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Telegraph Dating Review

Telegraph Dating Review

Powered by The Dating Agency, Telegraph Dating is designed for longer, more serious relationships. It’s targeted towards The Daily Telegraph newspaper readers.

Safety and privacy are a big deal here. There are many measures in place to keep your details safe. So it’s an excellent first step if you’re looking to date anonymously or want to test the waters of online dating first. Please find our full Telegraph Dating review below to learn what to expect.

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Telegraph Dating member structure

Members are mostly The Daily Telegraph readers. They are typically looking for serious, longer-lasting relationships. However, if you’re only seeking a bit of fun or to make friends, Telegraph Dating can cater to that too.

  • Members: There are over 220,000 members – pretty much all of them are in the UK.
  • Gender proportion: 55% women and 45% men.

Age distribution on Daily Telegraph Dating

  • 18-24 (15%)
  • 25-34 (30%)
  • 35-44 (15%)
  • 45-54 (25%)
  • 55+ (15%)

How does Telegraph Dating online work?

Telegraph Dating is designed to provide a safe, secure, and anonymous way to find someone to make a connection with.

Sign up by choosing a unique username and creating your profile. You can then search through other profiles and send a message to the members you like the look of.

Instead of working via an instant messaging service, messages go straight to the person’s inbox. But they don’t see any of your details. So, from this point, you can go at your own pace before revealing your personal information (if you want to share them).

Sign up process

How can you join Telegraph Dating? Signing up for Telegraph Dating does take a while. This is because you’re required to give detailed answers to the questions. First, you’re asked for basic information about yourself and who you’re interested in.

You also must provide more detailed responses so that other members can get to know more at a glance.

You can upload up to 10 photos. But your main picture has to be a clear headshot. This is because the team verifies all members. But you can still go on to view your matches.

One of the more controversial questions during signup is whether you can choose ‘assertiveness’ as a turn-off. Some women have found this a bit offensive.

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Ease of use on Telegraph Dating

Telegraph Dating is inviting and incredibly easy to use for all age groups. The top navigation bar is significant and precise and utilizes icons that make browsing easy.

There are also no actual features or gimmicks to confuse browsing either. For example, the photos on each profile are generally of good quality to help you search through profiles more successfully.

Chat and messages on Telegraph Dating Online

There are no honest gimmicks when it comes to messaging. For example, if you want to get to know someone better, you can drop them a message that goes straight to their email inbox.

As we’ve already mentioned, personal details never get revealed. Other members only see your username. While you can read all messages as a free member, you will only be able to send a short one-liner. A subscription will allow you to create your custom message.

You can use Telegraph Dating’s primary search filter to search for members. You can also see who’s currently online and message them from there.

Profile quality on Daily Telegraph Dating

Compared to other dating websites, profiles on Telegraph Dating are some of the most detailed around. At signup, you can add plenty of information about yourself.

This makes it far easier for other members to get a good idea of what you are all about at a glance. Telegraph Dating also has plenty of a strict verification policy. So the profiles you see are entirely genuine.

Telegraph Dating mobile app

Available to download on Apple and Android devices, the Telegraph Dating app is free and contains all the features the desktop version has. With that being the case, it’s clean and compact and displays all profiles.

The design is also similar to the desktop version, so if you’re switching between the two, you won’t have any problems.

Telegraph Dating Reviews

I like the simplicity of the site. The well-detailed profile also prompts me to take things slower. For example, there is this one person I matched with whom I like, but when I checked her profile, I found out that I have some characteristics that she would not want in a partner.

It was written in the essay part of her profile. Despite this, I still sent her a message, and things between us were fine until now. She has a good sense of humor, and I am considering taking the next stage. Our personalities clicked right away. We have the same interests in movies and politics; she reads as much as I do. I like how you can find many decent people on this dating site.

From Dating Scout

Key features of Telegraph Dating

  • Matches. If you’ve subscribed, you can discover up to 1000 matches. Basic members can see up to 100.
  • Advanced Search. Use the filters to find members that fit your criteria.
  • Keywords. Find messages between you and other members by searching for keywords you’ve discussed.

