6 Best Interracial Dating Sites

If you’re in a hurry and want to know our top choice for the best interracial dating site, we recommend OkCupid.com.

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, but love will come your way if you have an open heart and mind.

Nearly 1 in 10 people in England and Wales are in inter-ethnic relationships. With this type of relationship on the rise, it’s crucial that singles are catered for.

If you’re looking for an interracial relationship, we’ve got some of the best dating sites and apps to discover.

The 6 best interracial dating sites

  1. OkCupid
  2. Match.com
  3. BlackPeopleMeet
  4. AfroIntroductions
  5. Elite Singles
  6. eHarmony

What are the best interracial dating sites?

1. OkCupid.com

About OkCupid.com: OkCupid is an internationally operating dating, friendship, and social networking website. It features multiple-choice questions to match members.

Why OkCupid is an excellent app for interracial dating: OkCupid has recently focused on diversity, inclusivity, and modern dating trends, making it the perfect place for interracial couples to connect. It also pushes for lasting connections through non-traditional questions and math. Please read our review of OkCupid.

2. Match.com

About Match.com: With over 1.6 million successful couples, Match.com is one of the leading dating sites for cross-culture couples. It boasts a vast dating pool for you to cast your net. It offers singles with different dating backgrounds to meet, communicate and find love. As a result, their singles nights are some of the best in the industry. They provide a safe and comfortable environment to take the plunge and meet face to face.

Why Match.com is an excellent app for interracial dating: There are so many singles to communicate with on Match.com, meaning there’s more significant potential to find someone you can connect with. Profiles are also detailed, making getting to know a person easier before diving in with a message. Please read our review of Match.com.

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3. BlackPeopleMeet

About BlackPeopleMeet: BlackPeopleMeet is for black singles and those who want to date them. African Americans comprise most of the membership base (95%), but everyone is welcome to be part of the community.

BlackPeopleMeet is excellent for interracial dating: BlackPeopleMeet’s ethos is “the grass is not greener on the other side. The grass is green where it’s watered.” fully encouraging its members to look for love outside their race. The community they’ve created is one of acceptance, understanding, and friendship, so it’s the perfect site to join if this is what’s important to you. Please read our review of BlackPeopleMeet.

4. AfroIntroductions

AfroIntroductions: AfroIntroductions is the largest African dating site, with over 2.5 million members. However, it’s not just aimed at black singles but also at singles who respect them. It’s straightforward to get started with too. You sign up, describe your perfect partner, then start chatting to the people you like.

AfroIntroductions is a great interracial dating site: AfroIntroductions has created a wonderful community where everyone can communicate in peace and find romance. There’s also a dating app that you can use, meaning you can date where you can date anywhere in the world. Please read our review of AfroIntroductions.

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5. Elite Singles

About Elite Singles: According to Elite Singles, it can be tough to find supportive platforms encouraging long-term commitment. To tackle this, they cater to men and women who desire more from love, allowing you to find meaningful interracial connections while steering clear of the seedier mixed-raced platforms.

Elite Singles is a great interracial dating site: Elite Singles creates deeply compatible interracial connections by taking users’ personalities, lifestyle needs, and relationship goals into account, enabling them to suggest matches they think will last. They also promise no bad dates and pointless swiping, so it’s the dating site for long-lasting love. Please read our review of EliteSingles.

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6. eHarmony

About eHarmony: eHarmony is committed to finding its members interracial love that lasts  — whatever your race or color. As their membership base is so ethnically diverse, there’s a good chance you’ll meet your match — or at least make friends with other singles you meet.

Why eHarmony is a great interracial dating site: Using their patented Compatibility Matching System®, hegemony narrows the field of interracial singles to match you with compatible singles, which gives you a better chance to find long-lasting love. They also have loads of tips on finding interracial love on their website, which you can read at leisure. Please read our review of eHarmony.

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Best Interracial Dating Sites FAQ

How do interracial dating sites work?

interracial couple dating website uk

Interracial dating sites aren’t that different from any other dating site. However, their uniqueness is that they make an excellent platform for meeting black people, Asians, or anyone from a different culture.

And they don’t just cater to the culture they’re targeting, but the people who want to date them, making an interracial dating site wholly inclusive and diverse. When finding mixed-race singles, you can use the search filters to discover your perfect match.

