Lovoo Review

Lovoo Review

Launched in Germany in 2011, Lovoo is a social dating app for online dating or simply making friends. As well as a desktop site, it’s a popular mobile dating app with its users.

Lovoo believes that love can happen anywhere and encourages you to take a chance – because what have you got to lose?

It’s also big on video – allowing users to host their videos and watch each other. Discover a bit more about Lovoo with our in-depth review below.

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Lovoo dating site member structure

Most Lovoo members are European and have a young membership base. Lovoo’s not just for dating, but it’s popular with people looking to gain a large friendship base.

  • Members: Lovoo has over 70 million members worldwide! Seven million are from the UK alone.
  • Member activity: According to The Meet Group, which owns Lovoo, the site has 5 million monthly active users and 1.9 million daily active users. There are also 47,000 new sign-ups a day.
  • Gender proportion: 75% Male and 25% Female

Age distribution

  • 18-24 (28%)
  • 25-34 (30%)
  • 35-44 (19%)
  • 45-54 (12%)
  • 55+ (11%)

How does the Lovoo dating site work?

The premise is straightforward: you can look through all the profiles on your homepage and start chatting with those you like.

Many features help you find members quicker, but the site is for flirting, dating, or friendship.

Sign-up process on Lovoo.

Sign-up is incredibly quick. You enter your basic details, including your city of residence and DOB, then enter your email address and password. That’s pretty much it.

Once logged in, you can complete your profile afterward and add a profile picture. The questions are pretty standard, from whether you’re a smoker to whether you have children and your profession. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Facebook account.

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Ease of use

The website is so clean and straightforward that it’s plain to see exactly what. Profile images are clear and big enough to gauge members’ appearance.

The navigation does an excellent job of keeping everything feeling uncomplicated. You could even say the website is too simple, as there’s not much to click on.

Chat, messages, and notifications

When you first sign up, you must add a profile picture to communicate with other members. You also get a limited number of icebreakers per day to use.

You can send These unique ‘hello’ messages to stand out to other members. If you’re successful, then you can start chatting. You can also ‘like’ profiles to add them to your favorites list.

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Profile Quality

Profile quality is generally reasonable. You can see photos clearly and all the details the member has chosen to add. Unfortunately, many people choose not to add more information about themselves – instead of entering the essential information. But you can ask them for this information instead.

Real-life reviews for Lovoo.com

I was very intrigued by the buzz around Lovoo. I wasn’t aware of the app—I am a colossal Tinder fan—until I saw one of my best buds in Uni laughing over a live video stream. I asked him what the app was, and he said it was “one of the best social apps out there” and that I had to download and check it out myself. And so I did. 2 weeks in, I conversed with exciting women; most were university students. I have watched several live streams and even did some of my own.

Although I don’t get hundreds of watchers, I have a lot of fun. I use the app mainly to pass the time and get to know some people, which the app gives me. The best part about the app is that you can fully experience its features even when you buy credits! There is no need to sign up for a monthly subscription. Rad!

From Dating Scout UK

Lovoo mobile dating app

The Lovoo app is free to download on iOS and Android and is where Lovoo is at its strongest. In addition, you get two features that aren’t available on a desktop – Radar and Lovoo Live.

The radar shows you who’s near your location. Lovoo Live allows you to share videos with members and watch theirs. You earn diamonds when your videos are observed, which you can swap for credits or money.

Visually, it’s straightforward to navigate and is highly interactive for a great user experience.

Key features

Play is Lovoo’s flagship matchmaking game. You use the heart or cross to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to a member.

Discover is Lovoo’s search filter. You can search for members by their preferred age and location.

Lovoo Live. This feature is only available on the app and allows you to host video streams that are viewable to anyone.

Radar. Another app feature. This one shows you suggestions based on your current location.

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Is Lovoo safe?

You can block anyone causing you trouble or appearing to be a scammer. They also have a privacy policy with strict terms that you must follow. However, they don’t have any profile validation in place.

How much does Lovoo cost?

What are the membership prices on Lovoo? You can become a full member with the membership packages below:

  • One month: £8.99
  • Three months: £6.33
  • Six months: £4.50
  • 12 months: £4.99

By signing up, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Browse ad-free
  • Get unlimited icebreakers to send
  • See who’s looked at your profile
  • See who’s ‘liked’ you
  • Browse without being seen
  • Undo your swipe in the Play feature

You can also buy credits, which allow you to send gifts and access a few extra features. Credits cost the following:

  • 300 credits: £3.99
  • 550 credits: £5.99
  • 2,500 credits: £14.99
  • 8,000 credits: £31.99

However, you can earn credits on the site by answering surveys, completing basic tasks, and logging in daily.

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Discount offers and promo codes

No discounts were available on Lovoo when we signed up, but we always recommend shopping around on Google before you commit to anything.

Is Lovoo free?

