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JDate is designed for Jewish dating. Whatever your religion within the Jewish community, it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people who share the same interests as you, while seeing their religion as a top priority. It’s also incredibly successful.

According to their website, in 2011 alone 52% of Jewish marriages that started online were created thanks to JDate. This makes them responsible for more Jewish marriages than all the other online dating sites put together. You can’t argue with those facts!

Take a look at some of the biggest features and benefits of JDate with our in-depth review below.

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Jdate member structure

Who’s on Jdate? The most active users on JDate are women aged between 35-49. They’re mostly looking for longer lasting, serious relationships.

David Yarus, whose company JSwipe was bought by JDate, believes that JDate users are older and set on finding “the one”. However, it’s becoming more and more popular with the 19-29 age group, too.

  • Members: There are over 1 million users worldwide. 750,000 are from the US and 20,000 are from the UK.
  • Member activity: 180,000 people visit the site every month and 2,000 are active weekly
  • Gender proportion: 46% Male and 54% Female

Age ratio

Not much is known about overall percentages, but 15% of users are age 60 or above.

How does Jdate UK work?

As dating sites go JDate is pretty simple; the main unique selling point is that it’s designed for Jewish dating. There are no real bells and whistles – you browse through members you like the look of and start a conversation from there.

JDate sends you matches too, which can be accessed through the navigation at the top of your profile. It’s well worth adding some detailed information to your profile during sign up so you can get good matches.

Sign up and how to join

Sign up is really simple and requires the following steps…
  1. Create your profile, adding your username and password.
  2. Upload at least one photo of yourself – this is required.
  3. Choose a JDate display name. You can either choose a new name for yourself or keep the name you originally chose on sign up.
  4. Add a few more details about yourself, like your height, religion, whether you want kids, for example.
  5. Choose some of your interests from a long list of choices.

Then voila – you’re ready to use the site.

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Ease of use

Using JDate is so simple – the navigation tells you where to go and what’s what, so it’s really intuitive. You can choose how you want to use the site, too – either browse through profiles or wait through matches to appear.

Making contact, chat and messages

Free members can only send a wink to show interest, but users with a membership can send and receive messages through their chat feature.

If you’ve signed up and have messaging+, you can send messages to free members. The messaging hub looks like a cross between emails and a messenger – it’s really easy to use.

Profile quality

All profiles have a photo as at least one is required on sign up, and they’re verified too.

There’s also the option to add plenty of information to your profile, but some members choose not to as you can skip most questions. There’s nothing really special or unique about profiles on JDate – they do the job and that’s about it.

Jdate mobile app for iPhone & Android

The JDate app is considered the leading Jewish dating app for single Jewish men and women looking to make a great connection with other Jewish singles.

The app is available on both iOS and Android. It’s pretty simple, which makes it easy to use, with all the information shown on one handy screen. You can also access the matchmaking feature with a simple tap.

The app’s profiles and personalisation features make it standout amongst other dating apps since it helps you connect with other like-minded members. There is also a suite of powerful communication tools that help you to meet more people and make deeper connections.

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JDate app features include:
  • Browse profiles of local Jewish singles and find other singles in your area
  • Find members that match your interests and personality
  • Send a “Flirt” to your crush
  • Upload photos quickly and easily from your phone or Facebook
  • Get more with a JDate subscription – as a subscriber you can get even more ways to make better connections such as messaging and enhanced privacy control


Key features of Jdate

Matchmaking. This is where you get your daily matches, which is based on the preferences you chose on sign up.

Send and Receive Messages. Connect and communicate with other Jewish singles right in the app using the messaging tools.

Messaging + TM. Send messages that can be read and replied by anyone on JDate, regardless of their membership status (Premium subscription required)

Messaging + Badge. Make your profile stand out to everyone and let them know that you can read and respond to their messages whether they have a paid subscription, or not! (Premium subscription required)

Enhanced Privacy Control. Browse anonymously, hide your status, and remove your profile from appearing in searches.

Read Receipts. See if your messages were read.

Share Photos. Send other members photos of yourself.

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Special features

Secret Admirer. If you like a profile, instead of messaging them and getting rejected, JDate will find out if they like you too. You can mark them with a heart, a wavy line if you’re unsure and need more time to decide, or a cross for no.

Kibitz Corner. This is a conversation starter where members answer a series of questions and see what answers others have given.

JDate Events. If you’re looking to meet someone offline, you can do so through JDate. It’s safe and relaxed, so no pressure.

