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Manhunt.net Review

Manhunt.net Review

As the name suggests, Manhunt helps you find a man. It’s the world’s largest gay hookup and dating app.

It has been around since 2011 and continues to grow year after year as a site for free and paying members.

Here you can unlock the potential to message and meet like-minded people you can get to know on your terms. Find out a bit more about Manhunt.net with our review below.

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Member structure on Manhunt.net

In a nutshell, single men. The site is X-rated, so many members want something more casual and instant – much like Tinder. Around 80% of users are looking to hook up for casual sex.

  • Members: There are over 6 million members worldwide. Three hundred fifty thousand are from the UK.
  • Member activity: There are around 30,000 daily logins. The site is visited mainly by people in the US.
  • Gender proportion: 100% Male

Age distribution

  • 24-38 (31%)
  • 39-52 (36%)
  • 54-75 (28%)
  • unspecified (5%)

manhunt gay sex website review

How the Manhunt.net dating site works

Once you’ve joined, you get shown matches that meet your requirements, like distance and other likes and dislikes. You can also search for profiles and message people you like.

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Signing up for the Manhunt gay dating app

You have to be at least 18 years old to sign up. Signing up to Manhunt.net takes literally about a minute. It’s one of the fastest dating site sign-up systems we’ve found.

All you have to do is choose a username and password, verify your email before you start messaging, and upload at least one photo. Then, except for adding a picture, you can skip all sections and return to them later.

Ease of use

Everything about the Manhunt gay hookup app is intuitive and straightforward. Of course, many ads can block some settings and features, but the website is generally well-styled and easy to navigate.

Chat, messages, and notifications

You have to verify your email address before you can message anyone, but messaging is free across the site for all members. However, free members can only send messages to 50 members a day. There’s also a chat room feature for a more instant messaging service.

Profile Quality

Although you can add up to 15 photos and add information about yourself, you only need one image to be a member. You can skip most sections, meaning you’ll find profile quality a bit hit-and-miss – some profiles will take the site seriously and fill out all areas, while some might be testing the waters first. You’ll generally need to message someone to find out more.

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Manhunt app download

You can download the Manhunt.net app on both iPhone and Android. There’s also a mobile version of the site that is touchscreen. It’s a faster, easier way to meet guys on the go. They tailor it towards finding you a more casual gay hookup.

On the Manhunt app, you can expect to find guys nearby to make friends, create instant hookups, or meet for a date. The app is limited compared to the features you get on the desktop site. If you’re after something instant, then it does the job.

Real-life reviews for Manhunt.net

I’m not going to lie; I’m a promiscuous guy. I like sex but don’t have the time or energy for relationships. I’m glad many members in my city still haven’t fully migrated to the most popular gay hookup app, the one. Manhunt is safer, thanks to its HIV/AIDS resource page. I know I’ve visited it a few times. Better safe than sorry.

From Dating Scout

Key features of Manhunt.net

Video Chat. Chat privately via video with members from all over the world. There’s no typing here, so you have to chat face-to-face.

The conversation is an instant messaging feature that allows you to chat faster and more quickly, sharing your location and photos.

Board. Upload quick posts about what you’re after for other members to see. Your posts won’t stick around for long, but others can reply.

Track List. See the most recent 50 men who’ve liked your profile.

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Safety and Security

Manhunt specifies that you must be at least 18 years old to join the site, and all pictures are of members of that age. The site features very explicit photos and even porn, which is why the 18+ age limit is in place. However, there aren’t many checks to verify someone’s age as necessary as this is.

How much does membership cost?

