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SDC Swingers Review

SDC Swingers Review

If you’re single or a couple looking to delve into the world of swinging, SDC Swingers is designed to help you discover something new.

It’s one of the world’s largest online communities for swingers. It allows couples and singles to push the boundaries of fun and intimacy.

With plenty of members, it’s continually growing. The SDC Swingers site has one of the largest international databases of any dating site dedicated to swinging. If this sounds like something you might like, continue reading and find our full SDC Swingers review below.

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Is the SDC Website Worth It? Our recommendation upfront

SDC Swingers does have its flaws. The website is poor. There’s no refund policy. And even with a 7-day trial, you’re still limited in what you can do.

The app is nothing special; it copies the content from the desktop site. However, it’s a solid swinging dating site with a large membership and critical safety features.

There is plenty of on-site content to explore, and there’s no pressure to meet anyone if you don’t feel comfortable.

It might not be the best option if you’re new, as the images can be graphic. But if that’s what you’re after and you’re ready to dive fully into the world of swinging, give it a go. 2.9 / 5.

Overall SDC Rating

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Pros and Cons of the SDC Website

Pros of SDC Swingers

  • The content across the site is of good quality.
  • There’s a large number of members.
  • You can go to swinging parties in a safe and controlled environment.

X Cons of SDC Swingers

  • The website quality is relatively poor.
  • There’s no refund policy.
  • They do not match members.
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SDC Swingers Date Club member structure

This site is for anyone who’s into swinging or wants to discover something new. Members range from singles to couples looking for like-minded individuals. Many are looking to have a threesome.

  • Members: There are over 3 million members worldwide. Five hundred thousand are from the UK.
  • Member activity: 200,000 members are active weekly
  • Gender proportion: Women: 20%. Men: 80%. Couples: 50%.

Age range

  • 18-24: 15%
  • 25-34: 18%
  • 35-44: 20%
  • 45-54: 23%
  • 55+: 24%
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How do SDC Swingers work?

If you want to hook up and have fun, SDC Swingers makes it easy. The site brings together a pool of like-minded people.

Browse through profiles, get to know people better, and once you’ve built a level of trust, meet them either at swinging parties or somewhere safe.

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Sign up process

Sign-up takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on how much information you fill out. You’ll need to specify your swing status (bisexual or straight). Then, who are you searching for, either a couple or consecutive singles?

You can also choose from full or soft swapping. Again, it depends on what you’re comfortable doing. It would help to write a headline and description about yourself and what you’re looking for and then upload your photo.

The last section lets you choose options that best describe your appearance and personality.

Some sections describe what you’re comfortable with sexually and what you like doing. Once you’ve verified your email, you’re all done.

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Ease of use

While using dark colors to highlight quality, the website is pretty poor. It’s outdated, and the homepage contains information, ads, and things to select. So it’s tough to know what’s what.

It does get a bit better when you start using the dating site. But overall, the user experience is a bit clunky and could be simplified.

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Chat, messages, and notifications

Even though SDC Swingers offers a 7-day free trial, only premium members can make contact with other swingers. For example, you can enter chat rooms but can’t interact if you’re a free member.

If you are a paying member, you can send messages, use all the chat rooms, view webcams, and use the IM service.

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Profile Quality

As long as a member has filled out all the details on sign-up, you should be able to find plenty of information about them at a glance.

However, all questions are skippable, so you will find plenty of profiles that haven’t filled out the correct information.

Only premium SDC Swingers members can view all photos. However, some members might choose to hide their faces, so profile quality is, unfortunately, a bit of a mixed bag.

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SDC Swingers Date Club mobile app

The SDC app utilizes all the same features as the desktop site. So, while you’re not getting anything new, you can access everything you can on a computer for dating on the go.

It seems a bit easier to use than the website, with a sleeker, simpler design that is easier to grasp.

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Real-life SDC Swinger Review

They continue to update the app and add new features. I appreciate how they have simplified the menu options. As a result, it’s easier to navigate the information on the SDC website. If you’re on the go, traveling, or on vacation, the app makes connecting with like-minded people in your area more accessible. You can access the information from the website more accessible, and you can quickly see who’s online, the events going on, and the people looking to connect. It’s an excellent addition for members, and I look forward to more.

