WooPlus Review

WooPlus Review

WooPlus calls itself the most comfortable plus-size dating community. Whether you’re a big, beautiful woman or a lady who likes to show off her curves, WooPlus is here to help girls find their perfect partner. It’s their priority.

They use a girl-rate-boy system to crack down on undesirable male users. It’s a safe dating environment, which can otherwise be challenging for plus-sized people.

The community spirit is genuine with WooPlus. Everyone is welcome, and the men using the app genuinely want to date the women there. Keep reading for our full Wooplus if you’ll hear more views.

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Wooplus member structure

Singles on WooPlus are typically beautiful women (BBW), big, handsome men (BHM), fat admirers, and all people who love plus-size singles.


Right now, 1.5 million members worldwide are using WooPlus, around 500,000 of them from the UK.

Member Activity:

Over 3,511,238 matches have been made so far – and counting. There are about 200,000 daily logins, and while a higher proportion of men use the site, females are typically the more active users.

Gender proportion:

39% women and 61% men.

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The age range on the Wooplus dating app


  • 18-24: 30%
  • 25-34: 25%
  • 35-44: 25%
  • 45-54: 15%
  • 55+: 5%

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How does the Wooplus app work?

WooPlus offers a simple and safe environment for plus-size singles and those who love them to meet for love or friendship. There is a zero-tolerance policy for fat-shamers. So, curvy singles can feel comfortable knowing that WooPlus is a no-judgment zone.

It’s a dating app, so you’ll need to download it before you do anything else to join. It works like Tinder and takes inspiration from existing social media sites.

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Sign up process

As WooPlus is an app, signing up doesn’t take long and is fun. But, of course, you’ll need to install the app on your phone first, which you can do for free on any device.

You can log in with Facebook or your email address. If you choose the latter, you click on a series of icons representing who you are (a man or a woman) and who you want. You can then take a photo or choose one from your phone’s gallery.

Once you’ve entered your email address and chosen a password, you’ll fill out basic details about yourself, including your ethnicity, interests, and self-summary. Here, you can write a bit about yourself. At this point, you’re finished and can start browsing through profiles on the app.

Ease of use

The app is so clean and straightforward that browsing is an absolute joy. The icons only take one click before you learn what each one does. It takes five minutes to look around before enjoying all the features properly.

Wooplus messages, chat, and notifications

Browsing profiles work in a similar way to Tinder. First, you’re shown a profile picture and can choose whether you ‘like’ the person or wish to ‘pass.’ Then, if you like them and want them back, you can chat with them for free.

You can also click the search toolbar to browse profiles yourself. If you like someone’s look, you can send them a virtual gift.

You can only send messages for free if someone likes you back. You’ll need to upgrade your membership package to send a message to anyone.

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Profile Quality

Photos are generally of good quality and are clear to see. However, if we’re honest, the profile information leaves much desired.

When you sign up, they don’t ask many questions. If you’re not ready to answer, profile information will be minimal. The best way to get to know someone better is to speak to them directly and ask yourself the questions to which you want to know the answers.

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Wooplus mobile app

The WooPlus app is fully functional as it operates outside of the desktop. Instead of being an afterthought to the leading site, the design has an on-the-go functionality in mind. As a result, it offers plenty of fun features to keep you entertained while not overcomplicating the dating experience.

You can access it with a simple tap and even turn on-location services to find other singles in your area.

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Real-life reviews for Wooplus

The app proved viable for plus-size women and men’s romantic partners. Romantic relationships are possible to find here. The quality of members that the app has helped with is excellent. If you are looking for a serious relationship, you should sign up here. More than a partner, you can find a sincere friend here.

From DatingScout.co.uk, 2019

Key features for Wooplus


Browse through profiles and decide who you ‘like’ and who you want to ‘pass’ on. Then, if someone likes you back and you’re a free member, you can message.


Browse profiles using your preference filters, including hot users, active users, and ethnicity.


Turn on your GPS to find people in your area.


Shake your phone and unlock users to strike up a conversation. Of course, you can answer questions to create your egg, too.


Give someone you like a nudge to let them know you’re there.


Share photos, read statuses, and interact with other users.

Is Wooplus safe?

As a safety measure, WooPlus verifies every account to prevent fake profiles. They also take body shaming very seriously. For example, if a member insults another about their shape or size, the site will ban them.

How much does WooPlus cost?

What are the prices for membership? You can upgrade for the following fees to sign up for a VIP membership and send messages to anyone for free.

  • One month: £13.49 per month
  • Three months: £7.50 per month
  • 12 months: £3.37 per month

Joining is simple and can be done through your saved card in the Play or Apple store. In addition, you can cancel your membership at any time.

You can also buy coins to spend on special features:

  • 2,000 coins: £4.69
  • 20,000 coins: £23.49
  • By sharing WooPlus on Twitter, you can earn 200 coins for free.

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Discounts, offers, and promo codes

When we signed up, WooPlus offered 44% off their 3-month package, making it the most cost-effective membership option. They were also offering a 50% savings on 20,000 coins.