You can search for someone who meets your ideal preferences, including height, weight, location, and race. Afterward, send a message to the people you like the look of to see if you have a connection.

What are the benefits of an interracial relationship?

1. It’s nice to be different.

Who cares what society thinks? Interracial couples are still a bit of a rarity —only 7% of relationships in England and Wales and mixed race. So why not lead the pack by showing others that race and culture don’t matter when it comes to dating? Love is the driving force here.

As long as you respect and appreciate one another, you already have the solid foundations to build a great relationship, which will also help you question the ‘norm’ regarding dating.

2. Learn more about a different culture

Sometimes taking yourself away from the bubble of your own culture can be liberating. Not only can you learn a new language. You can also travel to each other’s home countries and try a food you’ve never eaten before. And the best thing is you can do it together as a team. These new experiences can also strengthen your connection to your significant other while allowing you to see more of the world.

3. Learn more about your own culture

As well as learning about your partner’s culture, you can discover more about yourself by sharing your experiences and background. While getting to know each other, you might show them your favorite films or the songs you listened to while growing up.

There are bound to be some signature dishes your parents and grandparents made you when you were young. Revisiting these essential parts of your life can help you build a stronger connection to your own culture while learning about your partner.

4. Become more assertive in what you believe in

Interracial dating can help open your eyes to a whole new world. But it can also help you understand your beliefs by seeing how other people live.

By discovering new cultures and backgrounds, there’s a massive opportunity for you to gain a sense of empathy and help you sympathize with and better understand the prejudice and intolerances faced by your partner and their race.

It can also help you get rid of old preconceptions you may have had, giving you a new outlook on life and strengthening your commitment to new ways of thinking.

Misconceptions of interracial relationships

1. It isn’t just black and white – it’s other races.

Interracial relationships tend to conjure up the image of a black person dating a white. But this isn’t the case. Mixed race relationships are wonderfully diverse, covering all races from every corner of the earth.

Whether the pairing is an Asian person dating a Mexican or an Indian man dating a Thai woman, society is becoming inclusive of all racial matches. Interracial couples don’t need to be gender-specific either. Gay or lesbian couples can enjoy racial ambiguity too. Loads of interracial dating sites cater to the LGBT community, opening up a new world of potential.

2. The blur between admiring and fetishing

When it comes to seeking a relationship with someone of a different race to you, it’s all too easy to see them as an object rather than a person. Fantasy is typical, but where do you draw the line?

The truth is, a black person isn’t defined by their color. Nor is an Asian quiet and submissive (even though this is what the stereotypes might have you believe).

Ensure you do it for the right reasons if you’re seeking an interracial relationship. Be respectful and get to know the person behind the profile first. You might be surprised by what you find — and you might realize that interracial dating isn’t your priority.

3. It’s not just about sex.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the saying: “Once you go black, you’ll never go back.” Whether this is true or not, it shouldn’t be your sole driver for seeking an interracial relationship. It can also be seen as fuelling the stereotype.

By putting sex first, you’re not giving yourself the chance to find out what makes the individual tick, meaning you could miss out on building a genuine connection with someone special.

Stereotypes aren’t always true, either. And everyone’s personality is unique — good or bad — and that means so much more than sex alone.

Love is blind despite the world’s attempt to give it eyes.

4. It doesn’t solve racism.

Despite your best intentions, racism won’t disappear just because you’ve started an interracial relationship. Don’t be disheartened, though.

Dating someone from a different culture and background can widen your mind and open your heart (as well as those around you). It can also make you more empathetic to your partner’s prejudices.

But there is still a long way to go when stamping out racism. Educating those around you about your experiences is a great way to help change perception now and into the future.

5. It’s not a big deal

You know what, it’s the 21st century; who cares who you’re dating? Relationships are about love and who you connect with, not about the color of someone’s skin.

You also can’t help who you fall for, so don’t be offended by what others say. You can’t go wrong if you respect and treat each other individually.

Others around you may not approve, but do their opinions matter? Try changing the perceptions of those that matter to you if you can. Otherwise, it’s worth considering whether it’s time to move on.

What are the challenges that interracial couples deal with?

