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World Dating Statistics: A Guide to Dating in the Best Countries

Whether you’re permanently relocating, going for a well-deserved vacation, or are traveling for a business trip, there is a whole new world of dating waiting for you whenever visiting a new country.

Of course, being in a new country means a change of cultures that you should be prepared for, with dating culture differing in many countries. This means you can expect a new and exciting experience whenever dating abroad – especially when visiting the right countries.

So what countries are the best for dating in? Check the guide below for all the info you need to know!

world dating statistics report


Here’s what dating statistics say about Brazil:

It’s the best country for dating – With lots of sunshine, golden beaches, friendly locals, and plenty of socialising opportunities, it’s no surprise to hear that Brazil ranks as the best country for dating. The people are emotional, passionate, and love to love, making it a great place for a short-term fling or a long-term relationship.

Online dating is very popular – Online dating is a social norm in Brazil, with the country having the second biggest market behind the USA. This means lots of chances to meet a Brazilian online using Tinder and similar dating apps, so take note when visiting!

dating a Brazilian woman

Why Brazilians are great lovers:

Brazilians are known for being friendly, charming, and passionate, which all translates well into the bedroom. Plus, dating culture is very open in Brazil, with a lot of flirting and experimentation, while the people are very forthright about their desires.

The passionate personalities of Brazilians are very notable in the bedroom. They will shower you with kisses, compliments, being very generous lovers whether male or female. In fact, expect a Brazilian to showcase a lot of public displays of affection, even when only dating for a short while.

Tips for dating a Brazilian:

Be ready to flirt – Brazilians are very flirty so be ready to take part in this otherwise you find yourself struggling to get a date. Women get a lot of flirting and it’s expected of men, so don’t waste any time!

PDAs are common – Expect a lot of affection to be displayed when dating, especially in public, as this is the norm in Brazil. This may even happen a few hours into a date and most couples are expected to show their affection in public.

Meeting the family – if your dating a Brazilian you can expect to meet their family in no time. Brazilians are big on family and you will be introduced relatively quickly. Fathers can be possessive of daughters and mothers are very close with their sons, although they are very open and welcoming too.


Here’s what dating statistics say about Italy:

The men are great lovers: A recent study found that Italian men ranked third in the world for best lovers. It must be all the good food and wine that makes them such generous people in the bedroom!

Italians wait till they get married: Italians usually wait until they are older before marrying, with the average age of marriage for men being 34 and 31 for women. This means you can take things slowly with an Italian!

dating an italian man

Why Italians are great lovers:

Italians are very passionate and emotional, so they show you a lot of intention, including in the bedroom. They’re also flirty and very confident, which also bodes well for most of them when it comes to having sex – the term Italian Stallion exists for a reason!

Moreover, Italians are romantics at heart. They will cook for you, have deep conversations, give you pet names, and most certainly worship you, including in the bedroom. Italians tend to be well-groomed and very attractive, which is never a bad thing!

Tips for dating an Italian:

Embrace the romance – Italians love romance so don’t be afraid if they want to add that romantic twist to everything you do. Whether writing you a song, going for romantic walks, or preparing a candlelit dinner, Italians go above and beyond for their special someone, so you may want to embrace your romantic side to ensure they also feel wanted and appreciated.

Italians care about their appearance – The reason Italians tend to look so attractive and stylish is they care about their personal appearance. This can be a culture shock for some, especially when it comes to dealing with a well-groomed Italian male, but it’s important for Italians to make an effort with their appearance – even if you’re only going for a quick coffee!

Family is very important for Italians – Most Italians are very close with their families, especially men who are known to be momma’s boys, with many Italian men continuing to live with their mothers well into their 30s.

Expect to meet the family very soon and try to learn about the various traditions during special events, as you’ll be attending a lot of them. also, if there is a way to an Italian man’s heart it is through his mother!


Here’s what dating statistics say about Spain:

Spanish men make the best lovers – A global survey found that Spanish men are the best lovers in the world, beating both Italian and Brazilians.

Barcelona is a city of love – Not only is Barcelona the third best city to date in, but it’s also one of the most popular dating app Tinder, being the 9th most swiped location in the world. If you’re looking to find love in Spain, be sure to head to the Catalonian capital!

dating a Spanish woman

Why Spanish are great lovers:

Exuding charisma and not afraid to show their emotions, Spanish people are very passionate. They’ll show you a lot of attention and worship the ground you walk on, with the average Spanish date consisting of fine dining, romance, and meaningful conversations.

