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Starting in 2003, Illicit Encounters is a dating website that connects married or attached people with like-minded others. All users have one main thing in common – they seek romance outside of their current relationship, whether for a casual hook up now and then or something a bit more serious. 

With more than 1 million members and only available in the UK and Northern Ireland, the membership continues to increase, and it is considered the UK’s biggest extramarital dating website. You’ll find no judgment with Illicit Encounters or any pressure either. It’s a safe place for married people to meet.

Interestingly, at the bottom of their page, Illicit Encounters advises that an affair isn’t an alternative to working on or ending a marriage. Instead, the site is for people serious about having a little bit of fun alongside their relationship. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then keep reading to find our full Illicit Encounters reviews below.

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Is Illicit Encounters Worth It? Our Recommendation Upfront

If you’re in a loveless relationship, want to spice up your love life, or are genuinely looking for some no-strings-attached extramarital fun, then Illicit Encounters might be worth your time.

It entirely specializes in keeping your identity anonymous, safe, and secure. So you can meet other people in the same boat as you, and not worry about getting caught,

The website is a bit basic in its appearance. But it makes up for it in features meaning there’s enough on Illicit Encounters to keep you entertained.

There are plenty of users online at one time, and everyone knows the score. So if you don’t want to mess around with explaining your situation on a standard dating website, then give Illicit Encounters a try. 3.5/5.

Overall Illicit Encounters Rating

Illicit Encounters Pros and Cons

Pros of Illicit Encounters

  • All your details will be kept safe and secure, and your bank account statement will have no trace of Illicit Encounters’ name anywhere.
  • It’s a sincere and open environment where members are generally on the same page regarding extramarital affairs.
  • Women can send and read messages for free.
  • You can send virtual gifts for a minimal amount of credits.
  • There are advanced search filters available.

X Cons of Illicit Encounters

  • It’s expensive compared to other sites of this sort.
  • Sending messages is a premium feature for men.
  • There are no singles on the site.
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Illicit Encounters Review Table of Contents

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Fast Facts About Illicit Encounters

  • Site Name: Illicit Encounters (
  • Paid or Free: Both options available, limited capabilities with free membership
  • AverageSignupp Time: 5 to 10 minutes
  • Paid Membership Pricing: Starting at £16.67 per week
  • Unique Facts and Figures About the Illicit Encounters Website:
    • Members are married people who want casual affairs alongside their marriage or relationship.
    • The site’s only available in the UK and Ireland, meaning members are in these two countries.
    • Around 1,065,099 members are using Illicit Encounters in the UK.
    • Over 1000 members are online every day.
    • There are no single members on the Illicit Encounters dating site
    • Members are mostly within the 30-55 age range

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Illicit Encounters App

The Illicit Encounters mobile app is free to all Gold and Gold Plus members. It is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Symbian phones.

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The Editor’s Review

amy-editor-photo“You can guess from the name that Illicit Encounters is not a typical dating site, and it’s not for everyone. It’s aimed at a particular market. However, it could be a good option if you are married, separated, divorced, or widowed and are looking for an affair.

No one can deny the popularity of the site and the fact that their services seem to be in demand. The site does an excellent job of allowing you to seek a discreet extramarital relationship worth your money if this is what you’re seeking. I like the openness of the platform and its members about what they want.

When testing the site, I found that it is a reliable and discreet dating service with quality features. The platform helps protect your privacy and security and avoid being caught by your partners. The site is fast and easy to use, profiles are informative and protect your privacy, and there is no auto-billing.

The downsides to the platform are that it is expensive, has a relatively small user base, and is no good if you aren’t in the UK. However, with the high membership price, the site helps guarantee that profiles are genuine, offering a quality experience from the website.

Affairs have been around long before they created this site, and if you’re going to do it, you might as well do it properly and try the Illicit Encounters free membership. With everything it offers its members, it’s clear why Illicit Encounters remains the UK’s most popular extramarital dating site.”

– Amy Pritchett, Chief Editor at

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Real Life Review

Find some real-life Illicit Encounters reviews below.

Here is a review from
“I’ve been in an unhappy marriage for a few years. I needed a connection with another man to deal with my frustrations. I met one guy the first night I joined; I was naive and too open and got played after a one-night stand. I learned a lot of lessons from that; I didn’t let it put me off and went back onto IE and got chatting to a few more guys.