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Is Telegraph Dating safe?

Telegraph Dating is big on protecting your safety. Your details are protected at all times. When you send a message, even though it goes to the other person’s inbox, your data is never revealed until you decide to do it – if and when you feel ready to.

They also have loads of safety measures in place. This includes verifying every profile to ensure that fake ones don’t slip through the net. You can also block or report other members. And if you need safe dating tips, their website contains helpful information and directions.

How much does Telegraph Dating cost?

What are the prices for membership on Telegraph Dating? You can upgrade your membership to become a fully-fledged Telegraph Dating member for the following fees.

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Membership unlocks the following features:

  • Send unlimited messages
  • View private invitation-only photos
  • Sort search results
  • Everyone can reply to you
  • Search messages by keyword

For an additional £10, you can become a premium member, meaning all members can message you for free.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

While no discounts or promo codes were available on the site, it does work out cheaper if you choose the longer subscriptions. For example, where to a 1-month membership, you’ll save 39% with three months, 56% with six months, and 65% with 12 months.

Free trials on Telegraph Dating

Everyone initially joins the site for free. You don’t have to upgrade to enjoy some of the features on the site.

With a basic membership, you can view two-way matches. Also, see who’s viewed you, favorites online, and more.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Telegraph Dating

  • The site focuses less on fancy features and finding suitable quality matches.
  • It’s totally safe, with none of your personal information ever being revealed.
  • Fake accounts are pretty much impossible due to the stringent approval steps.

X Cons of Telegraph Dating

  • It’s pretty expensive, considering there are few features on the site.
  • Free members can’t message.
  • There aren’t loads of members, so the dating pool is small.

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Our recommendation

We think Telegraph Dating is a solid dating website that gives its members a safe and secure platform to find friendship or love.

It doesn’t hide behind fancy features. But, instead creates meaningful matches to give its members a good shot at making a connection.

It may not appeal to anyone who doesn’t read The Telegraph, as there are so many other websites. But at least it gives its members something in common straight away. The dating pool is a little bit small, but you may find what you want if you give it a go. 4/5.

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Join Telegraph Dating today

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What is a match?

Matches are other members whose profiles meet your preferences. This is based on the criteria specified in your ‘My Ideal Match’ page when setting up your profile.

The Telegraph Dating match engine performs two-way matches so that the members appearing in your match list in your profile also meets the criteria they specified for their games.

How do I refine my matches?

First, ensure your profile is complete and your partner preferences aren’t too broad. For example, if your desired partner is a man aged between 20 to 70 living anywhere in the world, then matching will probably not work well for you.

Find the right balance between being too broad and narrow for a match.

How do I add someone as a favorite on Telegraph Dating?

To add someone as a favorite, select the heart icon. In the search results, you will see it next to the envelope icon. While viewing a member profile, click the heart icon below the person’s profile photo and username. You can choose the same icon to remove a member from your favorites.

Why should I verify my mobile number?

The site is dedicated to providing a safe and secure dating experience. Knowing that you’re communicating with another member who has verified their mobile number helps build trust.

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Can I change my password?

Yes, to change your password go to the Account Details page on your profile and follow the edit instructions.

How can I contact another member?

Select the message (envelope) icon below their profile photo when viewing a member profile. Then, you can enter your message in the text box provided and click send.

How do I reply to a message from another member?

To reply to their message, follow the link provided in the email you received. This will take you to their message. Unless the person who sent you the message is a premium subscriber, you will need to be a subscriber to apply.

Do I need to be a subscriber to receive messages?

No, you can receive messages even if you are not a subscriber. However, unless the person who messaged you is a premium member, you will need a subscription to reply.

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How do I know if a message I sent has been read?

When you send a message, you will see one tick displayed next to the time stamp. Once the other member has read your notice, two ticks will be displayed.

Why do I need to set up a profile to use the site?

You can search the site without creating a profile. However, you must become a member and set up a profile to view a complete member profile. It’s free to become a member.

Do I have to pay to set up a profile?

No. To create your profile, you need to become a free member. It is only necessary to become a paid subscriber when you want to send messages to other members.

How can I set up my Telegraph Dating Profile?

