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Muzmatch is one of the UK’s most famous Muslim and Arab dating sites. There have been 25,000 success stories so far – this is rising all the time.

The unique thing about Muzmatch is that it’s an online dating app. So you have to download it to join the community.

But if you’re a Muslim looking for a serious relationship or wish to find someone from a like-minded community, Muzmatch is geared toward finding you what you want. Find out more below.

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Muzmatch member structure

Muzmatch mainly caters to Muslims looking for love. They are serious about dating and wish to settle down. Members are typically younger and more like to use the social media world.

  • Members: There are 1 million members on the Muzmatch site across 210 countries. Around 12,000 are from the UK.
  • Member activity: 4,000 members are active weekly.
  • Gender proportion: 50% Male and 50% Female


Age distribution

  • 18-24: 20%
  • 25-34: 30%
  • 35-44: 20%
  • 45-54: 20%
  • 55+: 10%

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How does Muzmatch work?

As soon as you sign up, there’s a fun Tinder-like feature that shows you a series of photos. You can tap ‘X’ to pass on them or tick to like.

You can see information about someone – their job, height, where they’re from, and where to live now. It would help if you created your profile to start filtering.


Sign up process

You need to download the app before you do anything. But it’s straightforward to do so on your app store. Enter your email address and enter the verification code sent to you.

When you’ve signed up, create your profile (choosing the button in the top left corner) and add a nickname. Then enter what you do for a living, your ethnic grouping, and sect, and add a profile photo. You can make this private or visible. It’s entirely up to you.

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Ease of use

The app is super simple to use. There aren’t many buttons and features to get to understand. So, it’s intuitive and takes no time to find your way around.

The text used is large and clear too, which massively helps with making it accessible for everyone.

Chat, messages, and notifications

You can only make contact if you match with another member. Instant match makes chatting quick and easy. The great news is sending messages is free, giving you the chance to meet more people and hopefully make a connection.

Profile Quality

Photos are large and easy to see. They’re also an excellent quality to know much about a person from their picture alone. There’s also plenty of information available. Sign-up allows you to add quite a lot of detail, which is essential.

You can use a nickname too, which shows the personality of someone and gives your real name safe, a great. Unfortunately, there are a few fake profiles, but Muzmatch works hard to remove them.

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Muzmatch mobile app for iPhone & Android

The app is free to download on iOS and Android and is the only way to use the site. It uses a fun video to show you how it works on sign-up. The interface feels very new and modern; it’s easy to use and super sleek.


Real-life reviews for Muzmatch

Found my perfect match- I joined the Muzmatch, and within 12hrs of being signed up, I found the perfect man. From the minute we spoke, we clicked, and since then, every minute and every hour has gotten more and more excellent. When you meet your match, it hits you like a freight train but it is the best feeling. I know he is my soul mate, and I can wait for the rest of our lives. Thanks! And for everyone else out there, good luck, and don’t give up!

Special features

Chaperones. For added support, Muzmatch enables you to add a chaperone to your chats to make you feel a little more comfortable.

Community rating. If you receive positive feedback from the community, you can receive a badge on your profile, letting others know you’re an essential part of the community.

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Is Muzmatch safe to use?

Before creating your profile, you must take a quick selfie so that the verification team can see it’s you.

Muzmatch generally seems pretty hot on suspending fake profiles. So you have to prove you’re you. You can also report and block members.

How much does membership cost?

Premium membership costs £19.99 for one month.

By signing up, you get access to:

  • Instant match.
  • Advanced filters and search preferences.
  • Unlimited swipes.
  • Likes, passes, and blocks.
  • Browse ad-free.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

There are no discounts available on the app. Instead, you get a free trial for the premium membership, which lasts for one month.

The offers are a great way to see if you’d like to upgrade first. Otherwise, most features are available with a free membership, so a discount isn’t needed anyway.

If you do a Google search, you can sometimes find money off passes. So make sure you shop around before you commit.

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Is Muzmatch free?

Muzmatch premium membership has a 7-day free trial to see if you’d like to commit first. You also get 100 free swipes when you sign up. So use them wisely if you don’t want to pay! Otherwise, membership is free!

Pros and Cons

Pros of Muzmatch

  • It’s the perfect way to find someone from the Muslim community, and you’re more likely to find a serious relationship.
  • The chaperone feature is excellent if you’re nervous about making a conversation or need to protect your safety and privacy.
  • It is an excellent quality app that’s easy to use.

X Cons of Muzmatch

  • You, unfortunately, don’t have a giant pool of people to choose from, especially if you’re filtering by location.
  • You can only message people you’ve matched with if you’re a free member.
  • No actual website, so everything has to be done through the app.

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Our recommendation

We think Muzmatch is pretty great. It’s an excellent way to meet people from the Muslim and Arab communities without feeling like you’re breaking any rules. In addition, it highlights throughout the app that it’s a Halal dating website. So this should make members feel a lot more comfortable about joining.

The fact that it’s only available as an app is probably isolating the older generation, who perhaps don’t have access to a smartphone or don’t quite understand how the app works,  reflected in the biggest demographic being younger. It does feel a little bit like Tinder. But overall, the app’s quality is excellent, and it’s genuinely fun to use, so we recommend it. 4.1/5.

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What is an instant match on Muzmatch?

The instant match is when you come across someone extra special, and you can chat with them instantly before they like you back with Instant Match. Just tap the pink ⚡button on your profile that you haven’t matched with. And if you don’t want to pay, then Like them instead.

How long does MuzMatch take to approve your profile?

Profile approval on Muzmatch typically takes up to 24 hours for your profile to be approved. If you want it to be approved quickly, make sure to upload a valid and clear photo of your face and also that they match your Security Selfie.

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How do I block someone on Muzmatch?

There is the option to block someone. Just tap the bottom, top right of their profile or Chat and then select ‘Block & Report’ and choose that you want to block them anonymously. When you block someone, they will no longer be able to see your profile or message you on Muzmatch, and Muzmatch will not notify them of this action.

How do I cancel my Muzmatch subscription?

Suppose you want to cancel your subscription: 1. Launch the Google Play store app, 2. Tap ☰ Menu → Subscriptions and tap Muzmatch, 3. Select Cancel and Yes to confirm the cancellation, and then 4. Muzmatch will change you from Subscribed to Cancelled.

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How do I permanently delete my Muzmatch account?

To permanently delete your account, send an email request to [email protected] from the same email you registered. Once complete, your account information will no longer be visible to anyone on the site.


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