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Lumen Dating Review

Lumen Dating Review

Lumen is the first app-only dating site for singles aged 50 or over. Lumen believes that ‘mature dating is a euphemism for dry and dull. The site aims to change this perception by offering older singles a fun and exciting platform to find someone special.

Lumen focuses on interests that matter to you, detailed profiles, and quality conversations. The dating app has been compared to Tinder, with more safety features and a targeted demographic. If this sounds like your experience, read the full Lumen review below.

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Lumen member structure

  • There are over 1.3 million users worldwide.
  • Two hundred fifty thousand are from the UK.
  • Seven hundred thousand are from the US.
  • Fifty thousand are from Canada.
  • Seventy-five thousand are from Australia.
Age distribution:
  • The average age of Lumen users is 56. The oldest member is 97!
Gender proportion:
  • The female-to-male ratio varies between 48:52 and 52:48.

Lumenos does not allow users under 50. This is because most users are in their 50s and are a bit more tech-savvy than those using traditional desktop dating sites.

How does the Lumen dating site work?

The app can be used entirely for free. You can sign up, view other profiles, or send messages for free.

Lumen is designed to help you begin meaningful conversations instead of copying and pasting the same message repeatedly. Because of this, character limits and messaging restrictions are put in place. This encourages you to think more about who you want to talk to.

Lumen dating signup process

When signing up, you can link your Facebook account or use your phone number. Choosing Facebook will sync all your details. However, using your phone number will require you to enter your details manually.

You’ll be asked for essential details and need to add your photo (profiles won’t be allowed without one). Once you’ve added your photo, you must take a selfie. This won’t appear on your profile but will be used to check that you’re genuine.

Also, if you’re under 50, you’ll be blocked from signing up. Instead, you’ll get a fun little message telling you you’re a spring chicken.

Ease of use

Lumen is a joy to use, with a clean, sleek interface. Plenty of images direct you to the desired location on the page.

However, it feels a bit boring as the background is primarily white. However, for the target demographic, this works well to keep things manageable.

Lumen dating chat and messages

The Lumen dating site is entirely free to use when making contact. In addition, communications are limited to 6 new conversations daily to encourage better messages and less spam.

Instead of cutting and pasting message after message, you’re encouraged to try to have meaningful conversations. Members have seven days to respond to a message. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

You can also send an icebreaker to try to start a chat. Again, it must be at least 50 characters to encourage you to think about the message you’re sending so it catches the recipient’s eye.

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Profile Quality

Every profile has a photo. Profiles aren’t allowed without one; each image is cross-checked against the selfie you must take during signup. This ensures that all profiles are accurate and that no fakes slip through the net. In addition, each profile has an ‘About Me’ and ‘I’m looking for…’ sections, so there’s plenty of detail on offer.

Lumen dating mobile app

As Lumen is an app, this entire review is about how well the app performs. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS and is fully optimized for mobile.

Lumen dating app reviews

I downloaded this app in September 2018, and by mid-November, I went on a date with someone I couldn’t stop thinking about. After six months, my boyfriend is the most fantastic person I know, thanks to LDO. I know many people don’t like that you only get a certain number of matches, but I liked it. The quality over quantity thing is perfect. I also really like the filters because why waste your time going out on dates and questioning someone’s political agenda beforehand? Anyways! Thank you again!

Lumen Dating was a godsend; I signed up on a whim. I was overwhelmed by the number of messages I was receiving, but I carefully took my time to look through them nonetheless. I was becoming discouraged and decided maybe this was a mistake. I was just about to delete my account when a conversation with a stranger caught my attention. He was so pleasant, funny, engaging, and enjoyable. We took our conversation offline and met up.
From Sexdatingapps.com

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Key features for Lumen

  • Favorites. Add profiles you like to your favorites list and check back in with them later.
  • Icebreakers. These conversation starters need to be at least 50 characters long but are a great way to send a short message to someone. 

Is the Lumen dating site safe?

Members can block and report anyone suspicious or causing a nuisance. There’s also a strict no-nudity policy across the site, so Lumen doesn’t tolerate inappropriate behavior.

You shouldn’t find any fake profiles, either. Thanks to the strict security measures during signup. Overall, safety is a significant factor, one that’s taken very seriously.

How much does Lumen cost?

What are the prices for membership on Lumen? While you can do most things for free on Lumen, you can upgrade to Lumen Premium. This improves some of the features you can already use, including:

  • Twelve new conversations a day instead of 6.
  • Extend a conversation by 24 hours to give your connection more time to respond.
  • See who your admirers are.
  • Use advanced filters.
  • You can rewind unlimitedly; if you change your mind, you can see any profile you skipped in the past. Primary users can see 10.

Prices aren’t available until you sign up. The site is free to use, so no fees or additional costs are known.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

No discounts are currently available on Lumen. However, you can check third-party discount sites before upgrading to Premium, just in case something is available.

Lumen free trials

Free trials aren’t available on Lumen; you can use most features for free.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Lumen

  • Meaningful conversations are encouraged, making you more likely to find a quality match.
  • No fake profiles can use an app, thanks to the safety measures – including selfie verification.
  • You can send messages for free.

X Cons of Lumen

  • The app might not appeal to the target demographic Lumen is aimed at.
  • The messaging limitations might feel too restrictive for you.

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Our recommendation

Is Lumen a good dating site for singles over 50? For an app that hasn’t been around that long, Lumen is a great option for those over the 50s who prefer using up-to-date technology to meet new people.

It might not suit everyone if you’re unfamiliar with using an app or prefer browsing a PC, but it’s worth a try if you’re looking for meaningful connections.

The message restrictions are a great idea in theory and encourage you to think more clearly about the messages you’re sending, but you might find that you want to message more people more frequently – in which case, Lumen might not quite be the right dating app for you. 3.5/5.

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