Start joining Telegraph Dating for free if you haven’t become a member. If you have already become a member, all you need to do is click on Edit Profile.

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How can I change my Username?

Go to your profile’s ‘Account Details’ page and follow the edit instructions.

How can I hide my profile from public view?

If you joined Telegraph Dating more than 30 days ago or are an active subscriber, you can hide your profile. Go to the ‘Settings’ page of your profile, where you can switch ‘visible’ to ‘hidden.’ Remember that you can change this back to ‘visible’ anytime.

Can my profile be seen by users of other dating sites Telegraph Dating is associated with?

Yes. Once you have created a profile, they aim to help you find the person you are looking for. This means that as well as being able to view members of Telegraph Dating, you can also access other member profiles from other carefully selected services and vice versa. Find a complete list of Network Services here.

The two-way matching process helps all members select profiles. Even if users from other services see you, they will only see your profile if you match what you are looking for.

Any correspondence you receive from Telegraph Dating will always be in your inbox as usual, irrespective of the service the sender is a member of. All login details will only work on your joined initial service for security purposes.

How can I delete my profile?

To delete your profile, go to the ‘Account Details’ page of your profile and select the ‘Delete My Profile’ link found at the bottom of the page. Remember that you cannot reverse this process, which will completely delete all your details.

For subscribers with time left on their subscription, it will erase your records, and you will not be able to be refunded or applied to future accounts. So if you aren’t sure about deleting your profile, it may be best to hide it for the time being.

How can I add a photo to my profile?

To add a photo to your profile, go to ‘My Photos’ and follow the instructions for adding images.

Will my photo automatically show on my profile?

No. Newly added photos are reviewed and approved by the Telegraph Dating team before they are publicly visible. This is also true for existing images if you change any of them.

Photos are usually checked within 24 hours of being uploaded and can vary at times of high demand.

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Are there any specific requirements for adding photos?

Yes, photos should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, or PCX format. Your photo must also be less than 8192kB, and there is no restriction on the dimension of the image you upload. The image will be automatically resized if it’s too large.

How can I view notes/ratings that I have recorded?

When looking at a member’s profile, you can choose the five stars displayed in the two-way match information block to add a note or rating.

How do I block someone?

To block another member, go to their member profile. Select the ‘Block Him/Her’ option from the More (…) drop-down. Once you block another member, they cannot see your complete profile and cannot contact you.

How do I report someone?

If another member is behaving in an abusive way or harassing you, let the Support Team know by selecting the ‘Report Abuse’ option in the More (…) dropdown. Your complaint will be treated in strict confidence and could result in suspending or deleting of the offending member’s profile.

How much does it cost to subscribe to Telegraph Dating?

They offer a range of competitive subscription packages. If you want to become a subscriber, visit their subscription page for more information.

How can I pay?

Telegraph Dating offers a secure credit card payment facility. You also can pay by credit card using their fax facility, with a direct bank deposit, or even by posting a cheque.

Is it safe to enter my credit card details on the site?

Yes, credit card payments are processed with the WorldPay card-processing gateway. This is one of the largest and most respected global card processing companies. Through this gateway, card details are encrypted to ensure maximum security. Also, no credit card details are kept anywhere on the site.

Will my subscription be renewed automatically? If so, how can I cancel it?

Yes, if you subscribe using a credit/debit card, mobile App, or PayPal, you will be auto-re-billed at the end of your first subscription period.

If you buy a subscription as a gift for someone, pay using an alternative method or cancel your agreement before the renewal date, then you will not be re-billed.

If you want to cancel your credit card or PayPal auto-renewal, go to the ‘Subscription Status’ page and choose the cancellation link. You must do so through your Google Play or iTunes account to cancel automatic renewals made through the App. Remember that cancellation of your automatic renewal will take up to 48 hours to process.

Will my profile stay on the site after my subscription ends?

Yes, but you will have to subscribe again to activate your subscriber benefits.

What is the difference between a standard and a premium subscription?

With a standard subscription, anyone you message must have their subscription to message you back. With a premium subscription, anyone you message can reply to you for free, even if they don’t have a subscription.

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