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Only Lads Review


Only Lads is a free gay and bisexual dating website. It’s designed for chatting, making friends, and dating and is wholly gay-owned and operated.

It works like a social media website, so networking is the aim of the game. It’s hassle-free and high quality, too, so let’s see what all the fuss is about.

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Member structure on Only Lads

  • Who’s on Only Lads? Anyone who’s gay r, bisexual, and single.
  • Members: They have over 1 million single gay men worldwide.
  • Gender proportion: 100% Male

How the Site Works

It works in the same way as a social networking site  You can browse through a series of member profiles in loads of different locations, with the option to reach out to them and add them as a friend or send a message.

How to Sign Up

Sign-up is quick and easy. You can sync your account to your Facebook, or if you choose to join traditionally, you can fill out a simple form.

This asks you to enter basic details like your name, birthday, sexual preference, and the email address you want to be contacted.

Once you’ve confirmed your email via an activation code and proven you’re not a robot, you can add your photo and more details about yourself.

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Ease of use

The site is accessible to us. You see profiles you can connect with immediately, and easy-to-use navigation clarifies precisely what each button can do.

Chat, messages, and notifications

Like Facebook, you can add someone as a friend to build up your network of frie d. You can also start a chat, which is their standard messaging service.

Otherwise, there’s an icebreaker, which consists of a wink, smile, wave, or poke that you can send to someone to start a conversation with.

Profile Quality

The quality of your profile is pretty poo. You can skip most of the sign-up section, leaving you with an unfinished profile.

Many members choose not to add a photo, lock their photos away, or upload an image without a picture of their face, which makes networking with members and finding someone you like difficult.

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App Overview

The Only Lads app is available on the app and Play St res. It’s optimized for dating anywhere and uses all the same features as the desktop site.

The interface is simple and easy to use and lets you see user profiles and their location from you, which is a benefit.

Real-life reviews for OnlyLads.com

I’ve been using different gay dating apps for over three years now. I did succeed in some, but I don’t think it was worth paying the hefty monthly membership fee. The other completely free gay dating sites, on the other hand, were full of fake profiles and members who just wanted to scam them. Then I learned about Only Lads, which offers a one-day free trial for its premium membership and has limited but amazingly fair perks for free bers. With the perks of being a free member, I still interact with others. Plus, I am sure the users I interact with are genuine when using the website because the site is not free. I feel safe and content with what Only Lads has to offer.”

From Dating Scout

Key features

  • N ar y. This shows you all the members close to your location
  • Ch t. This is where you can begin a conversation with other members.
  • I visited You. See everyone who’s viewed your profile.
  • Fr end s. See all your added friends here.
  • Favo ite s. This is where your favorite profiles are stored.

Are Only Lads Safe?

Only Lads strictly monitor the terms of their user policy, so make sure you read it carefully before you sign. You can also report or block suspicious or abusive members.

How much does Only Lads cost?

What are the membership prices? The basic profile is free, allowing you to message members, add friends, send icebreakers, and discover new profiles.

However, for £7.99, you can upgrade to a premium membership, which allows you to do the following:

  • View all profiles.
  • Send unlimited messages.
  • Add an unlimited amount of friends.
  • Browse ad-free.
  • View everyone who favored you.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Now and then, Only Lads offers a 30-40% discount on their premium membership, so hang tight, as you’ll unlikely have to pay the total price. As always, do a quick Google search before you sign up to see if something’s out there.

If you do a Google search, you can sometimes find money off passes, too, so make sure you shop around before you commit.

Free trials

The basic profile is free, but when you sign up, you get a 1-day free trial for premium members. If you don’t want to upgrade, stick with a free basic profile.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Only Lads

  • Messaging is free, and the chat feature is straightforward to use
  • The premium membership is reasonably priced.
  • It’s a great place to connect with men of the same sexuality, who can be challenging to meet.

X Cons of Only Lads

  • Profile quality is, on the whole, pretty poor.
  • There are not a whole load of unique or fun features to use.
  • There are limits to the amount you can do with a free site.

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Our recommendation

As a free site, only lads are allowed. It has all the basic features you’d expect from a free dating site, from messaging to winks to browsing through profiles.

Unfortunately, the profile quality isn’t excellent,  so getting a feel for how many members there are is hard. There are also not many members to choose from in each area, but the site is still rising with a growing membership base.

It’s probably best for casual hookups rather than serious dating, but if you want to dip your toes into the gay dating community, then it’s not the wrong place to s art. 2.7 / 5.

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Join OnlyLads.com Today

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How to join Only Lads?

You can sign up for Only Lads on the registration page or connect to your Facebook account for a quicker registration process.

How can I send messages on Only Lads?

Send messages to other members by going to that member’s profile and then selecting the ‘Chat’ button to begin your conversation.

Why am I unable to message another member on Only Lads?

If you are a free member, you can only send a maximum of three complimentary messages. You may have exceeded your daily limit. You can upgrade your membership to a premium subscription to send unlimited messages.

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What is ‘Icebreaker’?

An ‘Icebreaker’ is a feature on Only Lads that allows you to quickly contact someone for free by sending them a wink, wave, smile, or poke.

Why can’t I see the complete list of members who favor me?

Only members with premium subscriptions can view the list of those who favor them.

Why can’t I add friends to my list?

Free members are given a maximum of 10 friends in the RL St. To add more friends; you can upgrade your Only Lads membership and add unlimited friends.

How can I permanently delete my Only Lads profile?

To delete your profile:
– Go to your ‘Account Settings’
– Select the ‘Remove Your Account’ button

Is it possible to temporarily hide my Only Lads profile?

Unfortunately, there is no function to hide your profile temporarily.

How can I add photographs?

You can add photographs to your profile or your ‘Private album.’ You can also share your private pictures with other members while messaging me. To add a photog a h
1  Go to ‘your photo ‘ page
2  Select the ‘add p to’ button for the desired album 3  Click the ‘Choose file’ button and select the image you want to load 4  Press the ‘upload new photo’ button
5  The upload process  might take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your connection
6  Your photo will not be available in your album

How can I remove advertisements showing up on my mobile app?

You can remove ads on your mobile app by upgrading your Only Lads membership.

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How can I block someone on Only Lads?

To block someone
1  Visit the ‘Blocke profiles’ page, which you can find on your ‘Account dashboard.
2  Select the ‘Block a profile’ button on the top right
3  Enter the username  and a reason for blocking, and then click the ‘Block profile’ button to save

How can I unblock someone?

If you would like to unblock another manager
1  Go to the profile you would like to unblock or the message conversation you had with the
2  In the sidebar, the ‘Unblock profile’  button
Confirm you want to unblock the profile by selecting the ‘OK’ button in the popup.
The profile will  now be unblocked

What should I do if I’m getting harassed by another member on Only Lads?

If another member harasses you, you must block this person  This will prevent them from sending further messages to y u  Also, if you feel their behavior is abnormal and want to raise it to the attention of Only Lads, you can report the profile to them.

Does Only Lads offer premium membership?

Yes, one kind of premium membership is available for $12.95 per month.

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How can I permanently delete my Only Lads membership?

Cancel your premium membership by selecting the ‘Membership Management’ link on your ‘Account Settings.’

Does Only Lads offer refunds?

No, refunds are not offered to members who decide to cancel their premium membership accounts.

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