Wooplus free trials

No free trials were available when we joined. But that’s because anyone can join for free. Also, unlike many dating sites, you can message other members for free. There are just a few restrictions that upgrading your membership package will remove for you.

Pros and Cons

Pros of WooPlus

  • WooPlus offers a fantastic range of fun features to enjoy.
  • The app’s design is simple, practical, sleek, and easy to use.
  • There are plenty of excellent quality profiles to browse through.
  • There’s the opportunity to message for free.

X Cons of WooPlus

  • Profile information seems a bit limited.
  • If you’re a free member, you’ll need someone else to like you back before you can message them, which can be difficult to wait.

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Our recommendation

WooPlus is a fantastic dating app. There, we said it. It’s impressive to see a niche dating site keep up with its competitors with a state-of-the-art app, great features, and a range of top-quality profiles.

While the emphasis isn’t wholly on BBW dating, it’s a judgment-free area where you can be yourself and know that the members who have signed up are looking for the same thing.

If you’re a little shy or self-conscious, it’s a fantastic place to start, and if you’re a confident, curvy person, don’t be afraid to show off what you’ve got! 4.6 / 5.

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What is WooPlus?

WooPlus is a dating app created for plus-sized individuals. The site encourages both men and women to celebrate their curves and connect.

What do BBW and SSBBW mean?

BBW and SSBBW are terms for women that are big and beautiful. BBW ranges from being a bit curvy to chubby and obese. SSWBBW means the same as ‘super-sized.’ These women are significantly more obese.

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What are BHM and SSBHM?

BHM is a shorthand term that refers to big and handsome men. Like women, they can range from a bit chubby to obese in size. The Super-Sized Big Handsome Men (SSBHM) refers to men who are significantly obese.

What is a fat admirer? What is a feeder? What’s the difference?

People often confuse fat admirers with feeders. Fat admirers, or FAs, are attracted to BBWs/SSBBWs or BHMs/SSBHMs. These admirers are looking for a relationship or dating a BBW and BHM. They find them beautiful and handsome just as they are.

For them, the fact that a person is chubby or curvy doesn’t detract from their beauty. However, they do not want to see them continue to grow as a feeder would.

Feeders are people who enjoy helping another person get bigger. They will usually be interested in cooking for feeders, encouraging them to continue eating, and sometimes consensual forcing them to eat more, which can be romantic or even sexual.

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What’s a feeder?

A feeder is a term that refers to men and women who like to feel their bodies growing and getting bigger. They have a choice about their size and can stop or reverse the gaining whenever they want. Feedees believe that being big is very sexy and energetic. They are also part of the feederism kink, playing out one’s sexual fantasies.

What is a fat fetish? What is feederism? What are WooPlus’ attitudes towards them?

Unlike fat admirers, those with a fat fetish tend to sexualize plus-sized partners rather than treat them as people. Unfortunately, it is more than just a kink. It can make men and women feel uncomfortable and undervalued, making dating tricky for thick, chubby, and other-sized BBW and BHM.

Feederism is a kink that falls on the fat admirer’s spectrum and is more sexual. Unlike a fat fetish, feeders find their feedees beautiful no matter what. It can be very sexual and also romantic.

WooPlus has a strict anti-fetish policy. Anyone who violates this policy will have their accounts permanently removed because they want to keep a safe and comfortable dating environment for big, beautiful women, big, handsome men, and their admirers.

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How to get started with WooPlus?

The site matches your information and preferences with those of other members. Those whose preferences match up will be visible in each other’s searches.

How can I delete WooPlus?

To delete WooPlus, you can do this as you would with other apps on your phone. Just tap-hold the app and then drag it to uninstall.

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How can I send gifts on WooPlus?

You can send gifts to other people on WooPlus by going to their profiles and tapping the gift icon.

How to get started with WooPlus?

The site matches your information and preferences with those of other members. Those whose preferences match up will be visible in each other’s searches.

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How do I upload photos to my WooPlus profile?

You can upload photos by tapping the plus sign in the ‘Moments’ tab. You can also upload images by selecting your profile and selecting edit.

How to download the WooPlus app?

If your mobile is Android, download the app in the Google Play store. If you’re using an Apple phone, download the WooPlus app from the Apple store.

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How safe is WooPlus?

The site has a zero-tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior like fat-shaming; for example, it will automatically ban anyone who violates this policy.

Are there fake profiles on WooPlus?

Most profiles on WooPlus are real people since the app verifies all profiles through Facebook and email.

How can I block someone on WooPlus?

You can block another person on the site by clicking on their profile. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find three white dots. Select one of them, and you will see ‘block user.’

How can I cancel my WooPlus subscription?

To cancel your WooPlus subscription, manage it through Google Play and the Apple Store. To cancel your subscription, locate ‘Manage subscriptions’ and click cancel.

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How much is WooPlus?

There are different VIP membership plans available depending on your budget. For example, you can try for one month at a discounted rate of £10.99.

Is WooPlus free?

Yes, the WooPlus app is free to install, and most features also come for free.

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