I’m now involved with a very hot sexy guy and could not have wished for a better outcome! It is easy to chat and connect with like-minded men, knowing you are on the same page from the start. We all know exactly why we are there! It has made me very happy, and my self-esteem has been restored. We live in a modern world, and this is the perfect way to cope with a disappointing marriage where children are involved. I have found what’s missing from my marriage elsewhere, and it is the best sex ever! Tips use a separate email address for message notifications and hotel bookings. Access it through google, not an app that keeps you logged in. So have fun, ladies, but stay safe!”

Here is a review from TrustPilot:
“I joined the site a few years ago and didn’t expect a lot; however, after time. I started to meet some good and excellent women. It isn’t your usual dating site; people can be shy and appear offish but remember they might be new and a little wary of trying to message when at home, which is not always easy; trust me, I know!

I decided to take my time and have fun chats; if people don’t reply straight away, they often do later, provided you make an effort with a simple message that makes them laugh and feel you have made an effort.

Now I met about ten ladies off the site – there was no chemistry with a couple, but we still had a friendly chat, but the others wow, wow! I try not to meet too local if they know my partner and I know them! I meet 3 or 4 regularly, which suits them and me often at hotels or occasionally at each other’s if our partners are out and risk it!

The site has reinvigorated my outlook on love and sex, and I have met some extraordinary, stunning ladies in my life who now give me everything I was missing. You need to be friendly, kind, witty, sexy, and patient!”

And another review of Illicit Encounters from TrustPilot:
“I’ve been on IE for a few years now, have met two lovely men I’ve had affairs with. I’ve also made a few friends as; well, while not being sexually attracted to each other, it’s always nice to be able to chat with those who understand the purpose and reason you would be on a platform like IE. As with anything, I would also add that a few people on there are a complete waste of time, but that’s always going to be the case. I have always found the people behind IE to be courteous and fast reacting.”

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Are there any good, quality matches on the site?

The membership base on Illicit Encounters includes individuals who are married, divorced, separated, or widowed. These are the only status options available when you register on their website – no singles are allowed to join.

By keeping singles off the platform, the site ensures that everyone who joins is looking for the same thing. These are all people looking for short-term encounters or casual affairs. No one is using the site to find a serious relationship.

If you are looking for an affair, then the quality of the matches is high. The bonus is that the site creates a concentrated dating pool of people. Everyone is in the same situation, looking for an affair outside of their relationship.

Keep in mind not everyone on this platform is looking for a sexual partner. Instead, they are often looking for a companion that might offer something missing from their existing relationship, such as respect, understanding, or even appreciation.

Illicit Encounters helps you find others looking for the same through the signup process and questionnaire. The Matchfinder tool automatically notifies you when a new member that matches your criteria joins the site.

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How does Illicit Encounters work?

First things first – single members cannot join Illicit Encounters. The site brings married, separated, or divorced people together safely and securely. The site offers a platform where married people can meet and plan to have affairs with each other.
And most importantly of all, it’s private. Illicit Encounters will send you matches based on your preferences. Or you can go ahead and discover and make contact with people yourself.

The site appearance is slightly basic, making Illicit Encounters pretty easy. The main menu allows for easy access across the site. Everything is clear to make it obvious where you need to click.

Signing up doesn’t take too long – around 5 to 10 minutes. First, you need to enter details about your gender, the gender you’re looking for, and the country you’re living in.

The next step is to add your username, password, email address, and marital status. You have 5 to choose from; married, living together, separated, divorced, or widowed. You also need to confirm that you are at least 21 years old as you can join if you’re younger.

The final step is creating your profile and filling out details about your interests, appearance, and what you’re looking for. There’s also the option to describe your ideal partner if you’d like to fill this section out (you can choose not to).

Members are not required to upload a profile photo, so it can often be difficult to discern genuine profiles. Also, many members choose to keep their images private. So you can’t see more unless they permit you. However, fakes and scammers avoid Illicit Encounters because messaging is a premium feature, and the membership cost isn’t cheap.

Good news if you’re a woman. You can send messages for free because Gold membership is part of your subscription. Men will, unfortunately, need to upgrade and pay for Gold membership to send and receive messages.

Instead of standard messages, you can also send virtual kisses or gifts to try and break the ice. You can also head to the search page to find other members for yourself. Here you can filter by location, age, and gender.

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Are there any great features?

Matchfinder. Illicit Encounters will show you matches that have met the criteria you want.

Private photos. You can set your photos to ‘private’ to require a password to view them. The member who uploaded the private photos creates the password.

Letters to Sara. You can send letters if you have any concerns about the website, just like a forum to which other members can add comments.

Holiday mode. You can suspend your profile for up to three weeks if you’re going away or need a break.