Are there free trials? Anyone can sign up and use the site for free. Many features are available for free members, including sending hearts and likes, using one Icebreaker per day, searching for members, adding them to your favorites list, and hosting videos.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Lovoo

  • There are loads of opportunities to earn credits, meaning you don’t have to sign up for a membership to be able to message users or enjoy the site.
  • Has a straightforward, easy-to-use website.
  • The dating app is one of the best on the market right now.

X Cons of Lovoo

  • There aren’t a massive amount of features available on Lovoo.
  • You only get one Icebreaker a day, so you must carefully consider who you message.

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Our recommendation

As a dating site, Lovoo is decent. But as a mobile app, it’s solid. Not only is it interactive, easy to use, and great for on-the-go dating, but it has some good features to help you find more people in your area. There are not tons to do on both the site and app. Lovoo seems to go for quality over quantity, perfecting its features instead of adding too many.

You can cancel your membership if you upgrade, which is a real plus. It’s also great to earn credits by simply using the site, omitting the need to sign up immediately. Lovoo has something for everyone and is well worth a download. 4.1/5.

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How does registration work?

If you are using Lovoo as an app for iOS or Android:

  •  Open the app and select the ‘Register’ button
  •  Register with a valid email or with your Facebook account. If you are an Android user, you can also register with a Google+ account
  • Specified your desired username, birthday, and gender and upload a photo of yourself
  • Finish registration

If you are using Lovoo via the website:

  • Go to www.lovoo.com, and you can find a registration window on the start page
  •  Specify your username, city, date of birth, and gender, and select ‘Register now.’
  • Finally, register with a valid email address or with your Facebook account.

How does verification of your email address work with registration?

After creating your profile, complete your registration process via email verification. Lovoo will send you a verification email to the email you specified during sign-up. Then, you only need to click the link to complete the process.

If you did not receive this email, check your inbox’s spam folder for the email, or you can also request another verification email in ‘Settings,’ ‘My Account,’ and ‘Edit email address.

Why hasn’t my Premium membership been activated after purchase?

Your Premium membership hasn’t been activated after purchase because of a delayed transmission of the purchase of relevant information. It is best to have patience while the transaction goes through. You might also need to log in again before they display the Premium membership on your profile.

If you are still having trouble, it is best to contact the Lovoo team and provide details such as – email, date of purchase, transaction number, and the email address used with your payment provider (if different).

What is the Icebreaker feature for messaging?

The Icebreaker allows you to contact other users and break the ice with an icebreaker.

The Icebreaker replaces current chat requests with a variety of new options. It is a special contact request and has daily limits. Before sending an Icebreaker, decide who you want to give it to. Then, when you receive one, you can be sure someone is interested in meeting you.

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How does Icebreaker work?

Sending an Icebreaker:
Your Icebreaker first message can contain 250 characters – giving you just enough to make an excellent first impression and generate interest. You can send the Icebreaker with a ‘swipe’ to minimize the risk of sending the message accidentally or too early.

Receiving an Icebreaker:
When you receive an Icebreaker, you will get a push notification to inform you. However, you can only open one Icebreaker, and all the others will become readable once this one has been processed. Therefore, you will not see a list of all remaining Icebreaker messages, and you also cannot see how many you have in total.

One of the most significant differences between the Icebreaker and chat request is that you ask for a reason when you are not convinced by it and do not want to answer. Your feedback is helpful to the message’s author, but it will not be sent to them as a general improvement proposal. They will not know why you rejected their message.

How many Icebreaker messages can I send per day?

If you are a Basic user without a Premium membership, you can send one Icebreaker daily. After using it, you will receive another one in 24 hours.

If you have a Premium membership, you have three Icebreakers per day. If you send more than one, they will recharge one at a time. Each one takes eight hours to recharge. You are also able to purchase additional Icebreakers as a Premium member.

How does the Match game work?

With the Match game, you are allowed to rate other user profiles. If you like someone’s profile, you can select a small heart to express your interest.

If you rated a profile positively and positively rated you, you would become a match. You can find matches under ‘Notifications’ in the ‘New matches’ list. Here, you can write to your matches and connect.

How can I message and chat with other members on Lovoo?

There are many options for chatting and conversing with other members. Whenever you find an interesting person, you can always pull up their profile. Here, you are just one click from directly starting a conversation with them.

Also, the Match game is another opportunity to connect. In the Match game, you can rate other users. Then, Lovoo will let that user know you are interested, and they will have the option of looking at your profile. If you are both curious, then you can start a conversation.

How does profile verification work on Lovoo? How can I verify my profile

Lovoo wants to ensure all profiles are authentic so they can verify your identity with a ‘Verified’ seal, giving you full use of all the essential functions.

The verification conditions include verifying your email address and at least one profile picture in your gallery where your face is easily recognizable.

