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Millionaire Match Reviews

Millionaire Match Reviews

Millionaire Match only allows attractive and successful singles who make over $200,000 a year to join. Nevertheless, many wealthy people, including CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, entrepreneurs, beauty queens, supermodels, and Hollywood celebrities, are using the site.

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Millionaire Match Member Structure

  • Members: There are over 4,161,300 members currently using Millionaire Match.
  • Member activity: Around 1,050 of its members are active weekly.
  • Gender proportion: 50% Male and 50% Female

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Age Distribution on Millionaire Match App

  • 18-24 (4%)
  • 25-34 (16%)
  • 35-44 (24%)
  • 45-55 (36%)
  • 55+ (20%)

How does MillionaireMatch.com work?

By joining the Millionaire Match app,  you instantly become a standard member, can create a profile, add 26 photos, and search for people by country and state.

You can also create a favorites list of the people you like best and send winks to start a conversation.

If you wish to use all the site features, you’ll eventually have to upgrade to a premium membership. For example, you can send messages using the Millionaire Match premium membership chat feature.

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Sign up process

How can you join MillionaireMatch.com? Registering with the Millionaire Match app takes roughly 10 minutes. Once you’ve provided your email address and chosen a username and password, you add your basic details – like where you live, your income, and your appearance.

You can then upload your photos and write more about yourself and your desire. You’ll need to verify your email address, but you can return to your profile anytime to amend the details.

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Ease of use on the MillionaireMatch Site

With black and gold, the Millionaire Match app lives up to its name of being a premium dating website, with the colors reflecting the quality of its members.

The website also utilizes a handy navigation bar that keeps everything neat in one place, and when browsing the site, you should instantly find what you want.

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Millionaire Match Chat & Messages

If you’re a free member, you can use the primary search tool and reply to any premium members who send you a message. You can, however, send winks for free.

Otherwise, Millionaire Match works on a standard messaging service for all premium members. There are also extensive search filters that you can use to find other singles, from someone’s income and location to certified millionaires.

Millionaire Match uses clever technology that many dating sites don’t; the ‘Recall’ feature allows members to recall any sent messages, photos, and even entire conversations with just the click of a button if they change their minds.

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Profile Quality

All Millionaire Match app profiles are subject to verification; you can rest assured that fake profiles are relatively uncommon.

Most profiles have plenty of detailed information thanks to the questions asked during sign-up, and you can upload up to 26 photos, making it easy to see the person you’re connecting with,

Members can also earn a Certified Millionaire badge, which tells others they’ve succeeded. But, of course, this needs proving before you can make one.

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Millionaire Match mobile app

The Millionaire Match app is free, and while it has no additional or new features from the desktop site, it offers a beautiful way to date on the go.

However, it’s not without flaws; some users have complained that it can be a bit ‘buggy’ and is prone to crashing.

Many Android devices aren’t compatible with the app, so you’ll need to go with your device to see if it works.

Millionaire Match Reviews

I’ve tried a dozen dating sites, and this is the only decent dating site I have found. And I have attempted to Match. Zoosk. Plenty of fish. Christian mingle. Eharmony. Elite Singles. And on and on, the only site where the women seek to meet a decent guy and respond accordingly. So if you are a scum bag, lying loser guy, please stay off and don’t ruin it, like you have done to the other sites, freaking out decent women with nasty indiscretions. But, on the other hand, if you are a woman, either wealthy looking for a good guy or a woman looking for a successful guy, this is the place. As for the guys…keep it classy on here, and hopefully, the women will continue to respond and create opportunities to meet and hopefully have a real relationship. Good luck.

From SiteJabber.com

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Key Features of the Millionaire Match App

  • First Date Ideas. Here, members can post what they’d like to do on a first date, and premium members can join the conversation by replying.
  • Members Luxuries, where members post photos of their luxury items.
  • Blog. Members can post blog entries for others to read and interact with.
  • Forum, where members can find answers to questions and interact with each other. 

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Is Millionaire Match safe?

They must verify all profiles, and members must earn all Certified Millionaire badges to reveal a member’s success. You need to show a valid bank or tax statement to do this.

As well as a page dedicated to safe-dating tips, MilllionaireMatch also uses a specialized fraud prevention team to keep you and your details safe. But if you spot any suspicious activity or member, you can report it.

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How much does Millionaire Match cost?

What are the prices for membership?

Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn off auto-renewal.

With a premium membership, you can:

  • Send messages.
  • See if a message has been sent.
  • Check online lists.
  • Respond to others’ first date ideas.
  • Use advanced search filters.
  • Speak to a MillionaireMartch counselor by email or live chat.
  • Show at the top of search results.
  • Become a certified millionaire.
  • Be highlighted as a featured member.

Discounts, offers, and promo codes

When accessing the site, we couldn’t find discounts or special offers, but choosing the 6-month term is cheaper.

Always look around on third-party discount websites before you sign up to see if anything’s being offered at the time.

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Millionaire Match Free Trial

No free trials are available with the Millionaire Match app, but registration is free.

You can create a profile and upload photos, view profiles, send winks, and reply to a premium member with a free membership. But, unfortunately, you can’t send messages and can only use a basic search.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Millionaire Match

  • Millionaire Match features high-quality members using a high-quality website.
  • It’s not for sugar daddies or babies, so you should be able to find genuine love matches.
  • They use a strict verification process to ensure members are genuine.
  • A recall feature is an excellent tool if you’ve sent something you shouldn’t have or changed your mind.

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X Cons of Millionaire Match

  • You must be successful or attractive to sign up.
  • There aren’t a massive amount of additional features.
  • The app has been reported to be glitchy.

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Our MillionaireMatch Review & Rating

millionairematch.com singles dating app

Product Name: MillionaireMatch

Product Description: MillionaireMatch, a Millionaire Elite Dating and Matchmaking App, is a place for successful people to find serious relationships. They are a true Millionaires Club, where elites meet. Our members have included CEOs, Athletes, Doctors, Lawyers, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Fitness Models and Hollywood Celebrities.

Brand: MillionaireMatch

Offer price: 40.00

Currency: USD

Availability: OnlineOnly

Offer URL: https://mydatingadviser.com/go/millionaire-match/

Valid until: September 30, 2023

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use


It’s hard looking for love when you have a lot of money, but luckily Millionaire Match does a great job of helping you on your way to finding a genuine connection.

While ‘successful’ and ‘attractive’ can be subjective traits, if you’re looking for a real relationship and don’t want to be seen as a sugar daddy, it’s a great website to start with, as it helps drop the stigma related to being rich.

The app could make a few improvements to prevent bugs and ensure device compatibility. Still, overall it’s an incredibly high-quality website that attracts a premium membership base to help boost your chances of success. 4/5.

Join Millionaire Match today

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How to get started?

When you join the site, you become a standard member, which allows you to create a profile, add up to 26 photos, search for other members by location, create a favorites list, and send unlimited winks.

If someone on the site adds you as a favorite, messages you, or winks at you, you will get a notification in the top navigation bar. You can also respond to messages you receive from premium members.

You can enjoy the site without limitations if you become a premium member. You can also enjoy the following features:
– Initiate sending messages and chatting with other members
– Photo and profile security options
– View compatible matches and reverse matches
– View the last login time
– Advanced search options

I’m a standard member. Do I need a premium membership to reply to messages sent by others?

As a standard member, you can respond to messages initiated by other premium members for free. You can reply to them on the website, mobile, or the app.

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I’m a standard member. Can I initiate sending messages to others?

You can’t initiate sending messages to premium members as a standard member, but you can reply to their messages.

What is a wink on Millionaire Match?

A wink is fun to let someone know you’re interested in them. You can pick a one-liner from the list and send it to a member. The member will receive this ‘Message,’ view your profile, and wink back at you.

All members can send winks for free. However, upgrading to a premium member is recommended so you can send a message and start a conversation if you want to take things further.

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How does ‘Unsend Message’ work?

To unsend a message, open the message box and move your mouse to the message or photo. You will see an ‘Unsend’ link. Click that, and your message or image will be unsent once done.

You can unsend it at any time and do not need the other user to approve it. However, the other member will get notified with a note saying, ‘NAME has unsent a message.

How can I delete my profile?

Select ‘Settings’ under the ‘gear’ icon on the top navigation bar to delete your Millionaire Match profile. Next, select ‘Membership’ and then click the ‘Disable Account’ tab, select ‘Delete Account,’ enter your password, and click the ‘Delete Account’ button.

Once you have deleted your profile, all information is kept within the database for two years. After that, they will no longer display your profile and photos. Contact the support team within two years if you want to reactivate your account.

