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Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches Review

Muddy Matches is for country people. It was the vision of two sisters in 2006, who had the idea of connecting people to country things.

Mud is the big connector here: whether you grew up in the countryside or want to move there, Muddy Matches creates an excellent platform for Muddies and Townies (more on what these are later) to meet and mingle.

So, if you’re looking for love in the countryside, single farmers, rural singles, country friends, countryside lovers, or equestrian singles – this app is right for you.

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Muddy Matches member structure

Members are Muddies and Townies. AMuddie is more city-based but loves the countryside, while Townie is more country-based but loves the countryside. According to the founders, no one is 100% either, so Muddy Matches is a place to meet like-minded people.

  • Members: There are roughly 250,000 members from the UK and Ireland.
  • Member activity: 50,000 members are active weekly.
  • Gender proportion: 38% Male and 62% Female

Age distribution

  • 18-24: 7%
  • 25-34: 20%
  • 35-44: 23%
  • 45-54: 32%
  • 55+: 18%

How do Muddy Matches work?

Muddy Matches is for both dating and friendship. When you sign up and enter the information asked, you’ll be paired up with singles the site thinks you might be interested in. Otherwise, you can search based on physical appearance, background, lifestyle, and your match’s interests.

Sign up process

Signing up takes about 10 minutes, requiring you to add some information.

First, you’ll input your full name and email, then choose a password. Once signed in, you’ll be taken to the five-step process. Here, you’ll need to add your location information and details about your appearance.

You’ll also need to specify whether you’re a Townie or a Muddy. You do this via a slider to determine the percentage you think you are, which ranges from 0% to 100%. Remember – people are generally not 100% of either, so don’t be afraid, to be honest!

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Ease of use

The website is user-friendly, so it’s easy to navigate. Finding matches is simple, too – the refined search box allows you to drill down exactly what you’re looking for.

Messages, chat, and notifications

Like most dating sites, messages can only be sent and replied to by paying members. However, if you’re a fully-fledged member, you can send and receive notifications and see when your messages have been read.

All messages are anonymous so that no one will see any personal data. You can also send winks to flirt with other members, who can send one back if they like you.

Profile quality on Muddy Matches

Profile quality is generally reasonable. You can see all the information on a member’s profile, even if you’re a free member. You can also upload several photos and pick the three you want on the show.

>You can also edit profile information to add more later. However, you don’t have to add detailed information, so some profiles can seem a bit basic.

Muddy Matches mobile app

Once you register on the website, the app is free to download. Of course, you can do everything on the desktop website, but the interface is straightforward, clean, and clear—it’s well worth downloading.

Real-life reviews for Muddy Matches

[su_quote]After trying 2 of the other site that advertises on TV, I took the advice of a fellow countryman and tried Muddy.
The Service is better suited to my lifestyle, and I met with several like-minded people…as a result, I’m now in a relationship heading the right way. Without Muddy, we’d have never met, even though we have much in common.

I’d recommend Muddy to people who want to meet people who understand the country. [/su_quote]

[su_quote] went on Muddy Matches after splitting up with my husband of 30 years; a friend recommended you! David was the first date I had been on. He was lovely, and we started dating seriously straight away. After 20 months (on my 50th birthday), we were married!! I can’t rate them highly enough![/su_quote]
From freeindex.co.uk

Key features

  • How Muddy Are You? A fun quiz is available to everyone (even non-members), where you fill out answers to find out how muddy you are.
  • Blog  Here, you’ll find great tips and hints on successful dating if you need help or inspiration.
  • Success Stories. This section tells about the success stories of people who’ve found love on Muddy Matches.
  • Country Calendar. Use this to find out about all the countryside events in your area.

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Is Muddy Matches safe?

Messages are anonymous, and you can report suspicious and abusive profiles, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be dealt with. However, their website has lots of dating advice and a GDPR section to let you know how they will use your data. These are reassuring, if nothing else.

How much do Muddy Matches cost?

Upgrading to membership costs the following total prices:

  • One month: £26
  • Three months: £48
  • Six months: £72
  • 12 months: £94

The prices shown are for one lump sum. Once your term is up, your subscription will be automatically renewed on a rolling basis at £26 a month. If you upgrade to Premium, they will charge an additional £9.99.

Muddy Matches membership gives you access to the following:

  • You’ll be able to send messages.
  • You can read and reply to a message you’ve received.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Immediately on the homepage, Muddy Matches offers three months free for every three-month subscription and six months for £48. Discounts are also offered, so always check the website before signing up.

Is Muddy Matches free?

Registering on Muddy Matches is free and unlimited. With a free membership, you can search for people on the site, edit your profile, upload photos, and see who’s visited your profile. You can also select favorites and see who’s added you as a favorite. That’s pretty good compared to other dating sites, which limit your free profile massively.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Muddy Matches

  • It’s an excellent place to socialize and meet new people in your area – you don’t have to date; you can make friends.
  • They have a friendly, clean website, which makes browsing easy. The website tells you about many events, which are excellent opportunities to meet new people.

X Cons of Muddy Matches

  • It’s a niche market, so you may struggle to find matches in your area. If you’re a townie, the target market can feel confused— you might feel you don’t fit in.
  • There are more fake profiles than we’d like, as there are few safety measures to prevent them from being created.

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Our recommendation:

 Muddy Matches is pretty good. However, it’s SO niche. We can’t imagine it appeals to a whole range of peopl— the factthat they only have 250,000 members seems to support this,althoughh maybe we’re skeptical.

If you live in the countryside and perhaps feel a bit secluded (for example, if you’re a farmer or live in a rural village), this could be a fantastic way to make friends and perhaps find love. However, the Townie element confuses us- where exactly do they fit in?

The website and photography are unique, and we would love for you to read more about the founders. It gives Muddy Matches a personal community feel that they’ve successfully built. If you’re curious – give it a go  3.4/5

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