From DatePerfect.com

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Key features for SDC Swingers

  • Explore. This tab is extensive, but you can see who’s online, filter your search options, read blogs, and join swinging parties and events.
  • Connect. Get to know other members through chat rooms, webcams, and IM services.
  • Travel. Get top tips and the latest news on the best swinging places.
  • Contest. Browse explicit photos and vote for the best ones.
  • Swinging Parties. Please browse the latest parties and put them in your diary to attend.
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Is SDC safe?

SDC Swingers undertakes many safety measures to keep users safe, including validating profiles and investigating malicious behavior and spam.

You can also change your settings only to show the content you want to be seen by others.

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How much does SDC Swingers Date Club cost?

What are the prices for membership? To upgrade your membership, you’ll pay the following prices:

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Upgrading your membership will allow you to:

  • Contact other members.
  • Update or change your profile.
  • Use the webcam chat room.
  • Validate members.
  • See all photos.
  • Use instant messenger.
  • Post in the swingers’ blogs.
  • Offer your service to other members.
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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

SDC Swingers didn’t offer a discount when we signed up, but the lifetime package provides the most cost-effective deal long term.

It’s always worth looking on Google first to see if third-party websites offer deals before signing up.

You can sometimes find money off passes if you do a Google search, so you shop around before committing.

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Do SDC Swingers offer free trials?

Yes, members get a 7-day trial for a premium membership to get a taster for the website. After seven days, you can either cancel your membership and return to being free or subscribe for full membership.

While you can do most things a full member can, you still won’t be able to contact members until you fully upgrade.

Join SDC.com today

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How to get started?

SDC allows couples and single swingers to connect with members looking for a similar sexual experience. You have the option to use the site functions according to your preferences.

The site’s members hold parties where you can get on the guestlist as a premier member. These parties happen at erotic clubs and bars near you. The site also organizes parties, gatherings, and events for members to participate in.

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What is SDC?

SDC means Swingers Date Club, one of the most significant swinging lifestyle websites with over three million members worldwide. SDC Swingers is an erotic dating site that hopes to provide an exciting place for singles and couples to connect.

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May I change my swing status from single to couple or reverse?

Yes, you can change your status. But first, you will need to contact the site’s help desk. Before getting someone, you need to ensure that your profile information and pictures are up to date, which will help their support team determine if you’re in a position to change your status.

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Why can’t I message other SDC Swingers members?

You can chat with other members if you see a green messenger icon next to their login name because the member has turned off his messaging function without the green messenger icon.

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Can I permanently delete my SDC profile?

Yes, you can permanently delete your profile by going to the ‘Account’ page.

Do SDC Swingers offer special features?

Yes, and some of these features include parties and events. In addition, the website offers excellent features like live videos, chat rooms, etc.

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Do I need to pay to be part of a party guest list?

You must have a full membership to add to a party guest list.

If you are already a full member of SDC, there are no additional costs.

Are the SDC travel offers free of charge?

Yes, you can access the travel offers of other members and do not require a subscription to do so.

Other services, like tickets, are no longer part of the site’s offerings. Instead, you will need to pay for whatever the organizer requires.

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Is SDC legit?

The site is legit. Safety measures prevent fraud and malicious acts against their terms and conditions.

Is my SDC profile protected?

Yes, your profile is protected. The SDC team validates all accounts by their safety measures.

You are also able to optimize your account according to your preferences. For example, you may limit the information you want to share with others on the site.

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Is the SDC premium membership expensive?

Yes, SDC is expensive compared to other popular dating sites for the swing community. However, the events the site hosts are worth the money if you want an experience.

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Will my SDC membership automatically renew?

Your account will be auto renewed unless you switch this off; guarantee no pause in your experience.

Is SDC free?

Yes, SDC is free. The Basic membership option requires no payment. You can use more site features if you sign up for a plan.

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