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How can I post a photo to my profile?

To upload a photo from your computer, click the ‘Profile’ icon at the top navigation bar. Once on your profile, select the ‘Photos’ tab and select a photo.’ Next, locate the file on your computer.

You can also upload photos from Facebook. Click ‘Connect With Facebook,’ enter your username and password, and upload photos from Facebook albums.

You can also email photos to the support team to help upload them.

How do I become a Certified Millionaire?

To become a Certified Millionaire:

1. Attach a tax return or bank statement, which must be your personal (not business) tax return from the last fiscal year that shows earnings of over $200,000.

The bank statement must show you have earned over “200,00 USD during the current fiscal year. Or you can use documents proving your net assets (after liabilities deduct) are over $1 million.

2. Next, upload a readable copy of your ID (driver’s license, passport, military ID). You cannot use personal photos or an expired ID. Do not blackout any information except identification numbers on the ID card.

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How do I block or unblock a member?

Select the ‘…’ button in the upper right corner of their profile to block another user and select the ‘Block’ button. To block hidden members, go to the ‘Blocking’ page under ‘Settings’ and click ‘block’ after entering their username.

Once you block another member, you will no longer receive messages. They will not be able to see your profile or communicate with you. When you block them, they will not notify them.

Go to ‘Settings’ under the gear icon in the top navigation and click ‘Blocking’ in the left sidebar on the ‘Settings page to unblock someone. You can find users you’ve blocked there.

What’s the difference between hiding and blocking someone?

With the Hide feature, you won’t see them on the search results page; they can still see your profile and communicate with you.

With the Block feature, you won’t receive any messages from them. In addition, they will not be able to view your profile or comment on anything you post.

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How do I become a featured member of Millionaire Match?

This feature is an excellent way for premium members to get more attention.

To become a Featured Member, hit the link’ Highlight listing & get featured’ under ‘Profile’ on the top bar, or you can also go to ‘My Profile and select the link ‘Highlight listing & get featured to stand out under the ‘Profile’ heading.

How will the charge appear on my billing statement?

If you pay with Credit Card, Cheque Card, Debit Card, or Charge Card, it will appear as Millionaire Match.

If you pay with PayPal, it will appear as SuccessfulMatch on your billing statement.

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Will my subscription be automatically renewed?

Yes, Millionaire Match wants to give you more time matching and less time spent paying bills. For this reason, your subscription will be auto-renewed monthly until you cancel your premium membership. The three and six-month packages do not renew.

How can I turn off automatic renewal? How can I turn on automatic renewal with Millionaire Match?

If you want to turn off the auto-renewal with Millionaire Match, go to the ‘Subscription Status’ page after login. To get to this page, go to ‘Membership’ under ‘Settings.’ Next, select the link ‘To stop premium membership, click here, enter your password, and then select the ‘Continue Cancellation’ button to stop auto-renewal.

Once you have turned off auto-renewal, you can still enjoy the remainder of your membership until it ends. After, you can continue enjoying the site’s benefits as a standard member.

If you want to reactivate the auto-renewal, select ‘Reactivate’ behind ‘Off.’ If you can’t find the link, your membership is not renewable. In this case, upgrade again after the premium membership expiry.

Alternatively, you can contact the support team at [email protected]. You can also phone them at 1-416-628-1072.

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How can I pay for membership?

Payment is accepted via:
– Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)
– Visa or MasterCard Cheque Card
– PayPal
– Personal Cheque or Money Order

You can make these payments online with a secure server. Alternatively, you can send cheques or money orders to the following address:

SuccessfulMatch / MillionaireMatch.com
10 – 8707 Dufferin St, Suite 160
Vaughan, Ontario L4J 0A6

What does a standard membership allow me to do?

With a standard membership, you can:
– Upload photos and create a profile.
– Other standard members and premium members can view your profile.
– Search profiles for free (with basic search)
– You can send free winks to anyone.
– You can reply to premium members if they send you a message

You cannot:
– Initiate emails or instant messages to other members. This privilege is reserved for premium members.

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How can I cancel my Millionaire Match membership?

After logging in, to cancel your subscription and auto-billing, select ‘Membership’ under the ‘Settings’ item under the gear icon in the top navigation and click ‘Subscription Status.’

To disable and delete your profile, go to ‘Membership’ under ‘Settings’ under the gear icon in the top navigation bar and click ‘Disable Account.’

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