JLife. Discover success stories and dating advice through their on-site magazine.

Is Jdate a safe dating site?

There are plenty of good online dating tips to browse through online, which is easy to access through the footer of the website. This gives the usual info, like never share your details online and always meet in public. JDate are also pretty hot on detecting and suspending fake accounts, so safety is a top priority.

How much does JDate cost per month?

What are the prices for membership?

Monthly memberships are available for the following prices:

Auto-renew is automatically turned on. To turn it off, go to your settings, find Manage Subscription and then click Stop Subscription. This won’t stop your current membership but will stop future billing.

Membership allows you to:
  • Send and receive messages, even to free members with Messaging+.
  • See when other people have read your messages.
  • Hide your status and profile from other people.
  • Browse anonymously.
  • Get access to all photos.
  • See who’s liked your profile and viewed you.

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Discounts, offers and promo codes

We found no discount codes available on the site, but always do a search to see if anything’s available online. The ones were found on Groupon didn’t work, but you never know!

Is JDate free?

Are there free trials for Jdate? Anyone can become a free member, which is great for trialling the site to see if you want to subscribe first. You can create a profile on JDate and the phone apps for free and it’s also free to flirt.

It’s very limited with what you can do, but you can browse through members to see if there’s anyone you like the look of before subscribing to contact them.

Pros and Cons

Pros of JDate

  • Serious dating is at the heart of JDate, so it’s great if you’re looking to settle down quickly.
  • Most people on the site are Jewish, so it’s really easy to find a Jewish partner.
  • The site is really easy to use with no confusing elements.

X Cons of JDate

  • Because Jewish dating can be a bit niche, there aren’t loads of members available to connect with if you’ve got your location settings set too specific. You might need to look further afield.
  • It’s not the most exciting site to use.

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My recommendation

There aren’t many sites that cater for Jewish dating, so JDate is a really important dating site for the Jewish community. There are no exciting bells and whistles to shout about, but it does the job. If you’re looking to find longer-lasting, serious love then it’s a great place to start.

JDate Events are a great place to take the plunge and meet people offline. It’s safe, secure and totally relaxed. There’s plenty of safety tips and dating advice through the site too, so when you sign up for membership it feels like you’re getting a good service.

You might find the website a little dull, and that’s because it is. The features also don’t really compare to other big dating sites like Match.com, for example, but when religion and love is more important to you, give JDate a chance. It gets a 3.6/5 from us.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

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What is LookBook and how does it work?

The LookBook Feature allows you to browse profiles one at a time, anonymously. You are shown profiles based on your Discovery Preferences. With the LookBook page you can view a member’s profile photo, display name, match percentage, age and essay.

You can make a selection on each profile with:
– a heart to indicate a like
– an X to indicate you would like to pass on the profile

When you select the heart, and that member has also liked your profile, you will get a notification of a mutual like. If you pass on someone in LookBook, they are not notified. Only a mutual like is notified.

How can I change my Discovery Preferences?

The profiles you are shown on your browse page and the matches you are sent are based on your Discovery Preferences. These can be managed through your search settings by selecting on your photo thumbnail or ☰ if you’re on your mobile phone and clicking ‘Discovery Preferences’.

You also have the option to select the toggle-icon in the ‘I’m seeking’ box on your ‘Browse’ tab. You can adjust filters by clicking or tapping on the drop-down menus and checking the boxes you would like. Preferences like age and height can be adjusted by sliding the circles along the slider bar.

It is recommended to start with broad preferences so that you get a good representation of the different members in your area. You can then narrow your preferences one at a time to filter down your matches.

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What is Messaging+?

This is a Premium subscription feature that allows you to communicate directly with any member in the Jdate community (whether they are a paid member or not).

With Messaging+ you can enjoy the following:
– Chat with any member on Jdate, regardless of subscription Status
– Send unlimited messages to other members
– Your Messaging+ status will be visible with badge designating this on your profile
– Read Receipt information on all emails sent

How do I know if a member has read my message?

All subscribers are able to see if another member has read their message. When viewing your messages with another member, look to see if there is text that says ‘READ’ found below the most recent message. This will appear in bright green.

How can I delete my profile?

To permanently delete your profile, follow these steps:

1. Select the thumbnail of your Profile Photo found in the upper right corner of your Profile Page
2. Click ‘Account Settings’
3. Select on ‘Profile Display Settings’
3. Select on the ‘Permanently Delete Profile’ button

If you are on your mobile phone, click on the three bars in the corner that take you to your account menu. Click on ‘Profile Display Settings’ and the click on ‘Permanently Delete Profile’.

