collarsapce?

Admirers are other users who have added you to their favorites lists by clicking on their ‘Add User to Favourites’ button.

When you add another user to your favorites list, you appear on their admirers’ list. However, you will not see users you have blocked on your admirers’ list.

What’s the difference between favorites and friends?

Favorites are like bookmarks. They are the profiles you like and would like to keep track of for the future.

Friends have agreed publicly to associate with you by appearing on your full profile page.

What does ‘Profile not found’ mean?

If you cannot see another member’s profile, their profile doesn’t exist, or the owner blocked you.

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How safe is Collarspace?

Collarspace is committed to creating a safe environment. Therefore, it doesn’t share your information with third parties. It’s best not to share private information or photos on your profile since they are available for public viewing. It’s also a good idea not to end money to a stranger you meet on Collarspace.

How to unblock someone on Collarspace?

Unfortunately, you are unable to unblock it. So if you decide to block someone, be careful as you cannot reverse it.

How do I contact Collarspace for support?

You can find the support tab on the main menu of the site. Here you can contact the Collarspace team for help and support.

Is Collarspace fake?

No, Collarspace is a legit website for those who enjoy practicing BDSM.

What to do if someone has stolen my photos?

If someone has stolen your photos, you can use the ‘Report Stolen’ photos page to get stolen photos removed.

How can I report another user on Collarspace for violating the terms of service?

You can use the report button below the person’s profile, journal entry, or email messages.

Using the reporting system is an excellent way to let the Collarspace team know that another user violates their terms of service.

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How to hide another user, so I don’t see their profile on the homepage?

TO hide another user, selecting the ‘hide’ button below their profile on the homepage will stop them from being visible to you. In addition, you can control the user’s visibility from their full profile page. TO hide or unhide another user from the Full Profile page, check or uncheck the Hidden’ checkbox and select ‘Save Changes.’

Once you’ve hidden a user, you will no longer see them in search results unless you specifically search for their username. You can access a list of all users you have hidden on the lower left-hand side of the homepage. Click the button titled ‘Hidden Users.’

The hide feature does not hide your profile from appearing in other users’ searches. If you don’t want your profile to be visible to other users, you can ‘Deactivate’ it from the profile editor page. When your profile is deactivated, it will not be visible to other users until you reactivate it.

What can I do if another user is harassing me?

If someone is sending you unwanted messages or harassing you, you can use the block feature to prevent them from contacting you.

To block this user, click on the ‘Block Sender’ button towards the bottom of the ‘Read Mail’ page when viewing the message from the user. If you need further help, contact the Collarspace support team.

How can I delete my Collarspace account?

You can delete your account by selecting the button labeled ‘My Account,’ which you can find on the main menu. Then, click the page and click ‘Close Account’ in the upper right corner.

Does Collarspace offer a premium membership?

Premium membership isn’t required as the website is free to use.

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