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5 Best Spiritual Dating Sites

Find the best spiritual dating sites.

The best spiritual dating sites help their members find other singles who share the same beliefs, tapping into their inner souls to help them feel empowered. A study by the Pew Research Center found that 27% of American adults thought they were spiritual but not religious.

This mindset is growing fast, with spiritual dating sites and apps becoming more popular. If this resonates with you and you consider yourself a spiritual person, check out some dating sites to find a match.

5 Best Spiritual Dating Sites:

  1. Match.com
  2. eHarmony
  3. Pof.com
  4. EliteSingles
  5. Zoosk

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What Are The Best Spiritual Dating Sites?

1. Match.Com

About Match.com: Popular with 30-50-year-olds, Match.com is designed to find its members meaningful relationships. Around 1.6 million people in the UK have already met their match as it’s one of the most specific dating sites to use — and best known. You can make the dating site work with so many great features.

Why Match is a top dating site for spiritual singles: Profiles are incredibly detailed, offering great insight into the person behind them. A virtual online dating coach, Lara, can guide you in finding a spiritual match. And if you feel ready to meet a match in person, you can attend one of the singles nights for a safe, fun way to try and build a meaningful connection. Plenty are held throughout the UK, so book one if you’re looking for other spiritual singles. Please read our review of Match.com.

>> Try Match.Com For FREE <<

2. EHarmony

About eHarmony: Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, eHarmony can help you meet like-minded spiritual singles. You can find meaningful relationships by signing up and filling out the Relationship questionnaire — eHarmony’s unique compatibility test that matches you with singles that meet your criteria. It tests for 29 dimensions of compatibility, making it incredibly detailed to ensure a greater chance of success.

Why eHarmony is a top dating site for spiritual singles: When it comes to finding a spiritual single that you can connect with on a deeper level, it can be hard to narrow down your search – where eHarmony comes in, as it allows you to filter down your criteria to find people that only match your preferences. Spirituality is also one of the critical dimensions. They match you through the Relationship Questionnaire, meaning they’ll only match you with people who share the same values. Please read our review of eHarmony.

>> Try EHarmony For FREE <<

3. Pof.Com

About Plenty of Fish: As one of the world’s largest dating sites, Plenty of Fish has over 150 million members and operates all around the globe. To start getting you matches, it uses the details you provide about yourself and your life to help find the singles you’ll have in common. When filling out your profile, mention your spiritual beliefs to ensure you give yourself the best chance of dating success.

Why Plenty of Fish is a top dating site for spiritual singles: Plenty of Fish is entirely free to use, which is why so many people love it. There’s also a vast dating pool, so if you use the search filters to specify your preferences, you can quickly find someone with the same spiritual beliefs. It may take a bit of searching, but you can find a great match with time and patience. Regarding your profile, there’s plenty of space to write a bio about yourself — by specifying your spiritual preferences. Then, you can attract the right people and find them for yourself, too. Please read our review of Plenty of Fish.

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4. Elite Singles

About Elite Singles: If you’re tired of sliding from one short-term relationship to another, Elite Singles wants to change how you look for someone special. By signing up and taking the personality test, you can define your spiritual beliefs and discover singles who match them. The personality test consists of 200 questions and analyses your personality traits scientifically. As a result, you’ll be sent 3-7 quality matches each day that meet your specific spirituality requirements.

Why Elite Singles is a top dating site for spiritual singles: With an extensive database of spiritual singles, many members have the intellectual desire to expand their horizons and search for spiritual fulfillment. In addition, 85% of members hold above-average education, making Elite Singles the perfect site to find someone with who you can engage on a deeper level. Please read our review of Elite Singles.

>> Try EliteSingles For FREE <<

5. Zoosk

About Zoosk: Once a Facebook app, Zoosk offers excellent things in online dating. Popular with younger singles who use social media regularly, 40 million people use the app worldwide. In addition, it’s straightforward to use, as Zoosk pulls all your information from your social media profiles, so you don’t have to do it twice.

Why Zoosk is a top dating site for spiritual singles: Using a behavioral matching algorithm, Zoosk can pair singles up based on whether they’re a good match. So if you both share similar spiritual beliefs, the app provides an effective platform for you to meet. You can also create your matches through SmartPick™ introductions, so if you see someone with the same beliefs, you can contact them yourself. Please read our review of Zoosk.

>> Try Zoosk for FREE <<


Find the best spiritual dating sites now.

