qeep dating site review

Qeep Review


Qeep is an app-based dating site that’s designed to help you find strangers nearby for free. Whether you want to chat, meet or have fun with new people, Qeep offers a unique platform to do so. Using a clever algorithm that presents people to you with similar personalities, it’s the perfect app for making friends or finding romance.

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Qeep member structure

Who’s on Qeep? Generally, people who are into modern technology. Qeep is particularly favored by users of Tinder and OkCupid who are looking for something new.

  • Members: There are 35 million members already using Qeep worldwide.
  • Member activity: 15,00 new members join every day.

How does Qeep.net work?

Qeep is a mixture of mobile gaming and entertainment. Not only can you find matches, browse nearby singles and send photos, but you can play games with them too.

The app is mostly aimed at finding you matches near your location, using in-app location services to find people you can go and meet relatively easily.

Sign up process

How can you join Qeep? You’ll need to download the app before you get started, but once you have you can either sign up using your Facebook or Google account, or you can create a new account entirely.

Qeep will ask you your gender then your email address, your name, and DOB. As far as signing up, that’s as far as it goes. You’ll need to go back into the profile tab to add more information and upload a photo.

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Ease of use

At first, it takes some time to get used to the navigation and icons that Qeep chooses to use with their design.

However, once you’ve browsed through the app you’ll quickly learn to know what each icon and button relates to. The app is simple and easy to use, but multiple ads make the whole experience feel a bit clunky.

Chat, messages and notifications

When you send a message, it will become a chat request and you can only send a maximum of one a day if you’re a free member or three a day for premium members.

There’s also no free search filter, so you’ll have to rely on Qeep’s algorithm to show you matches. There is a match game you can enjoy, but you need to pay for credits before you can give it a go.

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Profile quality

Because you’re not asked any questions during sign up, you’ll find that most members leave their profile information blank.

It’s also not that easy to go back in to fill out the details, meaning Qeep misses out on providing members a good platform to show more of themselves. You can see all information and photos though, regardless of your membership status.

Qeep mobile app

As Qeep is a dating app, all parts of this review cover the design, features, and usability of the app. You can download it for free on both Android and iOS before you sign up.

Real-life reviews for Qeep

Qeep is really great to use, everything is working smoothly, browsing the pictures is fast and easy, also finding my location works really well, thanks guys keep up the great work.

From AppGrooves.com, 2019

Key features for Qeep

  • Match. Like Tider, this feature allows you to ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’ or ‘Super Like’ someone.
  • Messages. Meet new people and get to know them through the chat feature.
  • Activity. View your visitors, people you’ve liked, and your favorites. 
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How much does Qeep cost?

What are the prices for membership? You can sign up for Qeep’s ‘Plus’ account, which will turn off ads, allow you to see who likes you and has viewed your profile, undo your last swipe if you’ve changed your mind, get unlimited likes, send more super likes and send 3x more chat requests.

  • 1 month: £10.49 per month
  • 3 months: £7.33 per month
  • 12 months: £5.17 per month

You can also buy credits, which allows you to buy special Qeep features, like Super Likes.

  • 300 credits: £1.33/100 credits
  • 2,500 credits: £0.60/100 credits
  • 8,000 credits: £0.37/100 credits

Becoming a subscriber costs the following prices:

  • 1 month: £32 per month
  • 3 months: £21.33 per month
  • 6 months: £16 per month

With a subscription, you unlock the following:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • See more photos of your potential soulmate
  • Get top matches based on your profile
  • View potential matches’ profiles
  • Get ideal matches based on your home location
  • Search for your soulmates by location, age, and gender
  • Advanced search including lifestyle, beliefs, and education
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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Qeep is currently offering 30% off their most popular 3-month package and 51% on the longer 12-month package. You can also save 55% on the 2,500 credits package, and 72% on the 8.000 credits package.

Free trials

Free trials aren’t offered but that’s okay as anyone can join as a member for free. You can also tailor the app to suit you – whether you want to upgrade to ‘Plus’ or just purchase credits as and when you need them.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Qeep

  • You can message for free.
  • Membership is reasonably priced.
  • The app is easy to use.

X Cons of Qeep

  • Messages become chat requests, so it doesn’t quite work in the same way as IM (which is easier).
  • There’s no search filter.
  • There are loads of ads if you don’t upgrade.
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Our recommendation

While Qeep tries hard, it doesn’t quite deliver. The premise is a bit too simple – there aren’t enough features to keep users entertained, and it looks and feels a little bit too much like Tinder, which is already hugely popular.

There are also too many ads and profile information is too limited. It’s probably best if you’re looking for a casual hookup in your location, but if you’re looking for something serious we don’t feel that Qeep is right for you. 3/5.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Value
  • Safety
  • Ease of Use

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How do I set my search preferences in Qeep?

Your search preferences can be managed by selecting ‘Settings’ found under your profile photo and then clicking on ‘Discovery Settings’.

How can I find people in my area and nearby?

Select the radar icon found at the bottom left of the Qeep app. Here people within the distance you’ve set in the ‘Discovery Settings’ will be displayed. Here you can start playing the ‘Match’ game.

Can I still edit my personal information after registration and sign up?

Yes, you can edit your personal information like your name and birthday. All you need to do is select the gear at the top-right corner of the Qeep app.

How does the ‘Match’ game work on Qeep?

When you’re viewing another profile, you can tap the heart or swipe right to show you like them. Tap the ‘X’ or swipe left if you’re not interested in them.

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Why did my message become a ‘chat request’?