How can I edit my profile page?

If you would like to edit the details on your profile that other members can see, click on your photo thumbnail found in the top right of any page when accessing the site from your computer. Select ‘My Profile’ and then ‘Edit Profile’.

If you are accessing the site from the app, click on the horizontal menu icon (☰), then click on your Display Name/ Profile Photo. Next, click on ‘Edit Profile’.

Keep in mind that any changes made to your profile are reviewed prior to posting. It should take about 48 hours for approval. You entry for profile approval will appear with green pending note until approved. If your updated entry is rejected, you will receive an email to your personal email with a note in red text to notify you.

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How long should I wait to share personal information with another member?

It is encouraged that you communicate with other members on JDate’s communication tools until you are comfortable with the person you are speaking to. Take your time and trust your instincts. If you feel rushed about sharing private details, it’s best to be sceptical.

How can I report another member on JDate?

If you have experienced abusive behaviour, harassment suspicious activity or inappropriate content or messages – do not hesitate to report this activity.

There are two ways you can report another member:
1. Inbox: When viewing a message from the member you would like to report, select the (…) found in the upper right-hand corner. Click ‘Report’ and find the appropriate category for your concern and then click ‘Send’.
2. Profile: When looking at the profile for the member you want to report, click on the (…) found under the member’s profile photo. Click ‘Report’ and find the appropriate category for your concern and then select ‘Send’.

Whenever you use the ‘Report’ link, JDate is able to accurately identify the account in question. Any evidence you provide is kept anonymous and will allow JDate to take appropriate action.

How can I block a member from contacting me?

If there is another member that you don’t want to communicate with, you can add them to your blocked list. Block a member while viewing their communication on the Messaging page, or while viewing their profile.

Follow these steps to block another member:
1. Select the horizontal three-dot menu (…)] 2. Click ‘Block’
3. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm

If you would like to unblock a member:
1. Click on your small Profile Photo found at the top of the page, or the horizontal menu lines (☰) if you’re on the app
2. Click ‘Account Settings’ and then ‘Block List’
3. Select on the Display Name of the desired member
4. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm

If you received abusive or inappropriate communication, make sure to report this to a member of the Jdate team.

How can I buy a subscription?

The Premium subscription gives you the ability to access the sit (with the exception of the Spotlight feature). If you would like to purchase a subscription follow these steps:
1. select ‘Get All Features’
2. Select the desired subscription length
3. Input your payment information
4. Select ‘Complete Purchase’

Keep in mind that multi-month subscription are collected in one lump sum and not in monthly instalments.

If you would like to purchase a subscription through the app, follow these steps:
1. Click on the horizontal menu lines (☰)
2. Click ‘Get Full Access – Subscribe Now!’
3. Select the desired subscription length

If you are on Android, you can add your payment information and click on ‘Complete Purchase’. If you are on iOS, follow the instructions to complete the purchase through the App Store.

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What is the difference between a free membership and a Premium subscription

The difference between a free membership and Premium subscription is the added communication and control you have.

All members are able to:
– Post a profile with up to 6 photos
– Search the database of Jewish singles
– Receive ‘Your Matches’ emails
– Purchase the Spotlight feature

With the Premium subscription you can enjoy the following:
– Messaging+ feature where you are able to communicate with anyone regardless of subscription status
– Read and reply to all messages
– Read Receipts that let you know when messages have been read
– Enhanced Privacy Control where you can hide your status, browse anonymously and remove your profile from appearing in searches

How can I turn off auto-renewal?

Automatic renewal is switched on with each subscription purchase. If you bought your subscription through the Android app or website, you can turn your automatic renewal off at any time prior to the renewal date with these steps:
1. Click the photo thumbnail, or ☰ if you’re on the app and then select ‘Account Settings’
2. Click on ‘Manage Subscription’
3. Click ‘Stop Subscription’ which will stop any future billing
4. Choose the reason for ending your subscription and click ‘Continue’ and then click on ‘Stop Subscription’

After following these steps, you will receive a confirmation email. You will continue to get access to the paid features through the remainder of your subscription time.

If you would like to switch the auto-renewal back on, follow these steps:
1. Click the photo thumbnail, or ☰ and then click ‘Account Settings’
2. Click on ‘Manage Subscription’
3. Click on ‘Restart Subscription’ which will turn the renewal feature on

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