Finding the perfect spiritual match on a dating site has never been easier. Whether you are looking for someone who shares your deep-rooted beliefs or wants to enjoy life similarly, there is an online platform that’s right for you.

Sites such as eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Elite Singles, and Zoosk are just a few options that offer various features and cater to those searching for a meaningful connection. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect site for your spiritual needs. So try them out today, and let love lead the way!

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Helpful tips for spiritual dating:

Best Spiritual Dating Sites FAQs

What are the best spiritual dating sites?

eHarmony is one of the best spiritual dating sites for singles serious about finding a long-term, meaningful connection. eHarmony offers an extensive questionnaire and personality test that helps you understand yourself better and determine which type of partner will be compatible with you.

With their patented Compatibility Matching System®, eHarmony matches you with like-minded singles who share your spiritual beliefs, values, and lifestyle. It’s no wonder eHarmony has proven successful for so many people—it works! With many user reviews and success stories, it’s easy to see why eHarmony is the best spiritual dating site. >> Try EHarmony For FREE <<

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What are the best completely free spiritual dating sites?

Match.com and Zoosk are two excellent, completely free dating sites for spiritual people. With Match.com, you can create a profile and browse potential matches for free. They can even send messages to other members, but they won’t be able to read the replies unless they upgrade to the premium version of the site.

On Zoosk, you can also create a profile and browse potential matches for free, but they can use their Super Send feature, which helps them find someone quickly. They can also use Coins to purchase virtual gifts or unlock more features if they upgrade to the premium version. Match.com and Zoosk are great options for spiritual people who want to find their perfect match without spending money. >> Try Match For FREE << >> Try Zoosk For FREE <<

What is the best site for serious spiritual dating?

EliteSingles is an excellent choice if you want a serious, long-term relationship. EliteSingles offers tailored services for those looking for a serious relationship, and members are encouraged to create detailed profiles about their personalities and lifestyles.

EliteSingles also has a unique matchmaking system that pairs you according to your compatibility levels. So, if you’re looking for a deep spiritual connection with someone who shares your beliefs and values, EliteSingles could be a perfect choice. >> Try EliteSingles For FREE <<

Where can I meet spiritual people?

If you’re looking for a spiritual connection and want to meet like-minded people, there are plenty of ways. For example, you can attend religious services or join spiritual organizations. You can also look up local spirituality-related events on Meetup or Eventbrite websites.

You can try one of the many available spiritual dating apps and websites. Some of the most popular ones include eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Elite Singles, and Zoosk. With so many options, you can find a platform that caters to your spiritual needs. >> Try EHarmony For FREE <<

What does spiritual dating mean?

Spiritual dating is the process of connecting with someone on a deeper level. It’s not just about finding someone who shares the same beliefs and values but also understanding each other spiritually. When two people are spiritually compatible, they build an emotional connection that transcends all barriers and celebrates each other’s uniqueness.

This type of connection can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. With spiritual dating, you can find someone with whom you share physical chemistry and a real connection on the soul level. This type of relationship can last a lifetime.

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What is it like to date a spiritual person?

Dating a spiritual person can be an enriching experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore your spirituality, but you’ll also have someone to share that journey with. From deep conversations about life and values to attending spiritual events together, there are many ways to connect on a deeper level. You will grow in ways you didn’t even know were possible with a spiritual partner.

A spiritual partner will be there to lift you when needed and support your growth as an individual. Together, you can explore each other’s beliefs, values, and personal journeys with a level of understanding and compassion.

What do spiritual couples do?

Spiritual couples often engage in activities that promote spiritual growth and connection. These can include attending religious services and events, engaging in meaningful conversations about life and spirituality, and exploring each other’s thoughts and beliefs. They may also enjoy meditation or yoga, studying ancient texts or scriptures, or participating in group spiritual practices like chanting or prayer. These activities help couples deepen their connection and meaningfully explore each other’s spiritual world. Having a strong, spiritual partnership is truly an inspiring experience.

How do you have a spiritual relationship?

Having a spiritual relationship involves connecting on an emotional and spiritual level. It means getting to know one another deeply and understanding each other’s beliefs, values, and dreams for the future. To build a solid spiritual relationship, couples should engage in activities that promote self-growth, such as attending religious services or engaging in meaningful spiritual conversations.

Couples can practice mindfulness and incorporate meditation or yoga into their daily lives. Couples can cultivate a meaningful and lasting spiritual relationship by connecting deeper. With open communication, compassion, and understanding, any couple can start on the path toward a strong spiritual bond. >> Try EliteSingles For FREE <<

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What is an example of spiritual intimacy?