Invisible Mode. Hide your profile from appearing on the search results.

Gifts. You can send virtual gifts to other members, which may require credits.

Auto-responders is a Gold Plus membership feature that allows you to send automated responses to members that message you.

Prepared responses. This feature allows you to save templates of answers from replying in one click.

IE polls and results. This feature displays current active votes and results that Illicit Encounters facilitate.

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Tell me about customer support.

Illicit Encounters have a help desk from 9 am to 10 pm every day (7 days a week). Contact the team with any questions, queries, or concerns you have, and they will try to get back to you within 12 hours. Although, most emails will be responded to within one to two hours.

They manually read all emails, profiles, and profiles, maintaining a high standard for the site. As a result, there may be delays in responding to profiles and emails. Although as the site says, this can take up to 24 hours. However, it is usually dealt with within one to two hours.

You can contact the help desk at [email protected]

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How Much Does Illicit Encounters Cost?

While the free membership on Illicit Encounters is an excellent place to start, you will get a much easier and more practical experience with the paid-for services because you will be able to send and read messages. With the free trial, you limit your experience on the platform.

There are two main membership types you can upgrade to Gold and Gold Plus. Women get full Gold membership for free. But, men must upgrade to either Gold or Gold Plus to read and send messages.

In addition to the ability to send messages, the premium membership allows you to enjoy added security. For example, you can hide your profile from the ‘Who’s Online feature or hide your account from the searches with Invisible Mode.

With the paid membership, you can also use pre-prepared auto-response messages and receive Live Alerts when someone is interested in you.

The most significant benefit of a paid membership on Illicit Encounters is it gives you an extra armor of anonymity. If you’re after security and privacy, then the paid service is well worth the money.

We think it makes sense to subscribe to the Gold Plus package for the most extended term possible to keep costs down. You can enjoy a Gold Plus subscription for £2.38 a day which is £16.67 a week. The shorter subscriptions are more expensive, particularly for long-term members. You might also want to think about if you need to buy credits or not.

Illicit Encounters Membership Costs

Subscription Length / Credits Weekly Price Total Monthly Price
Gold Membership 4 weeks£35.00 per week£139.99 total
Gold Plus Membership 4 weeks£42.50 per week£169.99 total
Gold Plus Membership 12 weeks£16.67 per week£199.99 total
IE Credits 3,000 credits£.01 per credit£19.99 total
IE Credits 20,000 Credits£.01 per credit£49.99 total

Gold Membership on Illicit Encounters

With t:

  • Read messages from other members.
  • Send messages to other members.
  • Hide your profile from being seen by others online.

Gold Plus Membership on Illicit Encounters

With the Gold Plus Membership, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Holiday Mode – suspend your profile for up to 3 weeks.
  • Invisible Mode – hide your profile from searches.
  • Auto-responders – create responses that automatically send when you receive a message.
  • Prepared Responses – create prepared responses to send to other members.
  • Custom Panic Button.
  • Live Alert when your favorites come online (not on smartphones or tablets).
  • Live Alert when your message has been read (not on smartphones or tablets).
  • Live Alert when someone is reading your profile (not on smartphones or tablets).
  • Live Alert when a new match joins the site (not on smartphones or tablets).

Credits on Illicit Encounters
You can also purchase credits to send virtual gifts. This costs:

You can upgrade to a membership with the site’s secure and discreet billing system. However, there is no auto-billing, so you will be reverted as a free member once your membership lapses unless you decide to upgrade.

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Illicit Encounters Payment Methods

The ‘Upgrade’ link found on the site allows you to make secure payments by credit or debit card. The following card payments are accepted: Visa, American Express, Delta, MasterCard, and Visa Electron.

If you require assistance with payments or would like to pay over the phone, you can call 020 7729 6098.

Those who would like to pay by cheque, cash, or postal order made out to ‘Online Tech Support Ltd..’ You will need to send this to the following address: Online Tech Support Ltd., 81E Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3AG. You should include your profile number, login, and email address so that this can be processed; it usually takes three to five working days for the payment to process.

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Does Illicit Encounters have a free trial?

It’s completely free to register, and without a membership, you can still create your profile, upload photos, search for profiles and send a virtual kiss.

While you can’t send messages with an Illicit Encounters free trial, you can receive messages. In addition, some sure virtual gifts and kisses don’t cost anything to send, and as a free member, you have access to these.

While the free membership on Illicit Encounters is a good place for starting your affair, you will get a much easier and more practical experience with the paid-for services. We think the most crucial feature you will get with membership is the ability to send and read messages, making it much easier for you to connect and communicate with other members.

