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StrangerMeetup Review

StrangerMeetup Review

StrangerMeetUp is a website dedicated to helping you make new friends. It’s free to use and utilizes chat features to help you turn strangers into companions. It’s not your typical dating site, but some elements are familiar, so it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use setup.

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StrangerMeetup.com member structure

There’s a diverse group of people on StrangerMeetUp, but all have one thing in common; to make friends. It typically attracts younger users as it works similarly to a traditional social media website.

How does StrangerMeetup.com work?

StrangerMeetUp is a site where you can chat with like-minded people without logging in or revealing your identity.

The site allows you to talk with someone you don’t know, who won’t judge you, and who you can talk to about anything. It’s the fastest chatting platform on the web, whatever device you use.

Sign up process

How can you join StrangerMeetup? You don’t have to create an account on StrangerMeetUp; without one, you can only use some website features. Creating an account is quick and straightforward – you only need to provide your username and password, and they don’t ask for other personal data.

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Ease of use

The website is elementary, with many ads to sift through, so it’s not aesthetically pleasing.

However, the site has a simple layout that makes it easy to use, and you can get to where you need to go with a simple click of a button along the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Chat, messages, and notifications

StrangerMeetUp’s biggest attraction is their ‘Chat with Strangers’ feature, when you match a random stranger from anywhere in the world who can chat about anything.

You can also explore the public chat room to find friends, but you must have a profile to send messages. If you’re not registered, you can only view messages in the group.

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Profile Quality

A profile on StrangerMeetUp looks much like what you’d find on Facebook. They’re a great way to keep in touch with the people you’ve made friends with through the chat features.

You can upload a profile picture, write a bit of yourself and post statuses. You can also see when members joined and when they were last online.

StrangerMeetup mobile app

Is there a StrangerMeeetup app? StrangerMeetUp has an app you can download from Google Play and the App Store. There’s nothing unique to the desktop site, but it’s much easier to make friends on the go as you can access the chat feature and chat room.

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Real-life reviews for StrangerMeetup

This site is an excellent place to chat with some people. However, I only wish for more options when deciding who you want to chat with. The only thing I would like more is one listing of countries to connect. It doesn’t enjoy talking to someone and not understanding what they are trying to say or just talking to bots set up in other countries.

They need to crack down on bots, but that isn’t their fault at the moment, and it isn’t as common as on sites such as Omegle.

They also need to focus on growing their website as there aren’t many people online. Another thing to mention is that this website has many perverts just looking for a fun time.

I can’t blame it on the site as they don’t control who comes on, and most chat sites also have this problem. But, overall, it’s enjoyable to get online and type and learn about other places.


From uk.trustpilot.com

Key features for StrangerMeetup

  • Chat With Strangers, the main feature of StrangerMeetUp is where you can randomly match up with strangers worldwide.
  • Chat Rooms. There are both private and public chat rooms that you can join if you’re a member of StrangerMeetUp, allowing you to make new friends.
  • Friends. You can add and accept exciting people to keep them on your friend list, allowing you to stay in contact with them. 

Is StrangerMeetup.com safe?

StrangerMeetUp works hard to keep honest people in and bots out. They use authentication software to try and stop fake profiles, which often succeeds.

You don’t have to download any apps, and they don’t store any of your information, either. The fact the whole site runs on anonymity means no personal data is shared, keeping your identity safe.

How much does StrangerMeetup cost?

What are the prices for membership? There are no costs available, as StrangerMeetUp is entirely free to use! That’s pretty rare when it comes to online chat sites.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

Again, no need for any discounts or promo sites – the site is free!


Free trials

Anyone can join StrangerMeetUp for free; you don’t need an account to use the chat feature. Likewise, you won’t need a free trial to use the site as there are no additional costs.

Pros and Cons

Pros of StrangerMeetup.com

  • It’s free to use, and all the chat features come included with a membership.
  • You can create a profile to keep in touch with new friends.

X Cons of StrangerMeetup.com

  • Conversations are varied – many people are looking for just sexually explicit chat.
  • It’s not a great site if you’re looking for love or anything serious.

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Our Recommendation

StrangerMeetUp isn’t a dating website, so if you’re looking for love or a serious relationship, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

However, if you’re looking for new friends or are interested in learning about a new culture from someone in a different country, it’s an exciting website for chatting.

The website itself is fundamental and nothing nice to look at, but it does the job, and with a bit of time and perseverance, you should make a bunch of new friends in no time. 2.5/5.

  • Popularity
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Safety

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Who can use StrangerMeetup?

Anyone can use the site, and it is open to those who want to connect and chat with other people.

Do I need to register an account to use the site’s features?

It’s optional to create an account on StrangerMeetup. However, you cannot keep your contacts and join public chatrooms without an account.

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How can I sign up for a StrangerMeetup account?

If you want to sign up for an account, go to the site, select ‘Create an account, and fill out the required information.

Can I add friends to the site?

If you have a StrangerMeetup account, you can add people you meet on the site as friends. To add someone as a friend, select the + button at the left of the message box and select ‘Add Friend.’

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Can I send photos through chat?

Yes, you can share photos through private chat. However, you can only send images if the person you’re talking to requests one.

Can I create my chat room?

Yes, you can create your chatroom, but they will not show this on the site. However, if you want people to join you in the room you make, you can share the link with friends or share it on your social media accounts.

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How to create a chatroom on StrangerMeetup?

To create your private chatroom, click ‘Chat Rooms’ and click the lobby option. Next, locate the field with the URL and edit the word ‘lobby’ to any chat name you would like to use. Select enter, and the page will refresh to a new room with your selected name. You can share this link with other people and begin chatting with them.

Can I leave a chatroom?

To leave a chatroom in StrangerMeetup, click on a different link leading you to another page.

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How can I upload a profile photo?

First, sign up for a StrangerMeetup account to upload a profile picture. Then, go to your account settings and add your photo to upload your image.

How to block a member on StrangerMeetup?

Unfortunately, the site does not offer a block feature. However, you can remove members as your friend, keeping them from messaging you.

Do the admins monitor chat rooms and conversations?

The admins monitor chats and chatrooms by the StragerMeetup admin team, which they do to keep the site as friendly and safe as possible.

How to delete my StrangerMeetup account?

Go to your profile setting and select the ‘Delete My Account option to delete your account.

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How to change my password?

To change the password on your StrangerMeetup account, go to your profile settings and select ‘Reset Password. Next, enter the information with your new password and select ‘Save.’

Do I have to pay to become a member?

No, StrangerMeetup is entirely free for everyone to join.

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