An example of spiritual intimacy is when two people connect on a deeper level. This connection can be felt in how they interact by engaging in meaningful conversations about life and how it affects them personally. In addition, a couple who share a spiritual bond often experiences moments where their souls touch, transcending all barriers to form an intimate connection.

They share honest and vulnerable conversations about their beliefs, values, hopes, and dreams for the future. These moments of spiritual intimacy can be incredibly fulfilling and inspiring. Through this type of connection, couples grow together in ways they never thought possible.

What is the importance of spiritual connection?

Having a solid spiritual connection is incredibly important in any relationship. It promotes emotional and mental well-being, helps couples to stay connected, and builds trust between partners. When two people share a spiritual bond, they can explore their beliefs together in an open and understanding environment. This helps to strengthen their connection on all levels as they learn to appreciate and value each other on a much deeper level.

A spiritual connection also helps couples to communicate better, as they can have meaningful conversations about their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment or misunderstanding. Moreover, having a spiritual connection can help couples to explore new perspectives and grow in ways that would not have been possible without it.

What are the signs of a spiritual person?

Here are some signs of a spiritual person:

1. They have a strong sense of self-awareness

2. They are open to different beliefs and opinions

3. They enjoy meaningful conversations about life and spirituality

4. They practice mindfulness and meditation regularly

5. They appreciate the beauty of nature

6. They feel inner peace or serenity

7. They strive to help and care for others

8. They are deeply connected to something greater than themselves

9. They show compassion and understanding toward others

10. They have a sense of purpose in life and work on personal growth continually

11. They listen to their intuition or inner voice.

What is a spiritual connection with a man?

A spiritual connection with a man is an incredibly fulfilling and inspiring experience. It allows two people to connect deeper, transcending all barriers to communication and understanding. Through engaging in conversations about life, beliefs, values, dreams, and hopes for the future, couples can learn to appreciate each other in ways that go beyond words.

This connection encourages open communication and understanding, allowing each person to be heard and respected. Couples can form an intimate relationship full of love, compassion, and knowledge with a spiritual bond. A spiritual connection with a man promotes emotional well-being and trust between partners, making it a beautiful part of any relationship.

What is the best way to develop a spiritual connection?

The best way to develop a spiritual connection is through open communication. Start by discussing your beliefs, values, and hopes for the future with each other in an honest and understanding manner. Then, listen intently as you share your thoughts, and allow time for your partner to respond. Through this dialogue, couples can build a strong connection and understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Another essential part of developing a spiritual connection is finding time to connect with nature. Walking in the park or spending time outdoors can help to foster feelings of inner peace and serenity. Regular mindfulness and meditation are also great tools for promoting a spiritual connection between two people. Couples can tap into a deeper understanding and appreciation for each other by focusing on the present moment. With commitment and patience, couples can foster a solid spiritual connection that will enrich their relationship meaningfully.

How do you know the universe wants you to be with someone?

You may know that the universe wants you to be with someone if you feel a solid and natural connection between you. This could be manifested in physical sensations like butterflies in your stomach or a sense of comfort and ease when you are together. You may also experience mental and emotional signals such as an intense longing for them and feel seen, understood, and appreciated.

Signs from the universe could come in synchronistic events, such as you two meeting by chance or running into each other in unexpected places. These coincidences can often be seen as powerful affirmations that the universe wants you to be with someone. By paying attention to your intuition, feelings, and gut instinct, you can determine whether the universe wants you to be with someone.

How do I attract him spiritually?

Here are some ways to attract a man spiritually:

1. Connect deeper by having meaningful conversations about life, beliefs, values, and dreams.

2. Show compassion and understanding towards him.

3. Spend time outdoors together to foster an appreciation for nature and the universe.

4. Listen intently when he speaks; allow time for him to express himself.

5. Practice mindfulness and meditation to tap into a deeper understanding of each other and the universe.

6. Stay true to yourself; let him know who you are without trying to pretend or change.

7. Appreciate and celebrate each other’s successes, even if they don’t relate to you directly.

8. Show him respect, kindness, and love; these are the most vital foundations of any relationship.

9. Be patient and understanding; allowing him time to open up about his feelings will create a stronger spiritual bond between you.

10. Most importantly, ensure he knows how much you care; even the smallest gestures can make a big difference.

By following these tips, you can attract him spiritually and foster an intimate connection full of love and understanding.


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