1. Racist people and comments

As much as we’d love it to be, racism isn’t extinct. As a result, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some unwanted and unwarranted comments.

These comments might be truly racist, or they may be well-meaning, slightly inappropriate jokes. Either way, hearing them isn’t exactly pleasant.

If you experience this, stick strong with your partner and put on a united front. Honesty is the best policy too. Let your peers, family, and friends know how you feel to stop the negativity before it goes too far.

Love knows no race. Interracial couples are a symbol of beauty.

2. Disagreements on cultural differences

Disagreements are inevitable. However, a common problem interracial couples can face is disagreements about each other’s culture.

Sometimes beliefs might clash, or cultural habits developed from childhood may feel alien and annoying. Different religious beliefs may also come into play.

Whatever the issue, it is essential to talk through them to try a move forwards. Ultimately, your culture will be a big part of each other’s lives, so it’s essential to be as tolerant and understanding as possible. It may take time, but keep persevering.

3. Uncomfortable with disclosing the relationship

Depending on your family’s beliefs and culture, you may not feel comfortable coming clean about your relationship, which can cause friction within your relationship. You also may feel like you have to choose between your partner and your family.

This situation is never easy, but trusting your partner and building a solid relationship are great ways to move forward.

If you can, try to have an open discussion with all parties. Lay everything out on the table and try to work past the prejudices so you can be honest about your relationship moving forwards.

When you are dealing with humanity as a family there’s no question of integration or intermarriage. It’s just one human being marrying another human being or one human being living around and with another human being.

What factors to look for when deciding on an interracial dating site?

1. Membership base

The membership base is among the most important factors when choosing your interracial dating site. Many dating sites cater to different races, including black and Asian, Latina and Chinese. Deciding on which culture you’re interested in will help you choose.

It’s a great idea to think about the features on offer. For example, advanced search filters are good, allowing you to select your specific preferences to find your perfect match.

3. Price

While a few free dating sites are available, it’s rare to find a free interracial site because they’re considered a niche market. In addition, paying to be a member can also become expensive, so it’s worth thinking about whether online dating is the route that will work best for you. If you are serious about finding an interracial match, it’s good to invest in a site you like the sound of best. Most sites offer a choice of memberships anyway, meaning you can sign up for a few months to try it out first instead of committing.

4. Popularity

The popularity of an interracial dating site will ultimately mean there’s a larger dating pool for you to discover. More members also represent more chances of success. A popular dating site can often signify that it works well, has good features, and offers good value for money. If you can, read reviews from real-life users to try and get a feel for the pros and cons beforehand; a great way to get an unbiased view.

What are the pros and cons of interracial dating sites?

Pros of Interracial Dating Sites

  • Interracial dating sites tend to be updated and user-friendly.
  • They contain some of the best features of dating sites.
  • Great advanced search features are available.
  • Plenty of members for increased dating success.
  • Meet people of different cultures and backgrounds from the comfort of your own home without traveling.
  • You often find language translation features so you can chat with anyone, regardless of their language.

X Cons of Interracial Dating Sites

  • Interracial dating sites don’t tend to be cheap. You often have to subscribe to unlock the premium features too.
  • You might have to travel to meet your match, involving time, effort, and money.
  • There are sometimes too many members, which makes finding someone extraordinary difficult.

Our recommendation

There are lots of options when it comes to interracial dating, but we recommend OkCupid. Rated 4.4/5 by us, it’s an entirely inclusive dating site for all races — whether you’re gay or straight.

The membership base includes 12 different genders and 20 sexual orientations. And it’s not just a dating website but a place where you can get dating tips, hear stories and share your own.

There are loads of fun special features to sink your teeth into, including Match Questions, Personality Traits, and DoubleTake.

Finally, one of the best things about OkCupid is that anytime can send messages for free — even for Basic users.

Other things we like:

  • The website is clean, fun, and so simple to use.
  • It features an app for iPhone and Android.
  • You can sign up using your social media profile.
  • You can message people for free.

Try one of the best interracial dating sites today!

Now that you know more about the best interracial dating sites, it’s time to get out there and find the right person for you. Be sure to check out our dating site reviews to find out more.

I’m a black girl who dates white guys. It doesn’t mean I don’t like my own race. It means I am a black girl who doesn’t let race get in the way of my happiness.


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