Chat requests are a way to message and flirt with other users. If you are interested in someone, you can send them a chat request by selecting the speech bubble found on their profile photo and begin a conversation with them.

How can I view my chat requests on Qeep?

To see your chat requests and discover who would like to chat with you, select the icon found in the top right of the Qeep app to display the chat requests you’ve received. Here you can decide if you would like to reply to the message or decline the chat request.

Can I hide my notifications on Qeep?

Yes, go to the ‘Notifications Settings’ under ‘Settings’ and here you can decide if you want to receive Push Notifications on your mobile, email, or in-app notifications. You can also choose whether you want to activate sound or vibration for your notifications or not.

What are the guidelines for profile pictures in Qeep?

It’s recommended to have a profile photo that is a selfie, and not to include your friends in your photos.

Choose a high-quality photo and focus on your face and not on other body parts.

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How to add an essay to the ‘About Me’ section to my Qeep account?

To add information to your ‘About Me’ section, go to your profile and select ‘Details’. Here you can type your essay under ‘About Me’. Avoid adding personal contact details in this section since it could result in your account being suspended.

How to edit my Qeep profile?

You can edit your profile information on Qeep by selecting ‘Settings’ found under your profile photo and then clicking on ‘General’.

How to add an essay to the ‘About Me’ section to my Qeep account?

To add information to your ‘About Me’ section, go to your profile and select ‘Details’. Here you can type your essay under ‘About Me’. Avoid adding personal contact details in this section since it could result in your account being suspended.

How to verify my Qeep account?

You can verify your identity on Qeep by connecting one or more of your social media apps on your Android or Apple device. This can be phone numbers, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram.

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Does Qeep have photo guidelines?

Yes, you cannot show weapons, children, violence, illegal symbols, nudity, drugs, genitalia, or pornographic content in your photos.

What is ‘Super Like’ on Qeep?

Compared to the normal swipe to the right, a ‘Super Like’ is visible to the person you sent it to.

This will help you to get someone’s attention and flirt. ‘Super Like’ is limited to one per day per user.

How can I send a ‘Super Like’ on Qeep?

You can send a ‘Super Like’ to another user when playing a batch of ‘Match’ games. Simply select the star icon found beside their profile picture.

How can I purchase more Credits on Qeep?

You can purchase more Credits through the app if you would like to refill your credit balance. Payments are accepted through iTunes, Google Play, and Paypal.

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How can I earn more Credits on Qeep?

You can earn Credits on Qeep. The site thanks you with Credits for different actions like:

  • Daily login: You can get credits to logging in to Qeep daily
  • Connecting with Facebook: Get credits for connecting your Facebook account to the site
  • Confirming your email address: After you confirmed your email address, you receive extra Credits as a bonus
  • Verifying your phone number: They give you extra Credits once you’ve verified your phone number

How can I check my Credit balance on Qeep?

Check your Balance by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Membership Settings’ and then ‘Credits’.

Then click on ‘Balance’ to see your Credits and find out how many you have used and how many you have earned.

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How can I get Qeep Plus?

Get Qeep Plus by going to ‘Settings’, ‘Membership’, and then ‘Get Qeep Plus’.

Here you can select the duration of your desired Qeep Plus subscription. There is one month, three months or 12-month membership options available.

You will then be directed to your App Store in order to confirm your subscription purchase.

How to cancel my Qeep Plus subscription?

To cancel your Qeep Plus membership, you must do it 24 hours before your subscription renewal date.

Uninstalling the Qeep App will not terminate your Qeep Plus subscription and you will have to continue paying until you cancel your account.

After canceling your subscription, you are still able to benefit from Qeep Plus features until the end of the current billing cycle.

Here is how to terminate your Qeep Plus subscription:

Google Play Store:
– Go to your Google Play Store account
– Search for your Qeep Plus subscription
– Click ‘Cancel Subscription’

Apple iTunes & App Store:
– Go to ‘Settings – iTunes & App Store’
– Select your ‘Apple ID’ and then ‘View Apple ID’
– Confirm with your ‘Touch or Face ID’
– Select ‘Subscription’ and choose your Qeep Plus subscription
– Click ‘Cancel Subscription’

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Why should I upgrade to Qeep Plus?

Upgrading your account to Qeep Plus offers the following benefits:
– Ability to send as many likes as you want to other people on the app
– Unlock all visitors to see everyone who has viewed your profile
– Undo your last swipe if it was a mistake
– Turn off all ads
– Send more Super Likes
– Send three times more Chat Requests
– Unlock and see who marked you as a favorite

What’s the difference between credits and Qeep Plus?

Both credits and Qeep Plus unlock the possibility of accessing more features on Qeep. For example, if you want to see the real face of someone behind a blurred profile picture or to see someone who has visited your profile.

Base your decision on how often you want to benefit from the feature. For example, if you would like to unlock a few profile photos from time to time, the use of Credits might be most appropriate. Credits are like a ‘Pay-per-view’ model.

Keep in mind, using Credits every time you would like to unlock views, visitors, or see who marked you as a favorite can become expensive. In this case, you might want to become a Qeep Plus member to benefit from these features without limitation.

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How to renew my Qeep Plus subscription?

Qeep subscriptions are automatically renewed by one, three, or 12 months – depending on the period you’ve chosen. This is unless you cancel your subscription through the payment provider 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.

How can I hide my online status in Qeep?

Hid your online status in the ‘Privacy Settings’ found under ‘Settings’. Here you can select whether you would like to show your distance and online status to other users or not. You can also decide if you want to allow profile sharing.


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