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Is Illicit Encounters Safe?

Illicit Encounters takes all its users’ anonymity, security, and privacy very seriously. All profiles must go through an approval process before they can use them, helping to minimize the potential for scammers or fake profiles.

If you’re married, you probably won’t want to be seen. As a result, the dating site offers a personal details guarantee, which promises to keep your details perfectly safe if you follow their steps.

They also encrypt card data and hold no payment details on their servers to ensure they can’t share them. All messages and email addresses are encrypted too. So if a data breach does occur, it will be completely unreadable. And Illicit Encounters will never ask for your real name, so don’t share it with anyone.

For even more security, the platform offers a password creator, helping ensure that yours is solid and difficult to hack. They will never ask for your real name, and the site even recommends you create a separate email account so that all your communication is discrete.

If you decide to upgrade your membership, they also use ‘MC ONLINE TECH SERVICES’ on your bank statement, which assures discretion. You won’t get caught out by anyone who has access to your bank information.

Illicit Encounters strictly enforces their ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Policy. The site is also closely monitored by the site administrators.

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Is Illicit Encounters Legit?

Yes, Illicit Encounters is a legit dating site for men and women seeking confidential extramarital affairs. The dating site is not a scam. Overall, Illicit Encounters provides a reliable, secure, discreet dating service. The team tries to deliver on its promise by continually monitoring and minimizing the number of fake accounts.

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Illicit Encounters FAQ table of contents

What Is Illicit Encounters?

Illicit Encounters is a dating site for married people who are interested in the idea of having an affair.

Which Countries Are Illicit Encounters Available?

This dating site is available in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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Who Can Join Illicit Encounters?

People that are married, widowed, divorced, separated, or living with a partner can join Illicit Encounters.

How Can I Send A Message On Illicit Encounters UK?

Send a message to any member on the site by selecting the ‘Send Message’ button, which you can find on their profile. If you’re a woman, then messaging is free. If you’re a man, this is a paid feature.

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I Just Sent Someone A Virtual Kiss. So Why Did It Include A Message I Didn’t Write?

When you send someone on the site a virtual gift, the default message will consist of your ‘About Me’ paragraph.

Can I Retrieve My Illicit Encounters Profile If I Delete It?

Unfortunately, you are unable to recover a deleted profile.

How Do I Upload A Photo In Illicit Encounters?

To upload a photo, go to the ‘My Photos’ tab, which you can find in the main menu.

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What Happens After I Complete My Profile?

If you just completed your profile, it will enter a moderation queue for one of the Illicit Encounters teams to review. Once approved, the updates will appear on your profile for everyone to see.

They try to approve profiles as soon as possible, and they approve most profiles within an hour.

How Can I Block Someone From Messaging Me?

If another member is being abusive or harassing you, you can block any profile on Illicit Encounters. Simply click the ‘Block User’ button, which you can find at the bottom of any member profile.

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I Think Someone Is A Scammer. How Do I Report Them?

Report a profile in Illicit Encounters by selecting the ‘Report this profile’ button, which you can find at the bottom of that particular member’s profile.

Do Illicit Encounters Have A Premium Membership?

Yes, there are two tiers of membership available: Gold and Gold Plus. When you join as a member, you benefit from added features like sending messages. In addition, women can send messages for free.

Is The Premium Membership On Illicit Encounters Auto-Renewed?

No, the membership in Illicit Encounters does not auto-renew. Therefore, if you would like to extend your membership, this will need to be done manually.

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Can I Cancel My Premium Membership Whenever I Want?

Yes, you can cancel your Illicit Encounters membership whenever you want and can use the paid features until the day your membership expires.

How Can I Delete My Illicit Encounters Account?

If you would like to cancel your account, contact Illicit Encounters customer support to help you.

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Can I Temporarily Deactivate My Illicit Encounters Account?

Yes, but the temporary deactivation of your profile is a Gold Plus feature (so you must have a Gold Plus membership to do this).

What Is Their Refund Policy?

If you feel that Illicit Encounters cannot provide you with the services as described on the site, they will consider a refund of your subscription.

To request a refund, write an email to [email protected] within seven days of purchase and state your reason for requesting a refund. If you already have benefited and used the services, a full refund may not be possible.

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How Do Payments Show Up On My Bank Statements?

Illicit Encounters use their utmost discretion, as payment information shows on your bank statement as ‘MC ONLINE TECH INSTSERVICES.’ No details are stored.


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