What is the price for membership? There are two types of membership: auto-renewal and non-renewal. Auto-renewal costs the following:

  • One week: £4
  • One month: £7
  • Three months: £5.67 per month
  • Six months: £5 per month
  • 12 months: £4.58 per month

Non-renewal costs the following:

  • One week: £5
  • One month: £8
  • Three months: £6.67 per month
  • Six months: £5.83 per month
  • 12 months: £5.42 per month

Anyone can upgrade to a VIP membership. Doing so will give you the following:

  • Worldwide access to millions of gay men
  • Unlimited views of bi, curious, and gay men’s profiles, including naked pictures
  • Endless 1-to-1 gay video chat options with the ability to webcam with guys nationally & internationally
  • Unlimited conversations with all members, along with a complete chat history
  • Full-sized profile gay pics with the ability to see all intimate pictures
  • Keep an eye on friends and hot guys with your Buddy List
  • Block and unblock members
  • Save your searches
  • Free access to unlimited gay porn videos

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

You will find discounts across the website – Manhunt has offers % off their auto-renewal plans, so it’s worth waiting for one to pop up. Alternatively, do a Google search if something’s knocking about online before signing up.

You can sometimes find money off passes if you do a Google search, so you shop around before committing.

Free trials

Does Manhunt.net offer a free trial? Yes, anyone can join the site for free for an unlimited time.

A free membership gets you the following:

  • Worldwide access to millions of gay men.
  • Search for any guy anywhere, at any time.
  • Gay video chat with other members.
  • Keep an eye on hot guys with your Buddy List.
  • See who is looking at your profile with your Track List.
  • Upload up to 16 photos to your profile, including intimate pictures

Pros and Cons

Pros of ManHunt.net

  • It’s reasonably priced, with plenty of options to suit all budgets.
  • If you’re looking for something casual, this is your site.
  • Plenty of members to browse through.>

X Cons of ManHunt.net

  • We found the site to be a bit glitchy regarding signing up. It kept logging us back out and asking us to enter our username and password. It might be a one-off, but keep an eye on it.
  • It’s very graphic! There are X-rated pictures everywhere you look, so bear this in mind in case you’re not expecting it.
  • It’s not a dating site but a site for hooking up.

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Our recommendation

There’s no denying it—Manhunt is graphic—very graphic. They have an 18+ policy, so brace yourself if this isn’t what you expect. It’s hard to call it a dating site. It’s more of an online community that unlocks opportunities for people to hook up in a safe environment.

If you’re looking for pros, it’s got some decent features for free members – including messaging, which is a big plus. And if you’d like to upgrade, the VIP package is quite reasonable. Unfortunately, however, the site’s been quite glitchy, making it hard to give us a feel for the experience. 2.4 / 5.

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Join Manhunt.net Today

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What should I do if I have a notification on ManHunt but no message?

The Apple guidelines prohibit Manhunt from displaying images. Therefore, you must view the message from your desktop or laptop.

How do I turn on my webcam?

You need a webcam to broadcast audio and video in Manhunt Chat. You can broadcast audio with or without a microphone. To begin broadcasting audio or video:
– Select ‘Join’ to enter a chat room
– Select the ‘Start Broadcast’ button in the Your Broadcast window
– Click ‘Allow’ from the Adobe Flash Player settings
– Select ‘Settings’ from Your Broadcast to adjust audio settings for your microphone.

How do I use the Manhunt board?

The Manhunt Board is a place for members to post quick messages about what they want, who they want to do it with, etc. Your post will expire when you want it to, which could be hours to days. After that, there will be no trace of what you posted.

Feel free to post using your name. Guys won’t know who you are unless you write back to them. When posting anonymously, you can pick from any photos in your Photo Manager to accompany the post. You can also browse through posts on the board. Select ” Write back ” and compose a message when you see one you would like to respond to; select “Write back’ and compose a message, which they will deliver to his inbox.

At the top menu bar, select ‘Board.’ From here, you can type your messages, choose how long you want them to appear, choose up to three locations, and select’ Post. ‘

When posting on the Manhunt Board, keep your post about yourself and be mindful that it does not violate the Terms of Access.

How many pictures can I post on my Manhunt profile?

Members can upload up to 16 photos. They will set your photos to public, private, or hidden.

Public photos are available to anyone viewing your profile.

Private photos are available to only specific members; these are ones that you’ve unlocked your pictures.