To verify your profile:

  • Go to your profile to view
  • Select ‘Verify profile’ found below your profile picture (app) or on the top right of your profile picture (website)
  • Follow the prompts
  • You will be asked to submit a photo with your username and a written code. Your face, the paper with your username, and the displayed code must be easily recognizable.

Lovoo will match this picture with your profile pictures as soon as they receive your photo. Once this process is complete, you will receive the ‘Verified’ seal.

How to download the Lovoo app?

Open the respective app store, such as the App Store or Google Play Store, to download the app. For example, enter ‘Lovoo’ in the search field and download the Lovoo app.

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What is Live Video?

Live Video is a new feature that allows you to present yourself and interact with other members. The video features will enable you to make a Live Video of yourself or watch streams from other users.

This will help give you a better picture of other users than chatting or profile photos. For example, you will be able to know how someone’s voice sounds, their facial expressions, and more.

Who can use Lovoo Live?

The Live Video feature is available to both Basic and Premium members. It can also be used by iOS or Android devices from version 20.1 onward.

If you don’t know what version you are using, check your profile settings and drag the screen down with your finger. You will then be able to see your current version. Keep your app up to date with the latest version from the app store.

Where can I find Live Videos on Lovoo?

Click on ‘Live’ in the lower menu bar. Here, you can open a Live Video from one of the tabs’ Trending,’ ‘Nearby,’ or ‘Favourites or start your own Live Video.

On ‘Trending,’ you can find the most famous Live Videos available. With ‘Nearby,’ you can find Live Videos of other members in your area. Finally, you can see members selected as your favorites during a stream with’ Favorites. These members can be recognized by the red star next to their profile name.

Who can see my Live Video?

When you begin your Live Video, it will be visible to all users who open it. If they open your profile, the banner ‘is currently’ will appear there.

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How does live radar work?

The live radar can be used to discover who is nearby. For example, if you are walking around and want company, you can check the radar to see who is nearby. The radar is available in the iOS and Android apps. Choose the round radar symbol in the lower menu to begin.

How can I report or block a live video?

If you think another user is not adhering to the guidelines for a live video, select their profile photo in the top left corner of the video. Then, select the ‘Report’ button in the window that opens. Lovoo will receive your message immediately and take appropriate action.

How can I report a profile?

If you feel that only one member has violated Lovoo guidelines, is harassing you, is advertising third-party services, or whose account could belong to minors registered as adults or vice versa, you can report a profile.

There is a ‘Report’ function. Go to the profile in question, select this option symbol in the profile, and select the reason.

How can I block a profile?

To block another user’s profile, open the profile in question, select the ‘Options’ symbol, and click ‘Block.’ If you blocked someone, they could still visit your profile but cannot view your pictures and write to you.

What are the benefits of Premium membership?

As a Lovoo Premium member, you will have many more advantages than a basic profile. These include:

  • The ability to find your favorites again. Once you give alike, you can contact them whenever you like.
  • You can see new users, open these profiles, and message them. With Basic, you can only see they have a banner but cannot send a message.
  • Automatic profile uncovering. With Basic, you need credits to reveal profiles.
  • You can stand out from the crowd with your profile getting more visibility.
  • Unlimited matches and no daily limits.
  • Take back your last match vote.
  • Send three times more Icebreakers than basic members
  • Hide your profile views by activating ‘Hide profile views,’ and your visit won’t be visible to other users
  • No advertising – enjoy the experience!

How does the subscription renewal work?

If you are subscribed to a Premium membership, your account will automatically renew for the same period unless you cancel your payment provider 24 hours before the expiration. Your payment provider will always debit the amount for the time at the beginning of that period.

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How can I cancel the automatic renewal of my membership, or how can I delete my Lovoo profile?

TO stop the automatic renewal of your membership, cancel it directly with your payment provider. The purchase contract was made between you and the payment provider.

When you delete your Lovoo profile, this will not lead to the cancellation of your subscription.

Once you have canceled your membership, your profile will remain Premium until the agreed-upon expiration date. Once this ends, they will switch the profile back to a basic one.

How can I cancel my purchase?

You can cancel your purchase within 14 days. Because the contract is between you and iTunes, you must contact Apple iTunes support directly for cancellations.

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How do credits work?

The credits on Locoo act as a virtual payment option on the app. With credits, you can view the blurred profile visitors and Match votes. For this reason, it is worth purchasing, collecting, and saving credits to enjoy the features available.

How can I purchase credits?

You can purchase credits with prepaid cards. App Stores also add the desired credit to an account of the corresponding store with prepaid cards. In turn, purchases in the app can be affected by this credit.

How can I earn credits on Lovoo?

You can earn credits with the following actions:

  • Confirming your email address (one-off credit given)
  • Verification of your account
  • Connecting your account to Facebook (25 credits)
  • Inviting friends on Facebook to create a Lovoo profile (100 credits)

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