This all leads to a wonderful night in the bedroom with a Spaniard. They’re also natural dancers and love to have a good time, whether out on a date, out socializing, or having a wild night of lovemaking.

Tips for dating a Spaniard:

They are still likely to live at home: Spanish are very likely to still be living with their parents into their 30s, due to a combination of their traditional culture and recent economic hardships in the country.

Make sure you can get around this when dating a Spaniard, as it is more common than you might think.

Plans and timekeeping are not their strong point: If you’re a stickler for a well-planned night then be aware of Spanish customs. Don’t expect strict planning arrangements when dating a Spaniard, as most love to live in the moment, so you may not always know what’s in store for the weekend.

Play it cool – Spanish people have likely come across many hot-tempered partners in their time, which is why playing it cool is always a good option. The more relaxed and laid back you are the more impressed they will be.


Here’s what dating statistics say about Australia:

Online dating is a big part of dating culture: Australian dating culture has changed significantly in recent years, with almost a third of Aussies have tried online dating.
Sydney is Tinder-Friendly – Tinder has released info on the best cities in the world to use the dating app and Sydney ranks at an impressive 9th. That means if you’re in Sydney get Tinder downloaded!

Millennials are looking for love – Millennial Aussies are looking for love online, with a survey in 2017 finding that 75% of Australian millennials (age 18-33) are looking for a serious relationship when using online dating.

dating an Australian man

Why Australians are great lovers:

Aussies are known for being fun, easy-going, and enjoying a good night out. This usually means you’re going to have a great time with an Australian person, whether out on a date or getting hot and steamy in the bedroom.

As Australians are very confident, they aren’t shy when it comes to their wants and desires, while they’re also happy to shower you with affection. Not taking themselves too seriously is also a great trait for a lover, which is why Aussies are so great!

dating in Australia

Tips for dating an Australian:

They love sports – Australians love all kinds of sports, with live sports playing a big role in socializing in the country. All kinds of sports take place over the weekend and they’ll want to watch at least one game, so bear this in mind and try not to get too annoyed by their love of all things sport.

They enjoy the great outdoors – Given how beautiful Australia is, it’s no surprise the locals love to spend time outside. Whether it’s BBQs, trekking, camping, or walking n the nearby parks, you can expect to spend a lot of time outside. Don’t worry about insects either, as Aussies are fearless when it comes to dealing with local wildlife!
Do a lot of socializing – As mentioned, Aussies love sports and the outdoors, so they naturally do a lot of socializing so be sure to understand this. Hanging out at the beach with friends, going for drinks, and generally spending time with people they love is a big part of the Aussie culture.

New Zealand

Here’s what dating statistics say about New Zealand:

You’re more likely to find a date in person than online: Old-fashioned dating remains very prominent in New Zealand, with the country being on the few to lack enough people to keep popular dating apps filled with users.

For instance, dating apps like Tinder and Bumble regularly run out of potential matches in New Zealand because there are so few people using them. Because there is such a small pool of singles online, you’re better to head out to local bars and coffee shops to find a date here!

dating in new Zealand

Why Kiwis are great lovers:

Easy going with a hard work ethic, Kiwis love to have a good time and aren’t prone to judgment. You’ll find they are very approachable and honest while being conscious of others, all of which applies to their skills in the bedroom too.

Because they don’t take themselves too seriously, people from New Zealand aren’t afraid to have a fun time, whether it’s a wild night of lovemaking or heading down to the local bar for a few drinks.

Tips for dating a Kiwi:

Be prepared for their honesty – While not naturally rude, Kiwis aren’t afraid to tell someone how they really feel, whether that’s positive or negative! Don’t be taken aback by this and roll with the punches, as they are a naturally polite bunch who just happen to be brutally honest when the occasion calls for it.

A laid-back approach to life – Although very hardworking, Kiwis know how to kick back and relax. Embrace this attitude and enjoy your free time together, even if there is nothing major going on, and don’t mistake their laid-back attitude as them not caring.

Don’t overdo the first date – Given their laid-back attitude, it’s no surprise to hear Kiwis aren’t overly fussed on big romantic gestures for a first date. Most prefer a casual encounter as opposed to anything romantic, so ditch the candlelit dinner for a beer or cup of coffee.

As you can see, there are many countries around the world that offer an exceptional dating experience. If you ever happen to be single and visiting one of these countries, be sure to dip your toe into the local dating pool to experience it for yourself!


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