Hidden pictures are not visible to anyone and are ones you keep in reserve if you want to share them later.

If you want to change how pictures appear on your account, select Account > Pictures > Click on the photo you want to move > From the mini pop-up. You can then change ‘Make Private,’ ‘Make Hidden,’ or ‘Delete Picture.’

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What should I do if I purchased VIP access through iTunes and did not receive full access?

If you purchased a ManHunt plan through your iTunes account and did not have access, you should email the customer support team a screenshot and a copy of your receipt.

What is a member video?

The Member video feature on Manhunt allows members to upload videos to increase engagement and interest in their profiles.

How do I upload a video on Manhunt?

To upload a video on ManHunt:
– Click on the gear icon
– Select ‘My Videos
– Click ‘Upload a New Video’
– Drop your file or upload
– Name your video
– Mark the video category
– Select that you agree to the video rules with the checkbox ‘I agree
– Finally, upload your video

Can anyone upload a video on ManHunt?

All members can upload videos to their profile regardless of subscription status.

What is a 1-to-1 video on Manhunt?

Manhunt’s 1-to-1 video feature is a new feature that allows you, as a paid member, to chat privately via audio and video with any other guys on Manhunt.

How can I block someone on Manhunt?

If you want to block another member, you must have Unlimited Membership status. After that, blocking is easy. First, you must go to the member’s profile and select the Block button.

Once you have blocked another member, they will remove all emails exchanged from both inboxes, and any unlocked pictures will be re-locked. So he won’t know he has been stopped and will be unable to see you online or interact with you anymore. You can block up to 1,000 members if you are an Unlimited Member.

How can I report a profile?

If you notice something about another member’s profile that doesn’t comply with the site guidelines, then it is recommended that you report it so they can investigate it.

To report a profile:
– Go to the profile you would like to report
– Select ‘Report this profile found on the bottom right corner of the window
– Choose the reason why you are reporting the profile
– Add any extra comments or leave them blank
– Select ‘Report’ to submit or click on ‘Cancel Report’ if you selected the wrong profile and want to cancel the report

As soon as Manhunt has received the report, they will review it and take appropriate action. They will only remove content that violates their Terms of Use.

How can I cancel automatic renewal billing on my Manhunt account?

To cancel the automatic renewal billing on your subscription:
– Click on ‘Account’
– Then select ‘View Billing History.’
– Then ‘Stop Auto-Renewal’
– Confirm with ‘Yes’

How can I change my credit card information?

To change your credit card information:
– Select the gear icon
– Select ‘Billing’
– Click ‘Update Credit Card Information
– Update the information you have with new details
– Finally, click ‘Update Credit Card.’

How can I change my current membership on Manhunt?

If you already have an unlimited membership subscription but would like to change the payment plan you have:
– Select ‘Account’
– Then ‘View Billing History
– Then ‘Change Auto-Renewal Plan
– Click the new plan you would like
– Then, finally, enable membership renewal

How can I purchase a membership on Manhunt?

If you are interested in purchasing an Unlimited Membership, log into your Manhunt account and:
– Click on Account > Billing > Sign up for Unlimited Membership > Select the desired plan > Fill in all fields > Complete Purchase

You will then be an official member of the Manhunt dating site. Expect a payment confirmation email to the email address associated with your account.

All purchases made on Manhunt are secured by VeriSign encryption, and you will be discreetly billed by ‘Online Buddies, Inc.’

How will charges from Manhunt appear on my bill?

Manhunt understands that privacy is paramount for many of its members’ discretion. Therefore, any changes to your debit or credit card will appear under ‘Online Buddies’ or ‘OLB’ and not ‘Manhunt.’ Please remember that some financial institutions may still list this as ‘escort services,’ Manhunt has no control over it.

They request your billing address as part of your credit card’s authorization and do not sell or distribute your personal information to third parties, businesses, or individuals. Manhunt doesn’t share, rent, or sell personal information about you with other people or non-affiliated companies. You will not receive any post to your home address.

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